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  • knowmoore

    Yeah, it has grown on me too.

  • Yeah… it looks like one of those construction towers you see in the background fell over and someone painted yellow.

    Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      “Construction tower”

  • It’s kind of like a cross between a bee, a helicopter, a drill, and the sun. And a bench, of course.

  • Jake

    I really like. I didn’t get it at first either. For those who are commenting based on the photos alone, if you walk around it and look, it reveals itself as bee taking flight. It’s a really cool visual effect. I suspect many who judge it harshly haven’t taken the time to actually look at it.

    • I suspect it might not be our particular taste…

    • Jake

      just re-read my own comment and realized that I meant to say “a bee taking flight”. Also I didn’t mean to sugest that others might not like it. that’s cool. Just meant that you can’t really appreciate it without seeing it in person because of the three dimensional effect of it.

  • lol it’s not a sculpture; it’s a throne. i love seeing people randomly sitting on it.


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