Preparing for Frankenstorm – Sandy

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2012 at 11:15 am 39 Comments

Projection via NOAA

A reader sends in a few words of advice about preparing for the Frankenstorm and some things you might want to have on hand or consider getting in advance of Sandy’s arrival:

Battery operated radios / weather radios or even the hand crank ones. Also if the cable goes out have a digital TV antenna so you can still get news over the air waves.

Bottled water. In extreme cases people can fill there bath tubs with potable water to use.

Flashlights with batteries, candle are good too but they come with a huge fire risk.

Can’t call 911 if cell service is lost or your mobile is dead so know where your nearest fire or police station is.

Have canned food but eat what’s perishable or frozen first if power goes out.

Know where utility hook up and switches are to turn off gas or electricity if supplies lines break or become exposed.

If you live in a managed multi unit building contacting the front desk or management company about their emergency plans would be helpful too.

Pets, pets freak out during storms and even before there are any signs of the storm. They can be sensitive to the low pressures. Make sure to have food and water for your pets too.

List of friends and family on paper with address.

For DC specific stuff


NOAA has a good PDF that explains warnings and preparedness.

Guidelines for a disaster supplies kit.


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