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MPD investigates two car collision with injuries: 4700 block of Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth October 1, 2012 at 11:30 am 17 Comments

From MPD:

On Sunday, September 30, 2012, at approximately 4:15 am, patrol officers from the Fourth District came upon the scene of a crash involving two vehicles in the 4700 block of Georgia Avenue, NW. The officers observed that the occupants – two adult males in one of the vehicles, were trapped inside and unable to free themselves due to the crash. The officers also observed that the vehicle was on fire and the flames were overtaking the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Both officers immediately responded over to the burning vehicle and were able to remove both the driver and passenger.

As a result, the occupants sustained third-degree burns over a large portion of their bodies and the officers, as a result of their life saving efforts, also received minor burns to their hands and arms.The occupants of the burning vehicle were transported to a local hospital where they were admitted for their injuries and are listed in critical condition at this time. The officers involved were treated on the scene by members of DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

The striking vehicle was operated by 38-year-old male who had one adult male passenger in the front seat. Both occupants of the striking vehicle sustained minor injuries as a result of the crash and were transported to area hospitals for treatment. Members of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Major Crash Unit responded to the scene and the area hospitals, where they determined that the operator of the striking vehicle was under the influence of alcohol at the crash and placed him under arrest for Driving Under the Influence. Further charges are pending.

This case is currently under investigation by the Major Crash Unit. Identities are withheld until next of kin notifications are made.

  • Anonymous

    Drunk drivers are the worst!

  • One thing I think our reliance on speed-cameras has led to is a lack of officers actually pulling people over. Just citing people for speeding is not enough, we need people getting pulled over, something I don’t see with much regularity. Especially when I am driving around late at night.

    • Also, ridiculously frustrating that in accidents like these, it seems more often than not, the drunk people are fine, or have minor injuries, while the innocent people who are hit are dead or left with life-altering injuries..

      Here is hoping they recover quickly and fully.

      • It is really unfortunate. When you are intoxicated your body doesn’t respond as quickly and they tend to not tense up, which is usually what saves them.

    • Not sure I’d attribute it to speed cameras, although they probably don’t help.

      My sense is that MPD has a long-standing policy that it doesn’t do traffic enforcement. Having been in DC close to 20 years, I’ve never noticed an aggressive effort by the police to promote public safety on the streets. This applies equally to cars, bikes, and pedestrians.

      The end result is that DC streets are total chaos.

      • anonymouse

        Wholeheartedly agree.

      • driver


      • Anonymous

        Completely Agree!

      • Actually, while they let people run red lights all over the place, they’ve recently been overly-aggressively ticketing people who turn left from southbound Kansas onto Georgia, which is suddenly and without warning illegal.

  • Ben

    I for-see another Props to the Cops…..


  • God, how terrifying: trapped in a burning vehicle. I’m glad police were able to free them. I hope they have a speedy recovery from their physical and any mental injuries!

  • PollosHermanos

    Great work responding officers!

  • I came upon the accident pretty early on Sunday morning while I was out walking my dogs. It was actually pretty horrific. FWIW the SUV that caused the accident had Maryland tags; the sedan that was hit was from VA. The sedan burst into flames and the entire back end of it was burnt off, so it looked like a little hatchback.

    One neighbor on Georgia Ave had both his parked cars hit and catch on fire from the impact. The back end of one of his cars was melted, while the front end is just pretty burned out. While insurance will cover it, it’s hard to replace your cars without some out of pocket expense. He saw the accident and was pretty shaken up.

    The police were on site until about 2:30 pm investigating. One officer told me that one of the people who was hit had died, though I haven’t heard that anywhere else. The police were great about how they handled it. Very tragic though.

  • Woah! I heard about this from my neighbors – as I was getting ready to have my own car towed for repairs – and they seemed to think that at least one person died, and that this was some sort of drag racing incident. Either way, it is sad, scary, and totally avoidable.

    We had our own incident on Sherman Ave on Friday night when a drunk driver hit parked cars on our block. He was going fast enough that four neighbors cars, plus his, were damaged in the accident. Fortunately no one was hurt – even the driver.

    As someone still trying to sort out the mess he left behind, count me among those all for enforcing traffic laws!

  • Speed cameras and red-light cameras do nothing about drunk drivers, who are allowed to go on their lethal ways.

    This thing happened at 4:15 AM. Advice to all: don’t be out on the street after the bars close. Where did this guy get drunk? Who let him get drunk, then drive away?

    • He could have been at a house party… And some people can’t avoid driving that late at night (or early in the morning depending on how you look at it) because of work schedules.

  • Anonymous

    I live one block away from where the accident happened. The crash sound was pretty loud and within minutes I heard police sirens. Good job MPD for responding quickly.


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