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  • massachusetts av

    Since this is a ‘Declared Emergency,’ but not a ‘Declared Snow Emergency’, can we park on Snow Emergency Routes such as 16th street? I see a lot of people parked on 16th street right now.

    • Anonymous

      Um be careful. Mixing with the cold blast is bringing some funky weather, including snowflakes. While I doubt the immediate area will be pounded by a blizzard, technically you may see a snowflake here. On a serious note, I really am not sure of what the answer would be to your question, though considering it’s a weather emergency, snow or no snow, I suspect the reason for the signs is for the equipment/trucks to come in and help clean up.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt the parking enforcement folks are out today. I was downtown for an hour and parked in a no-parking zone. No problem. I don’t think the city’s too concerned about parking right now.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      @DDOT says “Yes. Those are mostly in place for snow clearing.”

      • massachusetts av


  • ah

    Pepco is showing only 636 customers without power, so seems like we’re pretty good . . . for now.

    • TG

      Jeesh – already. I guess I am a pessimist and think it is bad that people are already out of power.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    ” @DDOTDC: DCTC says taxicabs are authorized to add emergency flat rate of $15 to metered fare during State of Emergency.”

    • Anonymous

      True, to add that they are required to tell you about the emergency $15.00 fare before they take you to your location, as per NBC news.

  • AR

    Chips and salsa, four bottles of wine, two packs of smokes, all is well here! :)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      hahaha now that’s how you wait out a hurricane!!!

      • AR

        We’re from Florida. This is what we do. :p (well, it used to be pickle buckets full of mojitos, but same principle)

    • DF

      Two 5gal kegs of beer. I think we’ll be okay for the day. :)

  • Britt

    Pretending to work while texting and obsessively checking new reports about Jersey where all my family lives…

  • Rich

    I overlook Logan Circle. There’s the occasional dog walker or dog-free walker. More car traffic than I’d expect. Probably a good day for taxi drivers. Trucks from time to time, including seevral from Fedex. I wonder if they’re delivering or perhaps just picking up.

  • Listening to the weather channel and baking enough to last me for a good long time. (While I have power) So far, buttermilk pie, cabbage and mushroom galette, and cornbread. Up next maple butter cookies using my DC and Captiol building cookie cutters!

    • k

      hill’s kitchen cookie cutters?

    • What is buttermilk pie?

      • maria

        it’s the most delicious pie ever! i add lemon zest to mine so it’s like a lemony custard pie.

        • “The most delicious” doesn’t really tell me what it is. But Google did. So it’s a custard pie made with buttermilk.

          • Anonymous

            Google, or maria’s phrase “it’s like a lemony custard pie”. Your choice, I guess.

    • Nice!! I’m making potato rosemary pizza, and gingersnaps, and we’ll bake pumpkin seeds when we carve our jack-o-lantern later. And I still have vegetarian chili leftover from last night! No shortage of good food in this house. :)

  • Vegnout

    Watch out dog walkers, with a swift breeze the poo may go flying!

  • Anonymous

    The mail just came in SE Capitol Hill…The USPS must be taking that oat of neither rain nor hail pretty seriously…

  • Prepped the house for the storm yesterday. Now I’ve got a case of beer in the fridge and slow cooking country spare ribs in the oven. I’m feeling confident so far.

  • pchip

    NPR, cooking, reading, wine, napping…the usual.

  • Anonymous

    They keep telling me to stock up on bottled water. But the stores are out!! What to do. I have water bottles at home but they say I need “bottled water”. Does anyone have any experience with this type of crisis? I looked on YouTube but I can’t find instructions for making “bottled water”.

    • Anonymous

      DC Water still pumping strong. When was the last time anything was able to stop the water from flowing in this town??? I understand candles, milk, and beer, but bottled water? Really?

      • I think they were joking. At least – I hope they were joking.

        • Wanda

          The water supply could become contamined if there is severe flooding, this happened a while back but I think it is only a remote possibility.

          • So yes – sewers could back up – so fill up your bathtub to have water for flushing toilets, and containers for drinking water for a few days maybe. But really – shipwrecked/liferaft people go for a month. Don’t worry!

      • ano

        I first moved to DC in 2003 the weekend before Isobel came. The water supply where I lived was contaminated somehow, so we had to resort to bottled water. We didn’t have power and I had an electric stove, so no way to boil water. Not fun when I’d been in my apartment 2 days and my furniture had not yet been delivered.

    • AnnE

      Haha! Maybe you can improvise and put water into a bottle and see if that works in lieu of bottled water.

      • This is how you do it! Fill bottles and jars with tap water, put ’em in the freezer. If we lose power, they’ll help the freezer stay cold and then magically provide you with drinking water.

  • Anonymous

    2 hour conference call. Kids at backup daycare. Wife at work. About to try to find a car2go to head down the hill.

  • Anonymous

    If I didn’t have two kids under 4…oh my this would be a great great day!

  • Annon

    Went to the CH Giant this morning – it was busy but check out lines were reasonable. Good thing I didn’t need milk or eggs, wine/beer aisle also had significant gaps.

    In the meantime, I’m glued to the Capital Weather Gang’s FB postings and PoP!

    • I was surprised – the lines were shorter than a weekend!

    • Annon

      I wasn’t sure what to make of people with grocery carts full of frozen food….

    • Underestimated our alcohol needs and just went to Giant for fortifications/emergency supplies -( i.e. cheap jug wine) – super nice people working – please be sure to thank them!!!

  • Anns

    Haha, via numerous tweets:
    According to the Weather Channel, Sandy is a tropical cyclone and a snowstorm embedded within a nor’easter. In other words, #Stormducken

  • Hill NE

    Already bored…pretending to work…broke into the halloween candy (but not the gin….yet)….Sad that all the leaves will be gone soon. Otherwise, a very uneventful day thus far.

  • MK

    Whoa! My neighbor’s trash can and rocking chairs were just blown over. The chairs are on the other side of the porch now. I ran out and pulled in my porch furniture and the wind almost bent my security door backwards. I think I’m going to start cooking while I can. I’m not looking for the power to hold.

  • Anonymous

    Made a delicious lunch, started the mimosas around 11:30, getting neglected tasks around the house done. Watching a lot of pawn stars.

  • Happy that the wind and rain are washing the outside of my windows.

    Who knew daytime TV was so dull.

    Contemplating a nap for lack of something better to do.

  • Shaw-Eric

    Shaw’s Tavern is playing The Perfect Storm at 2pm

  • Herb

    I had an appotintment for a plumber at 8:30 am. Go Brookland Plumbing–on time as usual!

  • Ronald

    Getting bored quickly. Does anyone know if any Dupont or 17th St bars are open?

    • Most of the bars (or restaurants that have a bar) are open and full of people where I live. And my neighborhood’s not nearly as hip and lively as 17th Street. So I’m sure most of them there are open.

      Am I the only one who’s not bored and/or drinking tonight?

  • anne

    husband downstairs watching CNN me upstairs watching cooking shows and waiting for the satellite signal to go out and our neighbors’ tree to come down and take out the electric. But lots of wine and Fat Tire

  • 17th Street

    About to do what I do best – napping.

  • jem

    I’m moving Thursday and got permits for emergency no parking in front of my current apartment and new one so that the moving company can park its truck there. The signs have to be posted 72 hours in advance. I hung them Saturday so that they’d be up before the storm but the ones in front of my current apartment got wet & soggy and are on the ground already; I’m guessing the ones at my new place are in the same condition. If I repost on Wednesday, will DDOT enforce them? Has anyone else run into this type of situation?

    • I think DDOT will cut you some slack on this one.

      Try putting the next set up with string or twine through the holes at both ends (if there are holes at both ends… I can’t remember) and tying the string/twine around a tree.

      When I was moving last year, my first set of signs came down and I initially thought they’d been deliberately removed, but I think maybe it was because I hadn’t secured them well enough. (I found them along the street and in the gutter.)

      I made more of an effort with my second set of signs, and they stayed in place.

      • jem

        Thanks! I did string twine through both holes on the top & bottom and then tied them around trees. The problem is that they’re made of paper so they basically just disintegrated in the rain–and with the wind they pulled right off the twine. The twine’s still on the trees–the signs are on the ground. Hopefully you’re right about DDOT!

  • Anonymous

    Just heard from a friend in Chinatown that his building’s power just went out…uh oh, hope AdMo holds out!

  • Go to the hardware store (after the storm) – buy some construction tape/string – old chairs – anything – and rope the area off. People don’t really read the signs, but will notice stuff. Also – printing lots of bright pink/yellow pages can be good. People don’t want to infringe – but they are busy and may not notice just signs.

    • jem

      Thanks! This is a great idea.

  • AR

    OPM announced closure for tomorrow!


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