• wobble

    This has been sitting here for a day with no comments – showing that activity like this has gotten so commonplace than it is not newsworthy. Also read that two people were stabbed and beaten in Bloomingdale in a robbery last nite, and a gun robbery in the 1900 block of Calvert.

    The natives are restless. Time to leave?

    • 16th Street Heights

      Wobble, you are correct about no one caring by the no comments made. D.C. residents are feeling hopeless on this issue because D.C. Council Phil Mendelson who Chairs the Judiciary Committee has done nothing to address gun robberies and other horrific crimes. Mendelson is a liberal along with all the D.C. Councilmembers. There are more comments on the baby Panda passing than crime. How sad!

      • wjnd

        Also, it was Saturday.

    • Anonymous

      where did you read about the stabbing?

    • Anonymous

      If you have to ask “The natives are restless. Time to leave?” then the answer is yes!

      Oh and 16th Street Heights when you you make asinine allusions such as all liberals are soft on crime it makes you sound like a nut job. Just thought you should know.

      • 16th Street Heights

        Why the name calling? Your comment should have been removed for making a personal attack. You can agree with me without calling me names. Liberals are soft on crime in the District. Are you a liberal?

        • Anonymous

          Plenty of liberals are not soft on crime. I am a liberal who is not soft on crime. One can try to give other people a hand up, but still be happy to throw them in jail for the rest of their lives if instead of taking that hand they attack the person offering it. So maybe you’d be better off being specific in your attacks on others instead of making generalizations. That being said, I do agree that Phil Mendelson is way too soft on crime and a big problem in that respect.

          • 16th Street Heights

            Calling someone a nut job is a personal attack and I don’t know why POP didn’t remove your ugly comment. What is your definition of a liberal?

    • Anonymous

      the bloomingdale incident was a fight. not a robbery.

      • anon

        correct… Howard students looking for revenge after something happened at a party nearby.. fuller story here: http://bloomingdaleneighborhood.blogspot.com/

        i’m no lawyer, but it’s a bit strange that there weren’t any arrests even though police showed up very quickly to interrupt the brawl. must have been some crazy dynamics

    • Farnsworth

      Yes, time to leave. There are plenty of other metropolises with police state atmospheres. I can’t imagine what’s missing from NY or LA that’s keeping you here. We’re dedicated to having a police force that protects the safety of the most vulnerable from the position of public servants. If you instead want a force that brutalizes minorities from the position of authoritarians in service of percieved safety for the already comfortable, please leave this city immedieatly.


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