• Anonymous

    sweetgreen is no bueno. i’d prefer a chop’t or a mediterranean chipotle (cava mezze) on u street.

  • Anonymous


  • I used to love Sweet Green, but with their (fast) growth, it often seems that the quality and customer service have gone down. I’m not too picky, but the stuff doesn’t seem as fresh anymore nor do the employees seem as excited to work there as they once did.

    that said, I’m happy for any business growth and creation of jobs.

  • bb

    Rumors of more locations? Where, PoP? Don’t leave us hanging…

    Progression Place, please?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I promise I’ll share soon!

      • Glover Park is one of the next locations – on Wisconsin and W – where the Body Smith was (its shrinking to just the back half).

  • Anonymous

    Would love to have one in Columbia Heights so we can have some healthy fast food options.

    • It would be welcome in Columbia Heights, but there also is Cava Mezze. I’ve been very happy with salads from there.

  • wylie coyote

    sweet green is my favorite salad spot.

  • Chopt > Sweetgreen.

    • Gotta agree. Sweetgreen’s got a salad similar to Chop’t’s Sante Fe, but for $1.50 more and no cheese. No cheese!! What’s the world without a little PepperJack?

      • zrc

        I don’t mind Chop’t (anywhere I can get a salad quickly and to go is a win in my book as a traveling musician), but I’ve personally always preferred Sweetgreen. I think it’s just a matter of taste, but I like their ingredients and dressings better. SG is also founded by former Georgetown students, right?

        • yep, 2 Georgetown MBA’s, I believe. Both make good salads, but Chopt has more options, and I like that all the lettuce and fixins are neatly sliced with that half moon chopper thing. Sweetgreen serves Honest Tea though, so there’s that….luckily, I have both near my workplace :D

  • I’ve never had Sweetgreen’s salad, but I liked their frozen yogurt options.

  • Anonymous

    adams morgan needs a salad place, some people live around there and want some non-drunk food options.

  • Brownie

    I abhor Sweet Green. And you’re right…they aren’t as fresh as they once were. Always cuttings costs and quality. The bread they served when they first opened was fantastic – it really set them apart. Now they use a comparatively icky one. And yes, employee quality is down too. Plus what’s with their stupid marketing slogan..”Food…aligned with your values.” What the fu&* does that mean? What values? You can get some pretty unhealthy salads packed with dead animals pieces, artery clogging cheese, and pesticide sprayed produce which pollute the entire universe. Great “values” huh? Plus the percentage of “local” and “organic” items used is very small. They do have some good marketing folks though trying to make you think they are different…nice try..not buying it.


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