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Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Kingman Park

by Prince Of Petworth September 10, 2012 at 3:00 pm 31 Comments

This rental is located at 709 16th Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“Great location. Convenient to H St., shopping, restaurants, transportation. 2 BR/1.5 ba. Great open kitchen/dining room with island. Private backyard. Immidiate occupancy. Section 8 applicants welcome to apply.”

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $2,000/Mo.

  • SF

    This is Rosedale, not Kingman Park- although I know some will say that Kingman Park encompasses Rosedale.

    I live around the corner from this house. I think it’s a bit steep considering that it’s directly opposite the Pentacle Apartments, but it is very convenient to H Street. I have noticed the Flats at Atlas development is raising rents in the immediate area.

    • Anonymous

      whats the dividing line? 17th?

      • I’ve been told 19th.

        • Anonymous

          is there an actual park in kingman park? i don’t see one on the map, but don’t know the area that well.

          • EvilStevie

            The neighborhood is named for Kingman Island.

        • many of us are just saying “H Street corridor” these days. Few people know where Rosedale or Kingman Park are. Besides, who on U Street says they live in Shaw?

          • I’m curious who the “many of us” is that you assert here.

            I know people who have roots in the neighborhood and intend to be there for the long haul, and they’re deeply involved in groups like the Rosedale Citizens’ Alliance. They don’t want to lose the history that has been built up over the years by tossing the old neighborhood aside.

            Not trying to be aggressive here, but I think it’s not as easy as just saying “screw it” and going with something new.

          • Anonymous

            I think it is that easy. Neighborhoods change over time. People move, businesses come and go, and areas get re-zoned. It only makes sense to update the neighborhoods as time changes. Change doesn’t mean forgetting the past. It means acknowledging the present.

          • I’m sick of saying Rosedale / Kingman Park, and getting blank stares, and then having to go into a detailed account of neighborhood history. “H Street” is understood by all, so i just use it as a geographic descriptor.

          • toma: then why not try to educate the ignorant instead of giving up?

          • Anonymous

            you moved to an area that is lesser know citywide and you’re complaining that no one recognizes it. you give up too easy.

  • Alex

    Is $2000 (or $1000 per bedroom) really the going rate to be able to walk to the Bier Gartenhaus now? Seems quite steep considering it’s nowhere near a Metro station.

    • Anonymous

      where you’re near other things, the metro is less important.

    • Anonymous

      You should get out of NW more often….

      • Might be easy to get a PBR from that location, but commuting to work might be more of a challenge without Metro. There are reasons besides being lame that someone might want Metro access.

        • Anonymous

          Not everyone takes the metro to work. This location would be great for me, commute-wise– a short bike or bus ride.

  • TG

    Why do people insist on saying “section 8 applicants welcome to apply?” By law in DC you cannot discriminate against an applicant based on source of income – this is precisely for section 8 purposes. Stating that they are welcome to apply is tantamount to saying we won’t unlawfully discriminate against you.

    • Anonymous

      do you think all section 8 people know that?

      • TG

        I have no idea. I suspect maybe they do. If you figured out a way to apply and receive the benefit I suspect you know that it is a voucher that is good anywhere. It would be sad to think that Section 8 recipients would only apply to a place that specifically says it is ok for them to do so.

        • Anonymous

          they also may not feel very welcome. while we certainly have the reagan myth of the welfare queen in people minds, the reality is that living off of assistance is really hard and demoralizing. i can understand why people put it in their adverts.

          • TG

            You might be right.

        • Anonymous

          Section 8 discrimination is actually not all that uncommon, despite it being illegal. Like many types of discrimination, it can be hard to prove unless it’s overt, and requires time, savvy, and legal resources on the part of the apartment-seeker. (As far as outside entities investigating Section 8 discrimination, from what I’ve read, most of the “matched-pair” tests that fair housing investigators do–matched-pair is when two applicants attempt to rent an apartment with basically identical qualifications save for one characteristic–have focused on racial discrimination, not the voucher issue.)

          Also, this is just a guess, but I wonder if landlords also figure that “Section 8 welcome” will imply to non-voucher holders that the building isn’t stringent with credit or background checks (since there are lots of people who make enough money to afford market-rate rent but who have a criminal record or bad credit and might otherwise bounce out on those restrictions).

          • MiCoBa

            I personally think “section 8 welcome” is code for “section 8 preferred” I know of a few landlords who rather have someone on a voucher. Guaranteed rent and you don’t even have to offer top amenities to snag a tenant.

          • Tom A.

            “Section 8 welcome” means that the landlord has jumped through multiple hoops with Dc govt to be able to accept section 8 tenants. It’s quite costly and time consuming. I considered renting my home to section 8 tenants, but it wasn’t worth the hassle of getting approved.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, seems high. We live on the Hill, in a nicer rowhouse w/ parking and pay roughly the same amount.

    • Anonymous

      How long ago did you move in? Times done changed..

      • Anonymous

        Almost four years… Guess we will need to leave the area when we have another little one. :(

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I would never move if I were you. That’s a really great price for a rowhouse with parking on the Hill. Our mortgage is nearly twice that much and we’re parking on the street. Of course, four years ago your rent would have been typical, but demand has gone up tremendously since then.

  • IIRC – that house was a quick flip after being on the market FOREVER. $2K is a bit high, but they’ll probably get it. And really – it’s not that far from Stadium Armory – D6 – X2, and the possible future trolley. Not to mention – the super nicely redone community center with an awesome POOL for our currently uber-sweltering summers – grocery stores – and all of H Street – and really, even EM if you enjoy a pleasant walk. Hey – maybe $2K isn’t so bad after all ….

    • Actually Union Station is only a slightly longer walk than Stadium Armory. It doesn’t see right, but I’ve done both walks. If there were a back entrance to Union station on F street, it may even be a shorter walk to the metro at Union Station than S/A.

  • Anonymous

    I pay more per person for a 3 bedroom around the corner, but only barely. We also have better amenities than this house. Not a bad price at all considering the market.

    Side note: if your going to spend the time and money to gut a house, why not put in central air?!


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