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  • abefroman329

    I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that their frozen yogurt tastes like paint.

    • jcm

      It’s got as much to do with yogurt as velveeta does with cheese. Actually, it’s probably less.

  • Farnesworth

    This really is the wrong era for a fake food franchise.

  • WaPo reports that there’s a 21st century Trail of Tears moving up Ct Ave right now as 19 year old anorexic co-eds have joined together for a moment of reflection (and hunger).

  • I’ve rarely wanted a business to do poorly and fail, as any occupied store space is better than none, but this one definitely takes the list.

    Went into the Columbia Heights location about 2 weeks after opening. Never had this brand of softserv before and I am not a fan, but that’s fine, I don’t like what a lot of people sell.

    What got me incensed was how completely unprofessional, ghetto and useless the employees were. The place was filthy. I mean, used napkins and spoons and cigerrete butts on the floor etc. There were 2 people in the store when I went in and 4 employees, 2 on their cell phones talking super loud to friends, one laughing about how shes “doin that ho’s boyfriend” (verbatim). One behind the counter watching something on her phone and one guy outside with a tray full of free samples eye humping every girl walking by and literally giving one girl that walked by… “c’mon baby, how you doing, get that fine ass over here”. He actually had a can of beer in his apron pocket.

    When I finally got my stuff and went to pay, it was like the register was some alien device, the girl watching her phone had no idea how to use it and it took 5 minutes to ring out.

    So, that’s it for me. That experience was enough. I hope they shut them both down.

    • Anonymous

      Sheeit, that place sounds awesome!

    • hater

      one city one hire baby!!!! thanks mr mayor

    • Anonymous

      Yikes, that’s pretty bad. Whoever is in charge of hiring–whether it’s Tasti D or a third party related to the local hire effort–did a terrible job with screening and training candidates, it seems. That said, I’m a fan of local hire–I’m sure there exist young people in the Columbia Heights area who want and need jobs (and who, with some gentle pointers, can grasp workplace etiquette–which, btw, is something that plenty of new workers coming out of “good” colleges often need some help on as well).

      Unless of course, the wages and working conditions at Tasti D are so crappy that they can only attract the worst of the worst candidates. If that’s the case, then good riddance to them as both a food seller and a neighborhood employer.

    • hs

      I had almost the exact same experience. Except the “store manager” was telling a group of tweens about how he fucks whoever he wants, whenever he wants. The manager of a frozen yogurt place, a real badass dude.

      Personally I’m excited this place closed. I hope something worthwhile and useful opens there instead.

      Now if we can only do something about that shit hole across the street aka Tynan….

  • wandafish

    Damnit! I actually loved that place, great for those on a diet but wanted something light and sweet. The Dupont Circle Tasti was always nice and clean.

  • Joe C

    The Georgetown Law location has also closed and has become another Fro-Yo concept.

  • There are several inherent problems with places like Tasti or TangySweet in that particular space. First is that both of them did an absolutely wretched job of creating a welcoming, inviting space. It was hard to tell whether they were open or not unless you went and pulled on the door. The interior needs good lighting and a decor that says “come in, spend money, stay a while.”

    Second is foot traffic to nab casual passers-by. Just a casual glance shows that the lion’s share of peds use the south side of the street, not the north. Obelisk, Panas and DC Cafe benefit from having people specifically going to them. They both have outside seating to catch even the passers-by. However, being sandwiched between popular places does not translate into a greater potential for customers…froyo is not what most of the people who go to the flanking places for are likely to be in the mood for.

    Now, if they redid the space into something that recreated, or at least tapped-in to, the style of an old-style ice cream parlor or malt shop they might draw people in. Abandoning froyo altogether would not hurt, either. Instead, offer a variety of ice cream, gelato, frozen custard…and not at $5 per scoop or $25 the pint. Outside of the summer season, switch to selling waffles, pancakes, French toast, and crepes…all day breakfast or dessert fare. Now, *that* would definitely resonate with the demographics of the neighborhood and ped traffic. And, for the sake of all things decent and holy, DO NOT hire ghetto. There are plenty of people who live in less well-off parts of the city who don’t have that obnoxious “Bon Qui Qui” or “Bonifa” attitude. It may be possible to get away with that at a Burger King or McDonalds; not someplace that is supposed to be up-market.


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