Washington, DC

1316 9th St, NW

More great restaurant news for the 1300 block of 9th St, NW. In addition to A n D Tavern coming to 1314 9th St, NW from the owner of Seasonal Pantry, comes news of ‘Sherman Golden’ coming to 1316 9th St, NW. The Blagden Alley Naylor Court Association wrote:

“Sherman Golden is planning to open a new Restaurant on the Street Level of 1316 9th Street which will occupy the entire first floor (the Nine Condo is upstairs). It sounds very exciting, 75 seats, affordable, a great chef… he will be here to discuss his plans, concept and hours of operations, liquor license plans (CR), etc. To get a sense of the restaurant they told me the space is about the same size as Boundary Road a relatively new restaurant at 414 H St NW.”

Ed. Note: Sherman Golden has no affiliation with Boundary Road.

What I did learn is that Sherman Golden comes from the head bartender of Maple located on 11th St, NW in Columbia Heights. I hear the architect/contractor from Maple (remember their great bar?) will also build out Sherman Golden. More info as it becomes available.


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