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Rendering of the The Lumber Shed Near Yards Park

by Prince Of Petworth August 2, 2012 at 4:00 pm 19 Comments

301 Water St, SE

From Capitol Riverfront:

The Lumber Shed will be an adaptive reuse of an historical Navy Yard industrial building into a two level iconic glass structure that will house the corporate offices of Forest City Washington. The ground floor will include a variety of restaurants including the recently announced Osteria Morini by award winning New York City chef Michael White. Renovation is targeted to begin in 2012 with completion in 2013.

  • Anonymous

    Very excited about this. I believe they started work on it a few weeks ago.

  • ceeps

    It looks awfully sterile for something called “The Lumber Yard”.

    • Anonymous

      Lumber Shed, not yard. The name reflects the building’s original purpose, so it’s appropriate. And I’m not sure what you mean by sterile.

      • ceeps

        I mean… it looks like it could be any old airport or office building.

  • Anonymous

    I kind of liked it as a big open shell.

    • Anonymous

      I liked doing yoga in the shell one time when there was a concert in our usual space.

    • Anonymous

      +1. I at least hope they include a public restroom and not just the current pair of nasty porta potties

  • Anony

    Looks really cool. But, I wonder whether they will get enough foot traffic to make it work.

    • Other than the 3 million baseball fans, full condo and apartment buildings and gov’t agencies?

      • _JS

        I don’t know if this is snark or what, because yes, lots of people go to Nats games and work in the government buildings nearby, but go there on a weekday night and you’ll see tumbleweeds. Seriously, it’s like Crystal City only with more public housing.

        • jokerstars

          Are you kidding me? There are no “projects” in the Navy Yard area, just some mixed income housing. You’re either misinformed or thinking of SW Waterfront.

          The few local businesses that are here are always packed and neighborhood residents are clamoring for more. Between residents, office workers, and fans there’s more than enough to support the over 7 new establishments coming in the next year. Go out the lumber shed/Yards Park on most beautiful evenings at sunsets and you’ll find some people there, especially families.

          I hate it when ignoramuses talk about Navy Yard/Capitol riverfront out of their butts.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve been working in the area since 2006, and yes, there was a time when it would be desolate on weeknights and weekends. It was even worse than in other areas because Navy Yard employees get off work around 4pm or earlier.

          Nevertheless, I don’t think you’ve been there on a weeknight recently. I go to the park at least once a week and it’s always full of joggers, picnickers, dog walkers, kids playing in the fountains, photographers and their subjects, and people just enjoying the ambiance reading a book or whatever. I’m not even counting the all people participating in the events and activities that they have during the week– bootcamp, yoga, concerts, movies, etc. I don’t even think the foot traffic comes from Nats fans and people who work in the area; right now it seems to be mostly locals. Once there are some restaurants to draw the baseball and commuter crowd in, however, that area is going to explode.

          • Anonymous

            +1, the neighborhood has been changing rapidly, thanks to the new ballpark and all the new office and residential structures around there. That new riverfront park might be the prettiest park in all of DC.

  • I like that they’re keeping much of the original structure. I do like it all open, but as is, the space is underutilized. It would be awesome for a nighttime party or wedding. Great views of the water and you feel so isolated from the rest of the city (in a good way).

  • Anonymous

    this is totally awesome, and I’m betting anyone who is negative about it hasn’t actually seen the structure they are re-using in person. It is super, super cool and definitely will not look “sterile”

  • Anonymous

    This whole area is going to be great. Yards park is currently the coolest park in the city but I do fear it will become too popular once most of the planned restaurants and stores open up. To suggest that this area is desolate is to be unable to look ahead. This will be a banging area of the city very soon.

    Chinatown used to been desolate on weeknights and weekends too. Not all that long ago.

  • Mal

    My husband and I just bought into the EYA rowhouse community near there. I hope the neighbors are supportive of the restaurants that will come up here. I know we will. We did the same for the restaurants that were up and coming in our current neighborhood in Mt. Vernon Triangle. I always give the restaurants a try and, if happy with food/drinks/service, frequent often!

    The rendering does the site no justice. I viewed the site myself a few weeks ago– it looks very unique and has a great deal of character.

    • Anonymous

      Welcome! You’re in a great location.

  • Anonymous

    Also, Nationals Park will almost certainly host the MLB All-Star Game in a few years. You can expect development down there to explode in advance of that event. It’s pretty huge.


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