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Doggie Day Swim is Saturday, Sept. 8th from 12 noon to 4 pm, Reminder – Most Outdoor Pools Close Mon. Sept. 3rd)

by Prince Of Petworth August 27, 2012 at 11:00 am 26 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota


“DOGGIE DAY SWIM!!!! Saturday, September 8th from 12 noon to 4 pm at Upshur Pool (4300 Arkansas Ave., NW) and Francis Pool (25th & N St., NW).”

Remember, this is your last weekend to get your outdoor swimming in (though East Potomac Pool stays open until Oct. 6th.) You can see the Outdoor Pools Closure Schedule here.

  • That looks like fun! I’m going to try to take my pooch there…

    Anyone have any good ideas on affordable dog boarding in DC? Seems like they gouge me with vaccination fees every time I need to leave town.

    Also, has anyone stayed in hotels that allow dogs at Ocean City or VA Beach?

    • Wendy

      I had a very good experience with Sit-A-Pet-202-362-8900—(I have cats)–but they will come to your home as you schedule-walk,feed clean up poop–they even watered my plants.

      • Not so sure about pet sitting in my house. I’d really love to be able to drop my dog off at a vet especially because he’s an older dog. I do keep vaccinations up on him, but its too hard to sort out all the paperwork out every time I’m leaving town. Maybe I just need to get a wife.

        • Ppw? You’re vet should be able to print out a piece of paper with a comprehensive list of all up-to-date vacs.

          • YOUR vet – it’s early for me ….

        • philsdottir

          I actually like to leave my old guys (16 and 18) at home when I can’t take them, they are in a comfy, familiar place. But for travel – we go to south Jersey shore and there are lots of places that take dogs. Surf 16 in North Woodwork, Rus-Mar in Woodwork, a couple of B&Bs there and in Cape May. It is a little further but in season takes the same time because less traffic and better roads. On managing vaccinations, there are a number of apps that handle that and I also scan my dogs’ docs and email them to myself so I can access them from anywhere. (Or take a photo.)

    • you’re required to have your dog up to date on vaccines (and licensed). If you can’t afford to pay for the vaccines, there is a humane society clinic that is far cheaper than your vet for the same ol’ thing the vet does. But you need to keep your dog as up to date as possible on vaccines.

    • boochow

      Safari inn on the boardwalk in OC, pet friendly and pretty awesome.

    • If you’re willing to drive out to Alexandria, Woodlawn Kennel is excellent. The same people who run Planet Pet in AdMo own this place.

    • I would love to set up some kind of neighborhood (Columbia Heights & Petworth) dog-swapping-walking-sitting co-op. Would the forum here be a good place to try that?

  • sara

    does the dog have to be a dc resident?

    • I didn’t see a press release for this year yet, but from last year:

      To maintain order at each of the pools, dog owners are asked to follow these rules:

      Dog handlers must be 16 years of age or older
      Dog handlers cannot swim or enter the pool with their dogs
      Dogs must be sociable and remain leashed while on the pool deck
      All dogs must wear current DC dog license
      All dogs must be current on vaccinations including rabies

      • philsdottir

        so a valid MD license if that is where he lives is not allowed?

        • I would guess not, since an MD license is not a DC license, and they specify the DC license. It’s the same for DC dog parks.

          You might be able to get a DC license even if you don’t live in DC, I don’t know. Here’s the form, the agency phone number is at the bottom: http://hrla.doh.dc.gov/hrla/cwp/view,A,1384,Q,572085.asp

        • Anon3

          check out montgomery county. i know they have one, and i think it’s the same weekend. if you’re a MD resident that might be more convenient anyway. my friends in silver spring go with their dog each year and love it.

          • Anon3

            One more thing: last year very few of the dogs were leashed, people were in the pool with their dogs, and they only had me fill out a contact info sheet and show my ID when I entered the pool. That said, I’m not sure how strict the ‘rules and regulations’ to this event are enforced.

  • C3PO

    Fantastic shot! I’m making this my screensaver today. I wonder if you could show up to the pool without a dog, just to watch the dog antics?

    • I was thinking about the same thing!

      • Well, I need someone to go with me! I want to take photos but I don’t think I can do that while supervising my two dogs.

    • Traveler

      I don’t have a dog but I attended last year just to see them play (living vicariously through the other dog owners). It was so much fun… so cute!

  • bjc

    Do they get to swim in the deep water? That picture makes it look like it’s just the kiddie pool with no more than a foot of water?

    • Anon3

      This is one of the highlights of my year. It is adorable!! And yes, they swim in the deep end. They have free reign of the whole pool. It’s hysterical; a total zoo.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, so unsanitary :(

    • It’s after the pool is closed for the year, right before it’s drained for the winter. So, no worries about people using it later.

  • elp

    that’s why they do it at the end of the season, after the pools are closed to people.

  • Anonymous

    I’m taking my mutt to the one in College Park next Tuesday. Can’t wait to see her swim!


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