Crepes on the Corner Closes at 257 15th St, SE

by Prince Of Petworth August 28, 2012 at 1:30 pm 14 Comments

257 15th St, SE

Crepes on the Corner opened at 257 15th St, SE back in Feb. 2012. Their facebook page says:

“We are sad to inform you that COTC is permanently closed. We thank you for your support and want to assure you that we are in the process of finding a new owner for the business.”

  • Caroline

    NO!!!!! I loved this place. WHYYYYY???????

    • Another Caroline

      Me too! Admittedly I’ve only been there twice, but that’s because I make awesome crepes at home. For the Hill residents that don’t make crepes at home this was a great place to get them. Their ingredients were of incredibly high quality and the crepes were huge (probably that’s why they went out of business). I loved the ambiance, and the staff were very friendly when I went. Really sad to see it go.

  • Alex

    Total bummer. This place was delicious for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hill East definitely takes a step backwards with the loss.

  • Anonymous


  • EvilStevie

    My heart is breaking! Damn you August for being so hard on small businesses.

  • K

    Not surprised….overpriced and bland crepes and sandwiches….

  • dcgent

    Overpriced, maybe for the area–but the crepes and sandwhiches were huge and better than equally high-priced foodtruck fare. Far from bland. I worried whether they would make but felt they had a chance given the few sitdown places nearby.nice space. Ate there last week and they seemed set to be there a while. What a shame–I hope something decent makes use of the

  • ddaniel

    This is sad to hear. Their sandwiches were so tasty. They used local ingredients. They grew their own herbs and some veggies. It was real food. However, for a business to make it in Hill East it needs to appeal to a broader range of people.

  • John M

    Lesson for prospective proprietors: Don’t open a tiny shop in DC that specializes in European breakfast food (Crepes, waffles, you name it).

    • ……. or cold cereal

    • Anonymous

      no waffle house?

  • I. Rex

    Really bummed about this. Good food, coffee and a really pleasant atmosphere (and yes a little pricey). It always seemed busy, so I’m wondering if the two year nightmare of appeasing DCRA in order to open put them in too deep a financial hole to climb out of. That’s why I don’t think it’s a sign as to whether this area can support a nice breakfast place. I bet the next owner that takes over will do well.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the pretzel place opens up a bagel shop there. Their pretzels are essentially bagels.

  • ET

    That sucks. Was great to just go a few blocks.

    On the weekends they seemed to have the business but I don’t know what it was like on weekdays. I will say that they had a lot of staff behind that counter sometimes so there was more going out in salaries than may have been coming in.

    I was their on Sunday and there was no sign of things to come (i.e. a notice) and service/quality didn’t seem any different. Heck it wasn’t even opened on Monday so I wonder what was going on and if the decisions was a quick as it seems to the outside.


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