Uh Oh Looks Like Radius Pizza Has Closed For More Than Just Vacation in Mt. Pleasant

by Prince Of Petworth July 3, 2012 at 11:00 am 116 Comments

3155 Mount Pleasant Street, NW

Dear PoPville,

Just swang by radius because they were supposed to open back up today.

Blinds drawn, doors locked at 5:15, sign is gone. Called the number on the website and it’s been disconnected. Not looking good for the $5 pint and slice deals. No confirmation though.

In addition to the phone number being disconnected, emails to the owners remain unanswered as well. Not looking good at all…

Comments (116)

  1. noooooo, the horror!

  2. I wasn’t impressed by their pizza… but I know pizza quality is quite subjective, and I’m sure Radius had its fans.

  3. As a former Mt. P resident (2006-08), I concur. The biggest thing they had going for them was lack of other dining/nightlife options in Mt. P; they had a captive audience. Still, always sad to see a small business close.

  4. Thanks for that update from 2007!

  5. You’re welcome! Anytime! And the pizza was mediocre then too!

  6. Isn’t it too early to speculate? Is it possible they lost phone connection or power during the storm and haven’t had a chance to resolve things? I remain hopeful until I hear otherwise.

  7. Sadly, they really are closed. :(

  8. That’s a good point, Pizza! I’m going to sit tight and wait for a Radius-rep to clear this up. Could just be a power thing (Please?)

  9. Yeah the whole “vacation” thing was just to distract people. The entire staff was laid off when they closed the other week. There was never a vacation.

    Sucks. It was my favorite go-to place in the neighborhood for a cheap $5 meal. I’ll miss it quite a bit.

  10. Seems like a strange thing to do–why would they want to distract people? Why not just say they are closing? Oh well. I won’t miss them too much. Even when I lived in MtP I didn’t visit very often because the food is not that great.

  11. No idea. It seemed like it happened really suddenly without warning, I don’t know.

  12. Strange way to handle this indeed….

  13. Oh no, I knew this coming! What a shame that a nice neighborhood restaurant was so grossly mismanaged.

  14. This can’t be a surprise to anyone. The food wasn’t very good and their service was terrible. It once took 2.5 hours to deliver a pizza and salad despite the fact that we canceled it and hour and a half in. The only reason we payed was the guilt factor the delivery guy gave us saying he would have to pay for it out of pocket.

  15. If only I had known about your anecdote, I could’ve spared myself the surprise.

  16. “Swang”…I’m going to start using that. But, definitely a loss for the neighborhood, although Pete’s is better pizza

  17. Pete’s bland pizza can’t come close to Radius’s fresh sauce and crust.

  18. Dream on. Radius wasn’t bad pizza, but Pete’s is much better.

  19. If you think Pete’s is bland you’re not ordering the right thing. Best pizza we’ve had in DC. The fried eggplant MAKES it.

  20. what the hell are you talking about?

  21. Pete’s is good stuff. we’ve never had a better pizza that delivers, ever….

  22. huzzah, pizzah!

    Try Duccini’s! Most amazing delivery pizza I’ve had in the District, always my go-to. http://duccinis.com/

  23. Mt Pleasant Street seriously needs a pick me up. How is it that such a cool street with such potential has such a dearth of really good places to eat? I feel the same way about Columbia Road between 18th and 16th.

  24. Unfortunately those blocks have a reputation for residents that are unfriendly to businesses. Hopefully that is changing.

  25. It’s not just “those blocks”, it’s the whole neighborhood. I personally know some of these NIMBY types and they dwell in the larger houses on Park Road several blocks from Radius. They basically don’t want their quiet “village within a city” to go the way of AdMo, H St NE or U St.

  26. This sounds about right, because a few NIMBY’s alone don’t keep restaurants out. It’s also a result of people who do want businesses but don’t attend meetings and advocate for them.

  27. i think hank’s oyster bar would beg to differ with you on that point…

  28. I think it has little to do with the NIMBY types. The reason is that storefront rents are outrageous – small businesses just can’t make the numbers work.

    Sorry to see them go. I liked their pizza.

  29. That easy: NIMBY neighborhood associations – that’s why. Seems there are a lot of Mt.P residents that have fought VERY hard over the years to keep undesirable things like live music and patio seating out their fair enclave. Bars and restaurants have had little incentive to open up shop in Mt.P. And, as long as this continues, Mt.P will be stuck in its current state.

  30. This might have been the case years ago but things have changed. Have you been to Haydees when they have live music? Sat outdoors at Don Juans?

  31. Disagree. I left Mt. P in 2008 and the same tired places are there and nothing new. Someone is behind that. Sorry.

  32. Mount P is fine just the way it is.

  33. NIMBY. If you don’t like change then move out of the city and into the countryside. :)

  34. So because I dont want Mount Pleasant street turning into H street I should go live the life of a hermit?

  35. No beefandcheese, you should stay in the middle of a densely populated area and expect everyone else to not change with you. (sarcasm)

    Yes, you should go be a hermit.

  36. The “we don’t want to be the next Adams Morgan/H Street/U Street” mentality is such a straw man argument. As a Mt. Pleasant resident, I don’t necessarily want that either, but getting a few new, nice sit-down restaurants and bars doesn’t automatically turn the neighborhood into Sodom and Gomorrah.

  37. I live by H St NE, and I feel like we have the opposite problem: lots of great restaurants and bars, but no nifty little shops selling old milk of magnesia bottles or cowboy boots or bakeries. I feel that a combination of Mt. Pleasant St & H St would be like the Platonic Ideal of commercial strips. Or maybe that equals Adams Morgan, not sure. Better check my math…

  38. To add to this their facebook page and twitter page were both taken down too!

  39. Honey, if you’re reading this, just breath. There’s still so much to live for.

  40. this made me laugh

  41. If this is true, this sucks. Recently the food has been reliably good, and the crusts have been great. I will miss them.

  42. the best thing about this place was the $5 mussels paired with the $5 pint/slice … my standard Monday night dinner. I’ll miss it so much.

  43. couldn’t agree more, such a great combo.

  44. Maybe all these $5 specials were part of the problem….

  45. BINGO!!! But had they stopped the pint and slice people would have had a fit. the owners backed themselves into a corner on that one.

  46. I think I had one good pizza there out of about five I ordered over several years. I will miss the $5 slice and pint deal, but surely there’s a better possible use for that space. Maybe another restaurant with a bigger bar/draft selection? A man can dream.

  47. I have to say that I’ll miss it. I liked their food. Tonic’s food leaves a lot to be desired. So the last reliable sit-down restaurant in MtP is now gone.

  48. This is sad news if true. Yeah their pizza wasn’t spectacular, but the atmosphere (read lack of yappy, shrill CapHill/KSt types) and super cheap happy hour was the real draw. Just a good neighborhood spot to go to without the hassle of the Adams Morgan & Columbia Heights dregs. At least Tonic is still operating.

  49. Damn it! I now have ten worthless magnets ready to be used. This was my favorite delivery pizza place. The fact that they used as much local and sustainable veggies and meats as possible was an added bonus.
    Should Pete’s be my next choice?

  50. Yep. I was a Radius fan, but Pete’s makes a superior product (and they usually have pretty great beers on draft).

  51. If it’s true, it’s a big loss for the neighborhood. Once it stopped being an outgrowth of Tonic, the pizza became reliably good. It was an excellent choice for pick-up and their calzones were also good. And for those who sing the praises of Pete’s, have you ever had a pizza from New Haven?

  52. I have, and Pete’s is a very close approximation of New Haven-style pizza. Short of putting in a coal-fired oven and importing the tap water from New Haven, I think it’s the closest you’re gonna get.

  53. I have a lot of experience with New Haven pizza and Pete’s is only a fair approximation. I do think it’s very good pizza though, certainly the best in the area. Much better than Radius’ was.

  54. It wouldn’t beat out Sally’s/Modern/Pepe’s, but it’s pretty good. My problem is that it isn’t always what I want. We haven’t found another really good local option since Alberto’s went downhill years ago; IPK is the closest.

  55. But that’s the point! If it’s not as good as Pepe’s or The Spot before Pepe’s took it over (I’m showing my age) than they shouldn’t make the comparison (I never went to Sally’s). And if nothing else, at least make it square!

  56. I will miss 26 dollar pizzas plus 5 dollar surcharges!

  57. you were doing it wrong

  58. While I was never a big fan of their pizza I did manage to have 8 magnets waiting for two more so I could get the free pie. Some of the magnets came from friends that moved out of the hood so it isn’t like I am missing out on the deal.

    As for neighborhood pizza, and I the only PoP reader that prefers Angelico’s pizza over Radius? To me, the pizza offering from Angelico’s is much better than what Radius ever offered and their delivery always seemed to be rather quick.

  59. Angelicos tastes like microwaved frozen pizza. Yuck.

  60. Angelicos is nasty. I am, or I guess I was, a fan of Radius. Sad to see it go.

  61. Better if your idea of great pizza is cheese with some pepperoni thrown on. Radius always had great seasonal pizzas that experimented with local veggies and cheeses. Even their standbys were more interesting than your average Dominos/Angelico.

  62. I don’t know if I’d call Angelico’s “good,” but I think it’s the best econo-pizza in town.

  63. Hoping this may open the way for a better place to fill in the dearth of good restaurants along Mt. Pleasant. There’s been community opposition in the past, but is that still an issue, or is it the high rents?
    Anyone think Angelico’s will become the local pizza alternative?

  64. No! I loved their seasonal pizzas. Also, their other dishes were fantastic. I had a polenta/sausage/spinach dish there that was the best I’ve had outside of Italy. I don’t know what happened with their management but somebody should snatch up that chef pronto.

  65. now THAT is funny. you just have no idea.


    It wasn’t as consistent as we wanted, but 2 pizzas out of 3 were really pretty good, and the ingredients were good. Our go-to was their sundried tomato and basil with pepperoni added, and we have an a$$load of magnets.

    Pete’s is good, but you have to be in the mood for it; Italian Pizza Kitchen is decent. Anybody have others they’d stick up for?

    And yes, I totally agree on the business unfriendliness of the neighborhood – it’s historically (I moved there 17 years ago) been a combination of NIMBYism and pie-in-the-sky “no, we don’t want THAT business, we want an organic fair trade women’s cooperative ice cream shop.” Add a few long-time residents still arguing about whose fence was built over the property line 20 years ago, regardless of the ostensible topic, and you have a recipe for a decrepit business strip.

  67. It certainly doesn’t help that Mt. Pleasant’s ANC is legendary for its boneheadedness. Certain ANC members who proclaim themselves to be pro-business, nonetheless opposed city funds for improving the Mt. Pleasant streetscape because the city was not going to implement the ANC’s pet plans. The Mt. Pleasant ANC also voted to block finalization of our library’s addition. At least one vocal member of the ANC, Jack McKay, has seriously proposed turning Lamont Park into a beer garden for homeless alcoholics.

    Thankfully for the residents of Mt. Pleasant, ANCs have negligible power, and real city officials know our ANC is a bunch of clowns that is fit to be ignored.

  68. NOOO…
    The pint and slice was great. Maybe they’ll come back somewhere else?

  69. Carolina Rodriguez

    The day that I helped a friend of mine doing a moving from the apartments above Radius I promised myself that I would never eat there again.
    We did the moving trough the back, where they have the access to the kitchen and I can’t not explain to you guys how gross and disgusting was what I saw and how many rats and mouses should be around with that cleanliness and odors.
    I used to order pizza in the past there, so maybe the closing is because of an isalubrity thing?

  70. BitterElitist

    My understanding is that they’ve been on their way out. They got tired of dealing with some of the local riff raff and vandalism.

  71. “riff raff”? …really?

  72. The Real Jason

    We’ll always have the pork rinds at the Raven.

  73. According to the people at Tonic, the couple that ran Radius “took every dime they could squeeze” out of there, laid off their staff without making good on owed pay, and moved to Las Vegas, leaving behind $200K of debt!

  74. This is exactly what I heard, too.

  75. Ah yes, Tonic. Sure that’s the straight scoop. Now if you want to talk about awful service and food, Tonic’s the place for you! Oh, and it’s overpriced.

  76. Yeah, I’m sure there’s a story, but I wouldn’t rely on the ppl from Tonic for it. Seems to me they have nothing to gain by being honest.

  77. I don’t understand the bitterness about Tonic. Not do I know why the staff can’t be trusted when they say that’s what happened. As far as I know, Todd was cruel to the staff at both Radius and Tonic. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Radius failed because he screwed it up. It’s karma: you can’t be a dick to people and still expect things to go your way. I’m glad he’s gone. DC has too many hot headed people around as it is. One less will do the neighborhood good.

  78. huzzah, pizzah!

    Sounds like soooomeone hasn’t tried the bacon mac & cheese.

  79. Too bad Jon is 100% accurate in every word he wrote.

  80. Mt P is interesting cause it seems to be in an area that is fading as a hip and safe place. I’m not saying it’s unsafe, but that it used to be one of the few places considered somewhat safe. Now, people are fanning all across the city and they’re opening trendy places in those locations. Also, Mt. P is sort of on a fault line between two communities: wealthy whites and working class Latinos. Mt. P Avenue is a thriving and vibrant community, but mainly geared towards the working class Latinos. As the epicenter of gentrification moves farther and farther from Dupont and towards Shaw, with 14th street on one side and H Street NE on the other, Mt. P and CH may fade further in terms of gentrification.

  81. I am SO confused by your post. So is Mt. Pleasant still safe, somewhat safe, or unsafe now?

    And I think Mt. Pleasant has become plenty gentrified, as exemplified by the number of Latino families that have left and moved eastward towards Pleasant Plains and GA Ave in recent years.

  82. Mt. P is generally safe, but it’s not considered as safe as it was in 1998 in comparison to the rest of the city. Back then, Dupont, AdMo and Mt. P were among the few places you could go, and even then you had to watch your back a bit. I think Mt. P has stayed about the same while other parts of the city have gotten a lot safer. Therefore, Mt. P’s star has dimmed as other areas have grown more appealing.

    I guess that’s the irony. Mt. P is gentrifying but it’s downtown isn’t.

  83. “I think Mt. P has stayed about the same while other parts of the city have gotten a lot safer.” Were you high when you wrote this? You really think MtP is the same in terms of safety as it was in the 90s? You obviously don’t know the neighborhood.

  84. Oh please. Based on what, your personal gastro-meter for public safety? Check actual crime stats and you’ll see that Mt. P is safer now than ever. And it’s far safer than any of the surrounding areas east of the park.

  85. He or she said relative to other parts of the city Mt Ps safety isn’t the draw it was. u don’t seem to get the point. mt p is safe but so are many other places now. mt p is no longer a draw just cause it’s safer than Shaw.

  86. Pretty stupid to argue that Mt. pleasant can be “fading as a hip and safe place” just because other areas have become safer. Would he or she say that about Georgetown? This is especially stupid when one considers that Mt. Pleasant is far safer now than it was in the past, and far safer than the “newly safe” areas to the east.

  87. Georgetown is a lot less hip than it was. In fact, Georgetown is not hip, nor is Mt. Pleasant.

  88. There has been a mass exodus from Mt. P of working class latinos and blacks. Check the census data. It’s too bad, because it will eventually undermine the unqiue latino character of the neighborhood — groceries, restaurants and other businesses.

    On the other hand, the soaring number of affluent professionals in the neighborhood makes it very ripe for other kinds of retail, including good restraurants. Radius enjoyed a strong business from this set. If it failed, it was not due to weak demand.

  89. +1

    Demand in Mt. Pleasant for retail is high and will only rise higher. The Salvadoran restaurants and groceries are cute, and many new residents spend money there, but the demand is for other kinds of establishments.

  90. Bull. Affluent people want to live where there is nightlife and more that 3 restaurants, not NIMBYLAND

  91. A quick look at house prices in Mt. P confirms that lots of affluent ppl are moving there.

    And you’re doubly wrong, because the most affluent neighborhoods in the city have the LEAST hip restaurants and bars.

  92. Georgetown, U Street and Dupont don’t have restaurants?

  93. You seem to be assuming that trendy restaurants and bars can open only in transitional, gentrifying neighborhoods. That, of course is untrue. There’s no reason that Mt. P cannot have vibrant retail and I think it will in the future.

  94. Wake up and face reality. NIMBYs have kept Mt.P’s potential suppressed for years. And they will continue to do so. Sorry, but MtP is NOT hip. Not even close. Boring is more like it.

  95. Anonymous has spoken. Case closed.

  96. So funny you mention this, I was just thinking the same thing recently. I used to live over in Mt.P back in the day, and I recently took a trip back over for the first time in years. Let’s just say there was a *ahem* element on almost every corner that used to not be a common sight in those parts. Sad to see.

  97. One of the reasons Mt. Pleasant has the lack of stores it does is because the rents are outrageous. A few years ago I looked into opening a wine shop there and found that landlords wanted $40/sq. ft. triple net for absolutely crap spaces. And sure enough they fill eventually, but it’s tough to afford that selling wine one bottle at a time. The business association spoke with one of the deputy mayors at the time who was going to recommend that Mayor Fenty increase the property tax on vacant real estate, but that was as far as the city was willing to go.

  98. How are the laundromats/dry-cleaners/check-cashers/convenient stores that end up moving in paying those rents?

  99. They’re not moving in, they’re just hanging on with old leases.

    For better for worse, Mt. Pleasant’s population has changed significantly in recent years, becoming more white, somewhat more Asian, much wealthier, and having more families.

    Old businesses will plod along as in the past and perhaps hang on, or adapt to the new residents and prosper.

  100. Hoping for something fun

    Sad, the owner drove it into the ground and jumped ship. It’s his right to behave like a jackass and it’s anyone’s right to observe that he was indeed one. Too bad for anyone who gave him any loyalty, a real American dream.

  101. Good riddance Radius. Overpriced, very average pizza. Abysmal service.

  102. NOOOOO!!! This was our favorite happy hour spot!! And seriously, the best pizza I’ve had in DC (pete’s is way overrated) Radius’s toppings were awesome! I’m shocked by the negative reviews, but I always ate in rather than ordered the pizza for delivery or pick up. We always walked our out-of-town guests over for lunch or dinner and everyone loved it. I’m really going to miss this :(

  103. You need to try more pizzas in this city. Any number of places are better. Red Rocks, 2AMYS, Matchbox, Pizza Paradiso, Mellow Mushroom etc.

    All of these places also have a better drink/beer selection than Radius did and the waitstaffs are generally much nicer.

    Radius was nice for a neighborhood slice and pint everyone once in a while, but the service was so disappointing and the pies just weren’t worth their price.

  104. VACE– cle park

  105. Devastated. Slice and pint was my bad day fixer.

  106. Very sad! Maybe businesses, residents of mount pleasant will come together and clean up that commercial strip. Gosh, million dollar homes, one block from metro, couple blocks from zoo and the main street looks like a third world country. Stop the loitering,
    and encourage new unique business to this wonderful street.
    Mount Pleasant main street could be so cool, a real historic business district….when will the neighborhood wake up?

  107. Knew the owner when he worked for Poste (before buying Radius). Seemed like a fine guy and a CIA grad. Never tried the food, nor took the job at Poste.
    Agree with a lot of other posters that I would love for MtP to explode the way 11th St is. El Chucho FTW!

  108. This place was just not good. For an Italian place the tomato sauce was terrible. Went one years ago and never went back. Sad to see it go but bad food is bad food.

  109. Why are people bitching about Radius leaving? How about the giant burned out shell of an apartment building that still dominates MtP? That kills more business than anything – looks like freakin’ Mogadishu.

  110. PS – their pizza was so-so at best and their attitude looked like they plucked it out of the toilet after one of their customers had three slice-n-pint specials.

  111. Bwah ha ha, so true. If MtP is so “affluent” then what’s up with the urban blight?

  112. The “Monsenor Romero Apartments” are pure politics. They’re going to be converted into tenant-owned low-income housing…annnnnyyy day now, just as soon as the money fairy comes by with a dusting. In the meantime, no one is allowed to admit that it isn’t happening.

  113. I will really miss Radius – it was the only innovative and consistently good restaurant on all of Mt. Pleasant St. They were doing great things with pizza – where else could you get kale or ramps on a pizza! Much to love about their menu from pizza to salads to beer offerings.

  114. Well now, Pete’s had garlic scapes and zucchini on their special veggie pizza the other day. Delicious!


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