Washington, DC

1654 Columbia Rd, NW

Shawarma King opened up at 1654 Columbia Rd, NW back in Dec. 2008. They competed in a battle for the Shawarmas with nearby Shawarma Spot here and here. We had a proper judging in Nov. 2011. Sadly their doors have now closed. But a new spot will take their place – Doner Bistro:

Our Döner is more than a meal, it’s a fusion of cultures and ideals stuffed into grilled flat bread and made to your individual tastes.

Enjoy our spiced meat prepared daily, fresh fixings of natural ingredients and beverages such as imported beer, wine and organic lemonade in a welcoming environment; the recipe for a perfect day. Come by and experience the modern taste and feel of Germany without buying a plane ticket.

You can see their menus here.

And more description:

Thoroughly European

Everything from beer poured into the right style glass to the radio station’s German beats to its little quirky details, Döner Bistro is your first class ticket.

It’s your day, your life; you deserve a little fun :-)

But what the f*** is a Döner?

The Döner Kebab (meaning “turning meat”) is a traditional Turkish dish served with rice on a platter.

In the 1970’s, a Turkish entrepreneur in Germany altered this dish by stuffing the Döner meat into a flatbread with salad and sauce.

This form better suited the German taste and hectic lifestyle, and its popularity quickly spread from Germany throughout Europe into Australia, Canada and across the world.

Our version of the meat cones are made in house.
We do not use pre-processed meat, fillers or preservatives.

All our menu items are made to order right in front of your eyes!


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