Washington, DC

Metro Mess

Farragut West 6pm Tuesday night

A reader sends in from Farragut West last night:

“Metro has stopped allowing people down to the platform going towards Franconia/Vienna due to massive crowds. Absolute mess with the new rush plus “service”. Have seen way too many people shoved and pushed trying to fit on already packed trains. Commuting into downtown to transfer to a southbound train adds a lot of time and inconvenience. Horrible idea. Picture doesn’t do the crowd justice- it was really uncomfortable.”

And this morning another reader sends:

“I thought of a new tag line for Metro, instead of RUSH PLUS, how about STAGNANT NEGATIVE?”

WMATA has tweeted about the Red line problem:

“Red Line continue single-tracking btwn Van Ness & Dupont Circle due to 3rd rail power problem (arching insulator). Delays 20-25 min. 9:11a”


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