• zrc

    I played there twice…it was a really weird vibe although the money was ok. They also had an upstairs hookah lounge which was super shady (or maybe that’s how all hookah lounges feel to me…).

    Also, they really picked the worst name for an establishment ever. It always made me think of the Chris Rock movie CB4.

    • zrc

      I forgot to mention that I used to play in that spot when I first moved to DC and it was called Kaffa House. Back then the only real places to play on U street were Kaffa and State of the Union, and they were glorious dumps. Miss the old U sometimes…

      • Anonymous

        Used to go to State to watch a friend spin. Place was hysterically disgusting

  • wtf

    SO, why was Almaz relplaced by this spot? made NO sense

  • Collin

    So… this place actually opened? I work right by it. Never saw more than one person in it who clearly looked like the owner. It always seemed to be in a state of renovation as little as a couple months back. I wanted to go there…

  • Hal9000

    Good riddance. The place was totally shady. And that half-assed orange spray-paint job on the outside is totally ghetto.


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