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Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Kingman Park

by Prince Of Petworth — May 31, 2012 at 3:00 pm 42 Comments

This rental is located at 304 Oklahoma Avenue, NE:

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The listing says:

“Nice location across from park area and weekend market. Easy stroll to METRO (about 10 mins), Washer/Dryer in-unit, Assigned PARKING, CAC and nice kitchen with butcher-block counters and stainless steel appliances! A GREAT VALUE for a nice non-basement 1-bedroom rental on the hill!”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,200/Mo.

  • Alex

    Hahaha “rental on the hill.” The magic words that add $300 onto a slummy looking apartment in the hood. Next we’re going to see apartments at Pennsylvania and Minnesota Avenue advertised as being “on the hill.”

    That is one sketchy 10 minute walk to the Metro too.

    • You really couldn’t post a more ignorant, inaccurate response to this listing if you tried.

      The “hood” barely exists outside of Ward 8 these days. That particular neighborhood is on the lower end of the crime scale according to current crime heat maps for the city: http://www.yourmapper.com/heatmap/141/crime-reports/.

      As someone who has taught in that neighborhood I can say I feel much safer there, as a white male, than I do in real crime areas like H Street, Dupont, and Adams Morgan.

      Maybe you should educate yourself about the realities of DC instead of spewing more ignorance.

      • SF

        +1 I live only blocks from here and it’s perfectly safe. Lots of families, lots of friendly neighbors.

        It’s definitely not the hill, that’s a joke. $1200 might be a little high but not much. I recently saw a much worse 1BR/1BA in Carver Langston for this price that was much worse.

        • SF

          scratch “that was much worse” grrr.

          • ha – what is your idea of “near there”? I chose 19th/H NE over that place because that area is DANGEROUS. The crime in that zone rarely makes it to PoP or FT, but I’ve seen plenty of helicopters and popo searching for criminals in that area at ALL times of the day. Gunshots, flipped cars, kids on bikes vandalizing cars – It got so bad I actually starting taking the X2 instead of schlepping anywhere near there on the way to the Metro. Those places have a hard time selling and renting – check the crime logs and the sex predator database for that area. Do your research before renting or buying.

          • Jane

            @wasonh, I live in Kingman Park, have owned a home here for two years now, and have yet to hear gunshots or see a flipped car (I follow the crime stats, so I know some things have happened, but they have 1) been in the minority and 2) been domestic disputes). There are kids on bikes vandalizing cars all over this city, so I really don’t know what you meant by that one, nor have I ever experienced or seen car vandalism in my neighborhood. I’ve taken the X2 home by myself at night without issue, and also take the metro from stadium armory, without issue. Crime happens everywhere in the city, so yes, you need to be cautious, but as cautious as you need to be elsewhere. There have been rapes and muggings in supposedly “safe” areas of the city.

            Also, for the record, we did quite a lot of research on the crime stats before we bought in the area (I worked as a data analyst for a while, so I had quite a few Excel files created to analyze various areas), and that was the reason we bought here – it was safer than many other areas.

      • Alex

        I am happy that you used to teach there and think it’s safe, but I’m basing on the fact that I actually LIVE near there and several of my friends have been mugged in this immediate area. I also feel less safe in areas like H Street, Adams Morgan, etc, but that doesn’t change the fact that this still isn’t the best area and advertising it as “on the hill” is extremely misleading.

        In addition, I know plenty of people do it, but that walk up 19th Street NE between Stadium Armory and C Street NE is very, very sketchy after dark. I have female friends who live in the areas of E Capitol, A Street SE, etc, and the harassment just walking past the bus stops on the north side of Stadium Armory is pretty bad sometimes, to the point where none of them would ever feel comfortable walking “ten minutes” up 19th Street NE.

        Basing this on my own personal experiences as a resident of the neighbor-“hood” for a while now.

        • SF

          I will concede that my previous categorization of “perfectly safe” is relative to the rest of the city, and I also don’t make a habit of walking around the neighborhood after 10 pm, especially to and from the metro station.

        • For all the “sketchiness” you keep mentioning, there’s the reality of the crime map for the area that literally shows nothing but stolen auto, theft from auto, and thefts. There’s absolutely nothing sketchy going on there other than people creating their own fears.

          Your experience doesn’t trump the truth which is easy to research. There’s nothing at all wrong with that neighborhood compared to the “safe” areas of H Street, Dupont and Adams Morgan that have exponentially higher crime rates.

          • Brezinkitis

            Keep in mind a large percentage of crime goes unreported to the police–so any heat map you cite which relies on official crime statistics will not display the true amount of incidents.

          • Anonymous

            “Keep in mind a large percentage of crime goes unreported to the police–so any heat map you cite which relies on official crime statistics will not display the true amount of incidents.”

            Yes, especially in the poorest communities. I lived in one of those, and the police routinely tried to talk people out of filing police reports because it would make it look like crime was decreasing and therefore get them promoted. It happened to me and my roomate when we were burglarized– the police were actually threatening us but I wanted the reimbursement from our renter’s insurance so I persisted and got the report filed.

      • BN

        It sounds like your taking that post a little too personally. I live in this area too and there are definitely parts of the area that I would consider the “hood” (i.e., dilapidated multi-family housing and section 8 housing, random homeless people peeing on the sidewalks) and to say only Ward 8 contains run down neighborhoods is down right misleading.

        This rental definitely isn’t the hill, but it’s not the “hood” either. And it’s definitely not worth $1200 IMO, but I’m also not in the market for a 1br/1ba.

      • John

        Sorry, but that’s still the hood.

        • Jane

          If Kingman Park is your definition of the hood, you have never actually been to a hood. You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • I live about six or seven blocks up off of North Carolina Ave. from here which is considered the Hill by some, but to me it really isn’t. I feel anything northeast of Lincoln Park technically isn’t Capitol Hill.

  • tinywings


  • Anonymous

    $1,200 would indeed be A GREAT VALUE for a nice non-basement 1-bedroom rental on the hill… but this isn’t the Hill. The price is probably about right for the area though.

    • M

      I’d take (almost) any one bedroom on the Hill for $1200. My friend pays that much for a studio in a 75 year old building.

  • Three blocks from Carver Langston, which has an interesting history.


    • SF

      Run the same query for Petworth and Columbia Heights. You’ll find they have similar “histories”.

      Also @PoP, this is the third time I’ve tried to post this comment, the previous two times (with links to the Petworth and Columbia Heights queries) the comments just evaporated. What gives?

  • frickorfrack

    Not on the “hill” but a great neighborhood. It is a very, very easy 10 minute drive to Union Station / Eastern market. Kingman Park has an incredibly strong neighborhood association. House values are good in this neighborhood..but $1,200/month is a bit high for a rental. $1,000 more in line.

    • Alex

      I’m curious when people talk up a neighborhood in NE as being a “quick drive to Union Station,” is that factor actually of any value? I just can’t think of any value in that, considering you’d have to drive around to find parking or pay a lot to park. I mean I’m also a quick ten minute drive there, but literally the only times I drive to Union station are to drop someone off or pick someone up who is taking the train or bus in or out of town. Honest question, not trying to attack! 🙂

      • frickorfrack

        Provides context. If you live in old town one might say a 10 minute drive to National, or if one lives in G’town a 10 minute drive to Dupont Circle. Let’s people know that not a lot of busy cross streets, a straight shot to a known place, for someone people having a drop off at the red line might be important or work in any of the new buildings around Union Station. Context.

    • beatbox

      I don’t get what makes it a “great” neighborhood.

      • Safe, clean, easy access to Metro and a close walk to a few of the destination parts of the city. There’s nothing to not like about that part of the city other than irrational fear based on skin color and “sketchiness.”

        • beatbox

          It is none of those things.

          • Great response. I’ll take personal experience, the real crime situation (not the police are suppressing crime reports to advance their careers nonsense), friends who have lived in the area for years, and reality that the more popular parts of the city are the more dangerous ones. Metro in 10 minutes away, H St and Eastern Market are about 20 minutes, and that’s by foot. There are good biking/running paths, a good park, RFK is right around the corner (Vamos United!), and other than prejudices that are at least 5 years out of date there’s nothing bad in that part of the city.

    • MiCoBa

      +1. This is the most reasonable response I’ve seen to this listing so far.

    • SF

      Good points, but about $1200 being high– I’m not certain you can find an above ground, self-contained 1BR/1BA with AC anywhere west of the river for less than this. $1000 seems too low, I’d say $1100. At any rate, it’s not that far off the mark.

  • I think I’ve been officially priced out of DC. Sigh.

  • Liz

    I live at 19th and East Capitol, and feel perfectly safe walking around at night, and jogging up to the (awesome) bike path you can pick up at 21st and Cst NE. So maybe not the Hill, but with Eastern Market and the H Street corridor each only a 20 minute or so walk away, you could do a lot worse.

  • Anonymous

    Reaction to $1200 for this neighborhood: Yeeeeaaaaa-NO. I guess if you worked on Bladensburg at a tile store or something and wanted to be closer to H Street…

    • Wow, stereotyping, that’s a great thing. That neighborhood doesn’t have anywhere near the problems some of the more affluent ones do, and that price isn’t out of whack with other options right near it according to the listings on Padmapper.

      • Anonymous

        “That neighborhood doesn’t have anywhere near the problems some of the more affluent ones do”

        That makes sense. Poor people don’t have anything worth stealing.

        • And more stereotyping/racism. Beautiful.

          • um – it’s not stereotyping – this is a bad neighborhood – YOU are stereotyping by calling it stereotypical on YOUR assumption everyone is talking about skin color. However, if you look up the crime stats and the Sect. 8 recipients, and the ex-cons and the pedophiles listed in the area – it’s quite high – check the skin color if you want to persist in accusing others of stereotyping. BTW – the cops are black, too.

          • Anonymous

            you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Anonymous

    You could probably get a whole house with a yard in Cottage City, Riverdale, or maybe Brentwood for that much.

    • Cottage City? If you want to live nowhere, and be near nothing, then Cottage City works.

      Brentwood is basically the same thing.

      Riverdale is just more of the same.

      They’re all in MD which makes the taxes higher to boot. Why live that far out when you can be right by RFK for DC United matches and be right off East Capitol which sends you into the heart of the city in no time?

      The entire point is to be in DC, preferably close enough to things that you have multiple transportation options, and be in a safe neighborhood. This location does all of those things even if $1200 might be a bit high (though Padmapper says otherwise).

  • $1200 is high – especially since there is not a decent grocery store within 10 blocks, its not a quick walk to metro and a lot of car crime in a car centric neighborhood (with no secure parking).
    $1,000 would probably be more in line with what it is and more importantly where it is.

    • It’s a very quick walk to the metro. Barely a half mile with an easy shot down 19th for most of it. To say otherwise is to not know how to read a map and likely to have never walked in the neighborhood.

      • Anon

        Funny, I can read a map and mine says it’s .8 miles to the metro via 19th. Thats closer to a mile than half a mile. Looking at the comments on this thread, methinks someone is talking his/her book.


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