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Remembering – “The Mayor” of Silver Spring, Norman Lane

by Prince Of Petworth May 13, 2012 at 10:04 pm 3 Comments

What an awesome sculpture/tribute from up in Silver Spring. The dedication says:

The unofficial “Mayor” of Silver Spring was a homeless man who collected hand-outs of money and food. Norman Lane walked the streets of Silver Spring for almost 25 years, doing odd jobs around the neighborhoods and handing out flowers to women on the street picked out of the Bell Flowers dumpster. Norman Lane was a mainstay in the community, and his enjoyment of life has been immortalized in a bronze bust created by artist and friend, Fred Folsom. The plaque beneath Norman Lane’s likeness reads, “Remembering the Caring Kindhearted Forbearance of the People of Silver Spring.” This is a tribute, not only to this local legend, but to the citizens of Silver Spring like Robert Phillips, owner of the Silver Spring Auto Body Shop, who kept a cot and a hot plate in the garage as a permanent home for Lane.

  • ms. pac-man

    That is a great story, especially the part about the kind body shop owner. Pretty awesome sculpture, too!

  • Neil

    there is a history blog for silver spring. there is a great bio on Norman. Quite a history!


  • anon

    It’s an unassuming bust in an unassuming ally that amount to a great tribute. I’ve only lived in downtown Silver Spring for the past 5 years (well after Norman’s passing), but his kindness and the kindness of others to him has been told and retold many times and very much represents the close-knit, diverse community this area has been able to maintain even with the massive influx of new construction, restaurants, and residents seen this past decade.


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