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  • Craig

    It seems to me that a “thneed” is not what this tree needs. (I am the Lorax?)

  • I try to get rid of string and zipties from trees, but I think I’ll leave that one on :)

  • I have that exact same picture on my phone. I sent it to my sister-in-law, a knitter who lives in Minnesota, with a message that maybe the trees in MN could use a little warming up, too. She didn’t find it very amusing.

  • Somebody was frighteningly bored.

    • Anonymous

      you perhaps mistake a sense of fun for boredom. i guess thats why you often sound so grumpy.

      • Caroline

        I’m a knitter, so I’m qualified to say it would have taken many, many hours to do this. Sure, it’s fun, but I could never imagine dedicating that much time to a tree cozy unless I was bored out of my mind.

        • Anonymous

          so therefore you don’t. but that doesn’t mean other peoples creative ventures are the result of boredom.

          • Caroline

            Fair enough. I’m just saying, this isn’t something you can whip up in three hours for kicks.

        • Actually, as a knitter myself, I’d say this looks like something I could whip together in maybe two hours while watching a movie.

          Though, on closer examination, the middle section might be crocheted?

          • Caroline

            Damn! You’re fast.

            I was wondering about the middle part too. My guess is that it’s garter stitch, but because it was pulled tightly around the tree the stitches are stretched out making it look a little like crochet.

          • cia

            Agreed. Plus I think something like this smacks of a group project. Two on the ends, one on the middle crocheted part. More fun than changing a lightbulb.

          • Anonymous

            cia: I don’t think it’s a group project because the gauge is too even. Unless they all happen to knit with the same tension, which is pretty unlikely.

        • On the Hill

          As a relatively new knitter, this would be a great low-stakes way to practice! And to use up remnant yarn!

      • Grumpy? No. Better things to do with my time? Definitely.

        • Anonymous

          i sincerely doubt that. but whatever gets you through the day honey.

  • Anonymous

    I love graffiti knitting (as long as it doesn’t damage trees)!

  • JL

    This may be a dumb question, but how did this person get the “sweater” on the tree? Is there a seam that is hidden from view?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I think it’s knit flat and then sewed to the tree. The second photo indicates a seam in the back.

  • EMM

    This reminds me a lot of an installation project that was very controversial in my hometown (Katonah, NY) about 7 or 8 years ago. The local art museum commissioned the piece to celebrate its 50th anniversary. They went around the small town area and covered the trees in a very similar looking designs using dyed rope. It look pretty awesome and then everyone started crying that the trees were going to die. Last time I had seen a controversy that big in northern Westchester was when some parents sued the school district for encouraging witchcraft when they left kids play Magic the Gathering at lunch. Oh living in the burbs.


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