The Showtime Lounge Coming to Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth April 1, 2012 at 10:10 pm 21 Comments

On the heels of Grassroots Gourmet Bakery coming to 104 Rhode Island Ave, NW, comes word of another big score for Bloomingdale. A liquor license application has been posted across the street at 113 Rhode Island Ave, NW for The Showtime Lounge:

“The Showtime Lounge will be an affordable and friendly neighborhood gathering spot with a laid-back atmosphere. The establishment plans to operate as a coffeehouse during the daytime hours, serving coffee, pastries and house made dips and snacks. During the evening hours, offering a small selection of beer, wine, spirits and finger foods. The occupancy load is 30. Entertainment Endorsement.”


  • Bloomingdude

    Yea! It’s going to be great to have another coffee shop in the neighborhood. I’m very curious what the house made dips and snacks are going to be. My advice to the owner is to make them unique and worth paying for — not just salsa and hummus.

  • Eric

    The owners seem like cool guys. They plan to play soul/blues music and are hoping to open by August.

  • Even better: from the bloomingdale listserve, owner says: “We’ll also be featuring DC’s only all-soul jukebox, chock full of rhythm n’blues and soul gems from the early 50’s to the late 60’s”

    • alexsis

      just moved to bloomingdale. this is exciting news… how would one get on the listserve

  • This place sounds fantastic, and I think there’s definitely a demand for a more lounge-y place in the neighborhood. Sometimes I just want to go someplace to grab a drink and chat (without having to raise my voice and/or repeat myself).

  • also will be nice to actually get a seat somewhere (big bear, i’m lookin at you)

  • Snarks McGee

    ‘Dips and snacks’?! At that price point?! You certainly won’t catch me in there….except on Mondays or perhaps on Saturdays (for late night) and maybe on Thursday evenings before heading out to some of my other favorite drinking spots (like Boundary). But otherwise you will NOT catch me at Showtime until they do something about those prices! PS. Please open soon…..

    • Anonymous

      what price point?

  • Colonel K

    So one of the best (black) barbershops in the area was closed to make way for a pub for white hipster yuppies. Cheers.

    • Anonymous

      not quite. but who needs accuracy when you’re complaining right j?

    • Bloomingdude

      If one is over 40 like me, is he still a hipster?

      You should read the article in the post from about a week ago on the gentification of H street and how it’s supported by many of the African-American residents. My point is that you shouldn’t think for a second that you speak on behalf of any particular community, because you don’t.

      • No, you’re a yuppie ;)

        • Anonymous

          you can’t be over 40 and be a yuppie. sorta misses the point.

          • Identified

            Yea yeah on the “young” part… but yuppies of yesteryear are hipsters today:
            young, urban individuals who think they are the cats meow – that no one before them was as cool as they are now, that they and they alone are the reason for the season of coolness that is around them, and that the world is only as good as they have made it.

            Hipsters, yuppies, punks, hippies, beatniks, dolls & molls etc. etc etc.

  • Unambiguously good news for the neighborhood – now if only someone would do something with the vacant space at the NW corner of 1st and Seaton.

    • Dare to dream. :)

    • Agreed – the untapped potential of that spot pains me!

      • Bloomingdeev

        Not gonna happen as long as the owners what a “piece” of the profit without taking any of the risk.

  • JRo64

    Sonofagun, that’s why my barbershop moved!!!!!!!! I hope they fix the sewer/rain flooding problemm before they open or that joint is going to be messed up.

    • Anonymous

      from what i understand the owner of the shop collected rent from the barbers but never paid the rent to the landlord. Totally unfair to the barbers, but not necessarily the new guys fault. The barbers have their phone numbers posted up if your trying to get in touch, and find where they are now.

    • Anonymous

      i heard the owner of the shop collected chair rent from the barbers but never paid the rent to the landlord. Totally unfair to the barbers, but not necessarily the new guys fault. The barbers have their phone #s posted up if your trying to get in touch, and find out where they are now.


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