• ah

    Newton Place, not Newton St.

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    This portion of Gerogia, starting here and headed north to a few blocks up from the metro, is night and day from where it was even two years ago. Amazingly different feel, and will only improve more once the new Safeway is built, Chez Billy opens, and a few more of the many vacant commercial spaces are filled in. A BIG contributor to the differences is the beautiful job done by the city in rebuilding the streetscape, including the various mini pocket parks. It just shows that, where there is appealing transit and attractive infrastructure, development will inevitably follow. Which just makes the interminable delays in the Lower Georgia Avenue portion of the project (while lower Georgia Avenue remains virtually stagnant in terms of development) all the more inexecusable.

  • anon

    I think it’s really funny (sarcasm) that they have this huge sign that says “Life keeps getting better on the Avenue” when most residents in the area could NEVER afford to live at these new apartments… alas, gentrification. I’m not against building new apartments, but affordable housing is disappearing in this city!


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