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  • Anonymous

    I love it… and I need one of those for my ally.

    • maestrobe

      If you need one of those for your “ally,” he or she may not be the ally you think– more like an enemy.

  • classic_six

    Is this a city-sanctioned sign? Did our tax dollars buy this? Well, chalk it up to city living.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that pooping outdoors may be more popular here than anyplace else, outside India, where if you’ve been there, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    • MVT Rez

      Oh, yes! In BROAD DAYLIGHT, even! The defecator didn’t care who saw it either!

    • sassymolassy

      Once I was at the National Zoo outside the bird house – about 40 feet from an actual bathroom, and there was a woman, squatting and peeing right next to the entrance to the bird house. WTF? She couldn’t make it the additional 40 feet???!!!

      I’ve seen way more public defecation/urination in this city that any other I’ve ever lived in. Including the smallish midwestern college town I lived in full of drunk frat boys!

    • Anonymous

      Not just India. Anyone ever read Sex Lives of Cannibals?

  • FulanoDeTal

    The guy who uses the area as his bathroom is a common sight in the neighborhood. He’s the legless guy who frequently sits in his wheelchair at the corner of New York Avenue and New Jersey Avenue. He was previously doing it on New Jersey Avenue until residents confronted him, now it looks like he’s taken it around in back.

    The guy is pretty mobile. I’ve even seen him on the upper reaches of Connecticut Avenue NW. What I don’t understand is why he just doesn’t use the public bathroom in the library half a block away on New Jersey Avenue. I sympathize with his plight but it is just not acceptable for anyone to be using the sidewalk as a toilet. Period.

    • Unrelated – I love your name. Are you Dominican?

      • FulanoDeTal

        No, my boyfriend is Brazilian. But it’s the same in Portuguese and Spanish.

        • TaylorStreetMan

          Funny. I wasn’t aware of this expression, but (according to the tubes, and correct me if I’m wrong), it means “so-and-so” or “what’s-his-name”.


          • SS3345

            Yep, that’s about right.

  • 4 years ago I was living in AdMo and saw a crackhead drop a deuce in my backyard. Next week the landlord had a lock installed on the back gate (I had only moved into the house a few weeks prior).

    • Oh, and I forgot to mention that I saw a homeless woman squatting with her pants in broad daylight down above the grate next to the bus stop at the construction site on 14th that used to be the Nehemiah strip mall about 3 weeks ago.

      • classic_six

        Either you have really unfortunate timing or you have been blessed with a gifted eye for these “sightings.”

      • Anonymous

        I know exactly who you are talking about. I saw who I suspect is the same woman dropping a bomb on the east sidewalk of 14th St. between W and Florida a few weeks ago. It was about 11 a.m. Sadest part was there was a family with a couple young children walking right in front of me when she dropped her pants and bent over about 10 feet in front of us. The poor parents were horrified and had to immediately usher their children through traffic to the other side of the street while trying to cover their eyes at the same time.

      • Ingmar53

        I use the bus stop at this site, and whether the woman or the newer male “resident” of the sidewalk cover at the construction site… s/he has been directing the excrement and urine through the sidewalk grates into the Metro tunnel. The smell is horrible.

    • Annonny

      The small park at 19th/Columbia is used for shitting and pissing all the time – ususally by homeless folks but sometimes by drunk 18th street revelers, I’m sure. It’s horrendous, especially in July when it stinks like a latrine.

    • Sir Douchy

      I’m not sure which is worse, the guy taking a dump in your backyard or the use of the term AdMo to refer to Adams Morgan. You weren’t born in a realtor’s listing so stop acting like one!

  • Anonymous

    They need one of these in the Popeyes ally connecting 14th and Vermont. People pee there next to the church ALL THE TIME!! Day and night! I usually shout at them….no response or shame. Alawys men.

  • I saw a man on M Street drop a deuce into his crate during Halloween a few years back. I’ve also had the pleasure of having the woman whom has made her home in the bus stop on Connecticut and Calvert, at 2PM on a bright and beautiful Sunday, make her way to the back of her home, squat and handle her “business.” I couldn’t believe it either time, in front of crowds of people, traffic going by, just without a care. Amazing. Oh, and in the 2nd instance, a cop drove right by as it was happening.

  • ah

    I need one of these regarding dogs in the tree space.

  • Kvatch

    Though I know it does goes on around Petworth and elsewhere in the District, I think instances of public defecation where more prevalent in my former hood in San Francisco.

    We once had someone take a dump right out in front of our building…in the treebox, on a really busy street. The person then proceeded to try and cover up what they had done by building a little lean-to over their doodie. Like we weren’t gonna notice the big old steamin’ turd when it got hot and smelly. [sigh]

  • DVS

    Ah, just a few weeks ago I was walking to work and saw a dude drop a bomb on the corner of 7th and H Streets in Chinatown. I heard a grunt and saw the guy standing in the middle of H Street. I then realized his pants were down and he was quickly “building” a pile of poo below.

    The funniest part was the young guy walking across the street that just stopped, jaw hitting the street and yelled “gross!”

  • KenyonDweller

    When I bought my house in Columbia Heights 12 years ago, a homeless guy used to crap in our back drain all the time. Needless to say, our first improvement to the property was a fence.

  • Anon

    A few months ago, I was crossing 3rd on E, NW. There was a guy just standing on the corner of that intersection, manhood out, just peeing into the street. Not discreet at all.

  • love the sign.
    this town could use more public restrooms.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve come across clearly human piles of doo before. (The size, shape and location saying it couldn’t be a dog & as a former petwalker of large dogs it’s easy to tell) Absolutely disgusting.

  • Thankful

    Wow….never ever, in my 25 years of living in DC, have I seen anyone poop outside…occasional post bar peeing in an alley, but never a poop.

    And I’m sure I will now see it all the time….

  • Anonymous

    The worst incidence of public pooping I’ve witnessed was right outside the new Corduroy restaurant on 9th and L. Last year we were walking by a woman sitting on the stoop a few doors down when a large puddle appeared and then she pooped. It was really a challenge to keep dinner down after that.

  • I think this is all leading up to a new PoP segment… “Spot the Pooper in PoPville”

    does flickr block that content?

  • When I first bought my house, I had a guy regularly dumping behind the building in the gap between the row houses where the fire escape is. I used a cheap security camera at first. It was just some regular young guy, didn’t appear to be a homeless type. It would happen at like 4 am so I was never awake at the time where I could have stopped it. After a few weeks, I finally had a large gate installed. Needed a gate back there anyway to “protect” the trash cans/etc. Best 1500 bucks I ever spent… Now if I could just get the birds to stop pooping on my front walkway.

  • aa

    I was in Vancouver last fall and walked by an actual public bathroom — near the part of the city where the junkies hang out. (Heroin is functionally decriminalized in Van, so pretty much every junkie in Canada moves there.)

    And guess what? It was nearly spotless. You’d be lucky to find a bathroom in the Smithsonian that was so clean. What the hell is wrong with us?

  • lou

    Frozen Tropics blog once posted an example right by the Rite Aid on H St NE. It was captured by the Google Maps Satellite.

    I also want to make a variation of that sign for the people who keep dumping in our back corner. This time: old lumber. I’m pretty sure where it came from but don’t know for sure, so can’t accuse.

  • jaynuze

    In front of L’Enfant Plaza. They guy squatted down, leaned against the half wall, and fired away … right onto the sidewalk in front of many stunned tourists and workers.


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