Reader Request Horse’s Ass Award Nominee – 700 Block of Morton St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2012 at 1:30 pm 5 Comments

Dear PoPville,

I’d like to nominate a property for the Horse’s Ass Award This building on the 700 block of Morton has had a checkered past after being shut down in 2009 for illegal construction. Somebody else (seemingly related) reinstated the project in the summer of 2011. After some very poor exterior upgrades including mismatching windows, it now once again sits vacant with no activity with a large dumpster and littered unkept front yard.

Best case for this is to knock it down and build two nice townhouses to fit the zoning regulations and surrounding neighborhood but now it sits completely vacant (though it may be squatted in at the moment).

  • Anonymous

    Luray Place was bad but this is the absolute worst.

  • Anonymous

    Not THAT’S an ugly building!

  • Chguy

    Looks like a project.

  • chris

    Reminds me of infill housing in Queens or suburban Jersey.m
    It is ugly no doubt. But, if it is ever actually completed it will be a source of dense affordable housing for working class folks.

    • Anonymous

      Given it is zoned for a single family on both lots (=2 dwellings) it would be pretty ugly and not serve for dense working class housing


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