• JP

    Well, they giveth and they taketh away; no more cell access in Cleveland or Woodley Park for us lowly AT&T users. That didn’t last long. It was only the slower Edge network anyway, but what gives?

    • Zach

      Lord I hate that company. My service in DC is so spotty. Last week, after having been a mobile customer with them for 11 years, they suspended my service because I was two weeks late in paying my bill (I just forgot, but I have never missed a billing cycle in 11 years). I called them and went nuts (politely, of course), and they gave me 6 months of free messaging. They are a wreck.

      • I’ve never had problems with my service, except when I used to visit my parents in semi-rural New Jersey (they’ve since been able to get a free MicroCell from AT&T). Though I’ll admit I don’t leave the eastern side of the city all that often.

    • JP

      I should clarify, no more METRO cell access.

      • Anonymous

        I’m guessing that they’re still testing it and it isn’t ready for prime time just yet. It’ll be back.

  • Ladylike

    Rant: Blegh. Tired. Stressed. Want to curl up in bed.
    Rave: My office plant that is having a total rebirth!! Happy Spring!

  • dude

    i’ll have a tall blonde.

    • Anonymous

      A brunette too!

  • Anonymous

    Revel: MPD patrol stops in front of my car, rolls down window, and officer starts yelling at me as his partner scowls and stares. Rather than get out and write me a ticket, he barked out his warning (thank you sir, I really do appreciate it) and kept on going. I am pretty sure I came to a complete stop, before starting to take my left turn as he passed by in front of me. Perhaps he got up on the wrong side of the bed, he seemed so angry. It did remind me to drive more carefully though, so right on, Mr. Officer.

  • Rave: Coming back home after my first weekend away from my Bear and Girl. So happy to be back because I missed them!

    Rave: Spent last weekend in Vegas, including my 36th birthday.

    Rant: I am 36, not 21. Ouch! I am exhausted and will likely need year to recover from this trip.

    • Kam

      How was the tournament?

      • Sorry, thought I left my reply to your post, but it ended up in the mix. So let me retry. The tourney went well, we made it to the semi’s but lost 2-0. We did our best to represent DC against a bunch of California/Nevada/West Coast teams. I hope the league info was helpful and you were able to find some soccer!

  • Elza

    Revel: I’ve been officially invited to interview for what could turn out to be an international dream job and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    Rant: Moving to the other side of the world is a MUCH different decision when you are in late 20s than it is when you are fresh out of college. Last time I lived there I was 22 and just wanted a temporary adventure…this time, I’d be leaving behind a career/city/relationships/whole life in DC just when I was finally hitting my stride here.

    Rant: Is it terrible that I’m almost hoping that the job will turn out to be shady or not financially feasible so that I don’t have to make a tough decision?

    • neednewhob

      I would say follow your heart on this one, which seems like the most blase advice one could offer. But here’s why: It sounds like you already have some hesitation to this situation if you are ‘almost hoping’ that there will be an element to it that will allow you to sigh with relief and dismiss this job if you get it. So in all honesty, why bother? Maybe the interview will change your mind about the whole situation, though.

      Having lived and worked abroad as well right after college, I knew it was the best time for that experience as a) I never was able to study abroad in college and b) the world was my oyster upon graduating. I would reevaluate my life several times over if I was considering moving abroad for a job now, only as I feel more ‘settled’ here, etc.

      However, it’s definitely yours for the taking, if you want. It’s your life. Live it!

    • Go for it! I lived in a far off land both in my early /mid 20s and in my early/mid 30s. The second experience was so much better – I knew what I was doing, knew what i wanted, and was able to enjoy the experience in a way I could not when I was just a kid. With the internet resources we have today, you should be able to keep your contacts here fairly easily.

      If there is one thing I’ve learned in life it’s this: don’t get too comfortable. Saying “I like it here and I don’t want things to change” is deadly. Before you know it ten years have gone by and you’re still in the same place, wondering where your opportunities went.

      • L

        That is great advice, anongardener.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you’re weighing a dream job & once in a lifetime opportunity with this not being the right time to move. My two cents – you’ll likely feel different after the interview – feeling more confident that this is the right job/time or that you need to say no.

      And even though it seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity, there will be other great opportunities in the future!

    • Irving Streete

      Grab it. If you’re not careful you’ll soon be a boring ;) 30-something with babies and a mortgage and a stride that’s becoming a comfortable rut, and it *really* won’t be the right time to move to the other side of the world.

      Hey — I loved my 30s and babies and most of the jobs I’ve had and my comfy routines, but with the possibility of a big move suddenly looming, I realize how much more more complicated such a leap would have been for two full decades starting in the late 80s.

      Take the dream job now; that comet may be a looooong time in coming ’round again.

      • wdc

        So, so true.

        We get caught up in the milestones (college, grad school, house, babies) that we forget to do the other stuff. Do it now! Pay mortgage and raise babies later. There’s time.

        • Dude, do it!!! So fun and I’m so jealous. And re: babies – US has one of the worst track records for maternity leaves, affordability of day care/early childcare education, so it’s not like this is the ideal place to have a family by any means.

          You can still comment on PoP and we can organize a PoP reunion happy hour where ever you end up (somewhere warm I hope?).

    • xyz

      my two cents. seriously explore the opportunity (if not this exact one, maybe something else that really interests you). do it before you get tied down.

      i hate, hate, hate what i do. i would love to move, but the career field, which is very dc-specific and can’t really be done elsewhere, and my mortgage have me tied down.

      it sounds like you have the ability to explore your options right now. and do it, or you will be work-miserable and/or feeling trapped at some point down the road.

      i wish i had been more willing to take some risks when i was younger. i think i would be a lot happier and more fulfilled in my professional life.

      • Exactly what Irving Streete, wdc and xyz said. and 2 more cents from me: who knows what will happen in the future? all the things we *know* we’re going to do may not happen at all. You shouldn’t put your life on hold, or postpone an opportunity, for something that hasn’t happened yet. It is good to plan for the future, but sometimes you can overthink it. The flip side of risk is opportunity!

        Have you noticed that right before you move away from a place, it suddenly becomes really fun? Everywhere I’ve lived, the most fun part was the 2 or 3 months before I left. Very annoying!

        • wdc

          Whoa… I thought it was only me. The last six months before we left Philly were legend… wait for it… dary.

          And THEN, I went back up a few months after moving to DC to wrap up a last assignment for the old job, and it was legendarier. Amazing show at an awesome club, running into old friends randomly in the street everywhere I went, hitting up the old favorite restaurants and discovering that they were even BETTER than I remembered. And no rats. Not one. I almost cried on my way to 30th Street Station.

          I love DC, and am happy we moved, but what’s that all about?? It’s like the ex who gets into shape and stops drinking, after you’ve broken up.

          • I know, seriously?! You start thinking, why am I leaving again? Spent 4 years in NYC, it sucked, decided to leave, and suddenly all these friends came out of the woodwork, the sun came out, I got a huge pay raise… It’s like the universe tests your resolve.

    • It sounds like you want to seize the opportunity, but are a little hesitant to make such a big change.

      I’d say go for it. The older you get, the more rooted/established you’re likely to become (mortgage, marriage, and/or kids), so take the opportunity now while you still can.

    • Elza

      Wow, thank you everyone for the awesome feedback! I agree with elements of what everyone said, which is what makes it hard.

      I think I’m getting ahead of myself with wondering about what to do. I won’t even know if the job is a good fit until I’ve had an interview, and even if it is I have to actually get an offer before I can make any decisions. I should at least go through that process first before I start thinking, “But when if I do it and it throws off my whole life path and I never save enough for retirement and never have babies!?!?” Haha.

    • Anonymous

      As a 24 year old currently trying to find an international opportunity I say go for it. Leaving behind my current job, financial security, breaking my lease and selling my furniture (I live alone) is kind of scary but I so want this.

    • classic_six

      First, I would finish the interview process; the decision hasn’t been made, yet, so maybe in that interview, either you or they will learn something that will give insight into this potential change one way or the other. Going to do the interview is a good practice step, no matter the outcome.

      People have given a lot of pro- go and do it responses and there’s a lot to be said for this side of the coin.

      I’m not going to argue one way or the other; the decision is yours to make.
      A couple of things to consider as well: When people visit or vacation somewhere, their state-of-mind is in a slightly different place/persepctive than when planted somewhere dealing with things day-in and day-out. These comments are not naysaying at all. Sometimes I just think we can get wrapped up in the wonderful adventure of it all that we sometimes may forgot the difference between that and what will become a daily grind (good or bad, of course). It has been said that it can take between 6 months to 1 year to fully adjust to a new living place, especially when involving different cultures and/or different languages, which can be tiring and exhilarating at once. I think you also have to know yourself – for example, are you shy or do you love to go out and meet people? Are you good at spending time alone? Is it a city? If so, does it offer you the amenities or comforts that you desire? You get the idea. The ubiquitous “they” also say that ties/roots/relationships are important (one of the keys to happiness), so I wouldn’t underestimate those factors. Of course, those could be managed from a distance – and lots of people do, successfully.
      Also, the place where you would be landing makes a difference. Do you love it, do you know the language or could you learn the language, etc.

      By the way, I never think it’s too late to do something. Even if you have responsibilities such as mortgage, marriage, and/or kids – take them with you. There are ways to deal with said-obligations and still take advantage of great opportunities.

      I guess the last thing I’d add to this: nothing is permanent, so let’s say you do decide to do the transfer, you could come back to DC where you’ve established youself. It would take effort but it could be done.

      Good luck.

  • neednewhob

    Rant: Still feeling down about my break-up. Granted it hasn’t even been a week, but still. I really, really miss him and the good times we had. Things got very shoddy in the end (me making all the plans, wanting to see him with relatively no reciprocation/effort on his end, etc.). There’s a hole in my heart, and I know it will mend, but I just miss the time we spent with each other. It really meant so much to me and I know a part of me will always love him.

    Rave: Knowing that I did the right thing. A man who does not want to spend time with you should not be a man you spend time worrying over.

    Rave: Moving to New York in 9 months for a ‘new start’ and to follow my dream.

    Rave: As always, awesome friends encouraging me to follow my dreams and reinforcing the notion that I did the right thing. Somehow staying positive throughout all this is a blessing, truly.

    • ew

      I once had a boyfriend like this. I found myself loving and missing the version of him that he had been for most of our relationship, but it was pretty clear that he wasn’t going to be that way anymore. I still remember the good times, which were most times, very fondly, but knowing that he would never be that way with me again meant it was time to move on. Good luck in your healing process, I know it’s not easy, but you will get there :)

    • On the Hill

      DIT-TO what ew said — and mine was over 10 years ago this fall! Oh, and I’ve been married to an amazing husband for nearly 3 years! It’s weird that there’s a tiny part of me that will always be affected by him. It TOTALLY SUCKS. But he screwed with my head, and is really just a giant ass, and I’m so much better off! I totally thought he was the one — I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if that actually happened — I would be miserable and hating life right about now. Take the time you need — wallow for a bit, but be sure to get out and about now and then :)

    • I have a boyfriend who chooses to give all of his time to his job. He doesn’t understand, but I feel as though he is choosing the job over me. By giving it ALL of his time (Saturdays and Sundays included!)…what’s left for a relationship? *sigh*

      • neednewhob

        You sure we’re not dating the same guy? ;)

        The way I now see it is this (and it took me a while to understand because I was very understanding for his need to work constantly — up until the past month or so of our relationship).

        Whoever or whatever you spend the MOST time with — that’s the relationship you’re in. Maybe I am just old school in that thinking but I feel that my first priority is always my partner, my friends and my family.

        No one ever said on their death bed, “I wish I worked more” — except maybe John Doe.

    • em

      It’s okay to be sad for several days, a week, several weeks – it takes time to heal from a break-up. In the meantime, it sounds like you have some great friends to lean on. And if you find yourself at loose ends thinking that you could have been doing X, Y, or Z with the ex, use that time to check off some things on your “stuff to do in DC before I move to NYC bucket list” (and if you don’t have said list, make one).

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Simple roast chicken. I cooked one last night and it was great. Today I’m having some of the leftover chicken in a salad for lunch.

    Rant: It’s not lunch time yet.

  • aa

    Rant: neighbors who house (more their sidewalk) doubles as a youth hang-out center.

    • saf

      Do you live in my block? We have one bad house. I don’t mind people who have friends and family around a lot – there are a number of houses like that on this block.

      What I mind is the house with the gaggle of teen-aged babymamas and their thuggy boyfriends.

    • Anonymous

      Do you two live on 9th and Quincy?

      • saf

        On 10, north of Quincy.

  • DCster

    Rave: My partner’s landscaping made for a much improved front yard (getting lots of comments from people walking by).

    Rant: Too much to do at work and at home. I’m in need of vacation.

    Rave: Taking Thursday and Friday off!

  • ew

    Rave: My writing project is going really well. I’ve published three articles so far, and am getting positive feedback from friends and family as well as the editors. Hoping my readership will expand as I continue to write.

    Rave: I think I am on a roll with networking..hopefully the job search will open up because of this.

    Huge Rave: So excited about my new apartment and escaping the micromanaging, horrendous roommates I have in two weeks. I really can’t wait to never have contact with those assholes again.

    No rants yet, so it’s a good day :)

  • Hey Kam, we made it to the semi-finals and lost 2-0. Not a bad showing for a rag tag bunch of over 30 ladies! We were at a distinct disadvantage because most of the teams we played were from either California or Nevada so they have been playing all year round, where our outdoor season just started a couple of weeks ago. But we did our best to represent DC! Was the info on the leagues helpful?

    • Anonymous

      What in the world are you talking about?

  • Rant: After being on the edge of my seat since my final interview, I received an email this morning informing me I didn’t get the job. Feeling very disappointed as it was a dream job, doing everything I want to do professionally in my ideal field. I was getting through my current job with the hopes of a very soon end, now its back to being stuck in a place that sucks my soul away everytime I walk in the door.

    Rave: refreshing to have a potential employer follow-up in the time they had quoted. person I would have been supporting was extremely nice and agreed to take the time to provide some feedback and connect again in the near future.

    Rant: the rave above further reinforces what a great organization they are and futher bums me out I won’t have the opportunity to work with them.

    • My advice (which you’ve already taken!) is to always ask for feedback.

      I didn’t get my dream job and was incredibly disappointed, but I politely asked for feedback and they kept me in mind. After a few months, when they discovered that the person they’d chosen over me was not a good fit, they called to offer me the job!

      Good luck and try to stay hopeful. There are lots of opportunities out there!

      • Thank you for the encouragement! It is disheartening but at least I know/have the confidence that my credentials can get me to the final round of jobs that I really want, I spent a good deal of time thinking that I am not well qualified for the positions. Trying to take something positive out of it.

        • ew

          I’ve been there too, way too many times. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one experiencing that, and I hope you can take comfort that you aren’t either. If all of us in that position just keep working at it, we will get there someday.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: My brother in law. I’ve been seeing way too much of him lately. My current gripe (out of many) is his liberal use of ethnic and racial slurs. Gross. Every time I see him I am stunned that he came from the same womb as my husband.

  • Rant – Had to say goodbye to my cat rather unexpectedly earlier this week. The healing process is much more painful than I thought. All I want to do is curl up and cry and am filled with sadness and regret about not spending more time with him.

    Rave – My puppy seems to be trying much harder to be a good puppy and lick tears off my face instead of trying to bite me all the time. At least I don’t mind coming to work these past few days since I’m out of the house.

    • anonymous

      Sorry to hear about your loss. It is always hard to lose a loved companion who has been there to greet you when you come home. Hope you take the time to grieve and remember the good times he or she gave you.

    • cp

      I am so sorry. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a pet. I pretend that my pets will never get old or sick.

      And the best thing about pets is that they can sense when you’re not feeling well and try their little hearts out to help you feel better. I hope your pup helps you feel at least a bit better. :(

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. I went through the same thing last year, and I still miss her terribly. I’m glad you’ve got a pup to get you through the hard times, and a motivation to go home (I had the opposite reaction–more time out of the house was my distraction). Chin up, and try to smile if you can.

      • Thanks all – yeah it really kind of just sucks right now. Just takes time. Additional rant: people who don’t have pets and therefore don’t understand why it hurts so much when one that you’ve had for the past 6 years is suddenly not there to greet you at the door.

        • Cat

          I had a wonderful cat for more than 17 years…she passed 4 years ago and I can’t bring myself to get another one…but the grief does get better…I promise…

  • Anonymous

    Sad rant: I am currently on hold in the process of canceling the gym membership I’ve had since 2003. I haven’t gone in over a year, which is a total waste of money, so it makes sense to cancel. But I feel like a giant failure. I joined the gym after my first year of grad school when I’d gotten to the peak of my size — I counted calories and started working out and running that summer and dropped to a dress size I’d never been before — I felt GREAT. I even ran two half-marathons! Over the years, I stopped counting calories and became less active, and it’s gradually all come back. Thinking of joining Weight Watchers, but that makes me feel like a failure, too — if I was able to do it all on my own before, why shouldn’t I be able to again?

    Rave: I have a fabulous husband who loves me no matter what.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing wrong with needing a little boost. I lost 30 lbs in grad school and it was easy because I didn’t have much responsibility. I could go to the gym whenever I wanted, and could stay for however long I wanted. With a job, husband, and high-energy dog – forget it. Somehow I have managed to keep most of the weight off but I know I would need help losing it if it did come back. NOTHING wrong with needing help! Good luck! :)

    • I actually just joined Weight Watchers Online last week and I’m really enjoying it so far. I was a die-hard calorie counter and that just didn’t work for me – but going to group meetings is not my idea of fun either. Now I’m learning the PointsPlus system on WW and it is a refreshing new approach to food tracking. I’m not currently using my gym membership either, and my excuse is time. But with the WW app on my iPhone, I have no excuses. And if you join online now, you get 1 month free! I paid just $65 for my first four months.

      • jindc

        I wasn’t a “meetings” person either – it sounded like it would be some pathetic group of obese people completely making me feel worse about myself. However, I was proven wrong – I’ve learned a lot about the meetings. There is a lot of absolution in going there, weighing in, and hearing that you aren’t along in struggles that others in your life might find trivial. There is a lot of great advice from other meetings goers and the leaders I’ve been with are great. Plus, a group of people celebrating your successes is nice motivation.

    • Have you tried MyFitnessPal? It does require some self-motivation (I spend 15-20 minutes a day logging my foods and exercise) but it’s free and works well. I’ve seen people on the forums saying they prefer it to WW.

      I have a hard time getting myself to exercise. Instead of thinking about how I want to lose weight or get toned, the results of which I will not see right away, I focus on more immediate benefits like how much better I’ll feel mentally after I work out.

    • jindc

      Highly recommend WW with meetings given you’ll hear MANY similar stories to yours in a meeting. If the cost is an issue, try 2 months of meetings then drop to online only.

      I’ve lost over 70lbs on WW in a year and while I’m currently struggling to stick with it (I knew it would be hard once my husband came home from Afghanistan, but knowing is one thing – seeing on the scale is another!) but I highly recommend. I go on Saturdays at 8:30 on CT Ave (the “downtown center”) and it’s a great group of regulars. If you want any more info, I think you can email me from here…

    • I think you might find this article interesting: http://www.thegloss.com/career/bullish-maybe-youre-not-actually-a-lazy-procrastinator

      Basically, the idea of the article is, you only have so much time, and everyone has a different set of priorities. Maybe having that “perfect swimsuit body” isn’t really one of your top priorities when it comes down to it. Of course, I think everyone should strive to be healthy (not the same thing as being skinny), but if you’re worried you’re not getting enough exercise (or eating well enough), your best bet is probably finding a way for that to align with your other priorities. i.e. If spending time with friends is a priority, then sign up for a low-stress team sport with your friends that meets weekly, or if spending time with your husband is a priority, then make it a goal to cook a healthy meal together once a week, etc.

    • Don’t be so hard on yourself! The gym worked for you back then, but I’m sure your life has changed – you just need to find out what works for you now in your current reality. You have done this before, and you’ll do it again. Find an activity you enjoy. I once paid for a Y membership for an entire year, and only went 3 times. It was like a guilt tax. :) Finally I realized I wasn’t going because it wasn’t fun.

    • Anonymous

      Y’all, thank you so much for all of the supportive words! Just got back from the meeting thing, and I’m glad I went — lots of folks who seem like me. And Claire, that’s so true — I’ve never had a bikini body, so I just don’t care so much about it — I have other priorities that are more important. But we’re thinking ahead a few years to starting a family, and I want to be in tip top shape — THAT is some awesome motivation.

      • That was my motivation, too. I didn’t care about the size of my pants (I too have a husband who loves me no matter what), but I didn’t want to hear from the doctor that I was having a hard time getting pregnant because I was too fat. So I became proactive and stopped thinking about what I couldn’t do and enjoy the tremendous increase in physical fitness I’ve experienced. Good luck on WW – it’s a great support system (and I’m a skeptic!)

  • Rant: I do not have a crown, tiara, or coronet.

    Rant: On my way to work I saw a hooligan stomping through flower beds.

    Rant/Rave: Still getting the silent treatment from the 4 year old at work.

    Rave: Going out to supper with a pal tonight.

  • anon

    Rant: frustrated with the job search. Patience is key, but it’s hard when things get worse with each passing day.

    Rave: outside of work, life is great and I have no complaints.

    • … I think we’re the same person.

  • Rant: Mr. Squid is very upset and frustrated with his job. I can’t do anything besides be there for him and I want to fix it and make it better.

    Rave: He’s pretty popular in his community so I’m hoping he’ll follow up with nibbles and one of those will turn into a more rewarding job.

  • Rave: Who was able to attend Jury Duty and take photos of the Discovery on the same day yesterday? Me!
    Rave: Didn’t have to go into a court and was dismissed early.

    • Anonymous

      The Starbucks Goddesses must have sent along a blessing.

  • Rave: Rain! We need it desperately and I’m really hoping that it keeps up. The garden is so dry that even the weeds are dying.

    Rant: Exhausted and won’t have a moment to catch my breath for more than a week. I think I need to find some sort of meditation class or something. Even during the moments where I can rest, I can’t seem to able to turn my brain off and it is definitely starting to take a toll on my health.

    • ew

      I tried meditation and yoga a couple of times when I was feeling like this after above-mentioned breakup. Although I only went a few times, I felt that the process of trying to completely clear your brain was very helpful and it enabled me to do it to an extent on my own when I needed to.

  • Anonymous

    rant: packages were stolen from our front porch yesterday afternoon… about $80 worth of stuff.
    rave: we caught it on video!
    rave: the police were very responsive! more responsive than when our car was stolen from in front of our house
    rave/rant: I sorta kinda want to hide in my front window get all Ted Nugent on anyone who messes with my property.

    • A friend of mine up in Columbia Heights got so fed up with packages being stolen (and the cops not even wanting to come and take a report) that he got even with the mofos. Instead of throwing out the “used” stuff from his cat’s box and dog’s walks, he packed it into some very tempting boxes, sealed them up, and planted them outside around the time deliveries were usually made on his block. Sure enough, they got swiped. Never had any problems since.

      • Ha! Good idea. :)

      • classic_six

        Really!? I think I like your plucky friend.

    • Jeff Gaston

      My packages were stolen from a UPS shipment on Wednesday April 26th 2012 in Columbia Heights. I am also missing another package last week but I am not sure it was sent yet. Do the police know who is getting the packages?

  • Anonymous

    Rave: IVF is nearing the finish line, tomorrow is egg retrieval
    Rant: never did respond well to three weeks of shots so probably not getting more than two good ones. Seems like a lot of suffering for so little gain.

    • Hang in there – it only takes one! Mine was converted to an IUI 3 weeks ago so am jealous you are making it to ER.

  • ET

    Rave: Double Dutch-ing dog.


    • Yes! That rocked.

  • going crazy at 16th & K

    Rant: the CRAZY noise I hear constantly outside my office, like some rally/protest/garbage-can drumming/band, but of course, I’m the only one who can hear it in her office… but my coworkers hear it too so at least I’m not going crazy…

    Rant: street trash all over my street

    Rave: hopefully getting an interview for a new job!

    • Anonymous

      OMG I KNOW!!!!!!!!! what the heck IS going on???!!

    • Anonymous

      YAY it just stopped!!!!!!

    • em

      There is often a union protest on 17th between H & I – its not out of the question that the noise might carry a couple of blocks to 16th & K, especially with the open space of Farragut Square.

  • Rant: Working with a contracts specialist at my organization who is from a culture where it is acceptable to speak to women as if they are 12 year old idiots. I am normally very even tempered and nice, but it makes my blood boil when I am spoken down to like that. Particularly when the person speaking down to me is actually wrong.

    Rave: Stood my ground, which pissed him off, but I really don’t give a shit what he thinks of me. Also, I have a follow-up interview for another job tomorrow and an interview at a different firm on Monday. Not sure if either of the opportunities are worth pursuing seriously, but it’s good to know that there are other options out there.

    • Anonymous

      “Working with a contracts specialist at my organization who is from a culture where it is acceptable to speak to women as if they are 12 year old idiots.”

      So, he’s American then?

      • Ha, touché. But no, he’s not American.

  • RJ

    DC Bus gripe – why can’t WMATA put more buses into circulation on rainy days? 5 buses passed without stopping this morning at 16th and U! Also, what is up with people not giving up their seats for the elderly and pregnant women? i constantly see young, able bodied people ignore those more needy of a seat and it’s just awful! is decency dead on public transit?

    • amen!

      I agree completely! Last year I lived in a city where buses were rarely full, so it wasn’t an issue. But this year, speaking as one of those able-bodied young folks, it astounds and angers me to see how many of my peers are oblivious to those around them…

    • Anonymous

      Giving up seats for the elderly: absolutely. For pregnant women, eh not so much. Getting old is not a choice. Plus, you have to be strong enough to push a human out of your body – you can stand for a bit. It won’t kill you.

      • Anonymous

        A) For me it’s just hard to tell if someone is pregnant if they’re not huge and I tend not to stare people’s stomachs.

        B) I ride the Ss from 16 & K all of the way up to Silver Spring. If I give up my seat there’s a high potential that I’ll be standing for the whole trip or least until the end of Columbia Heights for someone who may be getting off at the next stop.

      • I hope you’re joking.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not joking. I’m indifferent to pregnant people. But, it’s a moot point. When I have to take public transportation, I always stand even if there are empty seats because I’m young, healthy and do not need to sit.

          • Anonymous

            really??! you don’t think people sould give up their seat for a pregnant woman? it’s not that pregnant women aren’t fit enough to stand, but given that buses often slam on breaks and people bump into each other it is completely the right thing to do. your response is pretty callous if you ask me….

          • Anonymous

            It’s just not high on my list of concerns. Sorry! Luckily, as I said, no one will ever lack a seat on a bus/metro due to me anyway.

          • anonymous

            Either this guy is a troll, or he is the kind of person you hope to only read about and never meet. Yikes. Your personal ethics and sense of right and wrong are warped, dude.

          • I suggest that you discuss this with your mother.

      • C3PO

        You’re pathetic, Anon 1:17. Get off your fat ass and give the pregnant woman the seat.

        This is NOT feminism at work. This is laziness and self-absorption.

  • Anonymous

    Love that photo! Was the Miss USA contest in DC? And none them have actual drinks in hand so I take it this was a staged photo op?

    • anon

      Uh, there’s a couple of cups behind the Starbucks lettering on the right side of the photo.

    • blinkofanaye

      Re: Photo. It was a random photo – not staged.

      These Miss Teen USA winners were taking part in the Cherry Blossom Parade and wanted to get a coffee before the parade started as did I. For the record, I did ask for a tall blond when I got to the counter : )

  • If I have one more person saying something to me indicating that my baby is coming any day now, I’m going to scream. No, he’s not. He’s coming in June. And I promise you that I haven’t forgotten his due date, so I really don’t need your reminder. Buh.

  • Anononwednesday

    Rant: Didn’t get the job. Hope had been dwindling for some time, but got final word via email this afternoon.

    Semi-rave: They are at least willing to pass me on for other opportunities should they arrive.

    Mega-rave: Super-supportive SO and family, who never stop believing that I’m destined for great things.

    • anonnnnn

      “Semi-rave: They are at least willing to pass me on for other opportunities should they arrive.”

      i always feel like i get that line from employers when i don’t get hired “but we will keep you in mind for other opportunities”. maybe it’s just me, but of course i never hear from them again.

      • classic_six

        I’m pretty sure it’s a canned response.

  • Rave: Just went to my boss’s boss to get a form signed, and she took the opportunity to shower me with praise while lamenting that I won’t be staying here (moving to Argentina in the fall). She also promised (unasked) to write me a recommendation letter that I can have on hand for down the line (which will be really useful as I am planning on getting a masters in this field). Caught me off-guard in a good way and has definitely given me a much-needed boost in mood.

    • j

      That’s fantastic! Congrats. I wish more employers took that attitude. Good luck!

  • Rant: Staff hip-hop class was supposed to happen today but no one was there…mistake on the calendar?

    Rave: Instead happened upon a new staff art project–basically creating things by bending colored wire. Apparently I have a knack for it because I sat right down and created a bicycle!

    Rant: For some stupid reason this morning I decided that I didn’t need/want a coat. Now it’s cold and rainy.

    Rave: The video of the jump roping dog–made my day!


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