Italiano Cafe Appears Closed at 1113 V St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2012 at 10:30 am 11 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up. When I stopped by yesterday afternoon it looked like the inside was all cleaned out. Italiano Cafe opened back in May 2011 at 1113 V St, NW. This location was briefly home to V Street Cafe and Gori Cafe prior to that. Do you think this block of V Street can get enough foot traffic to support a restaurant/cafe? Izakaya Seki will be coming right next door at 1117 V St, NW.

  • collin

    Man, I loved Gori Cafe (what was here before this). I tried to go to this place so many times but it is closed for lunch. Seriously, a pizza place closed for lunch near U st.? Best I could tell it opened(s) around 2:30pm. Granted, it must be hard to draw folks up one block from U st. when all it is is simply residential plus American Ice Co. on V.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Seki will eventually expand into this space.

  • Mike

    I walk by here all the time and the place never had anyone there. I just think it is a really hard block to have anything retail in it, its way to far off the beated track. I dont think the new place next door will fair any better.

  • Anonymous

    i think this place would do well if it was anything but a generic pizza place (and a bad one at that). plus their hours were strange. the first time i went was decent, but other attempts have been inedible. i think sushi would do well here and complement the new neighbor.

    • Anonymous

      +1. This was just another standard pizza place that wasn’t particularly good. If you open something quality here, there are enough people with disposable incomes nearby that will support. I was turned off when I ordered a Caprese panini and realized that they had put mint leaves on it instead of basil. Granted, it was the first week, but that is an almost unforgivable mistake for a place calling themselves “Italiano Cafe”.

  • L

    This place had amazing bread, and l think it missed out by being just another okay pizza place instead of trying to be something unique or figuring out what you do best and fully embracing it.

  • U Street V

    I tried it once and wasn’t impressed at all. If I want good pizza, I just go across the street to Italian Kitchen on U. Plus, I won’t miss the sign advertising “peperoni.” No loss here.

  • U St Neighbor

    Granted wasnt the best pizza, but I like having places like this tucked into the neighborhood, so from that aspect I think its a loss. I tried to go last weeknd at 10pm, and noticed it was closed.

  • Anonymous

    I called a few days ago to place an order and it went straight to a voicemail box. They are definitely closed.

  • sp

    I think the neighborhood can support something if it’s high quality and fills a gap. I didn’t need another so-so pizza place that microwaved the pasta dishes. People will go to places like American Ice Co and Blind Dog Cafe.

  • guest

    i really wanted to like this place. I tried it three time, each time a different item, and i just didn’t like it. It had the same menu as Italian on U but wasn’t nearly as good.


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