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  • Anonymous

    Rant: Some guy in a suit blatantly climbed onto the back of the bus at 16th and U.
    Rave: Beautiful weather.

  • wdc

    Dear PoP:
    My house was just buzzed by the space shuttle and its escort jet. Who can I call to complain?


  • ew

    Rave: Got to see the shuttle from the office rooftop

    Rant: Power outage last night in my apartment and seemingly most of the way down Maryland Ave last night

    Rave: Escaped my hot, dark, weed-smelling apartment for my boyfriend’s place and accomplished a ton from my to-do list

  • MHFoodie

    Rave: Get to welcome my new niece into the world today!
    Rant: Had to deal with a sick dog while trying to make it out to Arlington at 4am this morning. Its going to be a long day!

  • Rant: DJs who use laptops and CDs.

    Rave: Vinyl and Beatmatching

    • mmm

      Rant: you don’t know what you are talking about.
      Rave: That’s Farid, who’s quietly done more for the tasteful side of DC nightlife since the 90s than most could dream of doing (and he is beat matching, btw. see rant above.)

      • As someone who has owed a set of decks for 16 + years, I know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s my opinion and I’m more than entitled to it.

        • Anonymous


        • mmm

          well your rant suggests that he’s not beat matching, which suggests that you don’t know what you are talking about

          • Meg

            I don’t know what this particular DJ does, but many who use laptops also have software that beatmatches for them. What they use the slider deck for, I don’t know. Adjusting the gain?

      • anonymous DJ

        Although I mourn the passing of vinyl, Farid (who’s been DJing for something like 20 years) is a superb DJ no matter what the medium, and was an all-vinyl DJ until a few years ago.

        I’m not entirely thrilled with the newbie DJs who’ve emerged in the past few years with just laptops and little understanding of the history of DJing and vinyl, but Farid is hardly to be lumped in that category.

        • Anonymous

          I have no idea what any of this means. DJs play recorded music. What in the world does their input – or whatever they do – matter? If you want to dance – dance. The DJ can play records, the radio, an orchestra, a harmonica. Do you need someone or other to – I don’t even know what – spur you on? Entice you? I don’t understand this at all.

  • Blegh

    Rant: Feeling like a fat old lady.
    Rant: Didn’t get to see shuttle discovery.
    Rant: Woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

  • imonaboat

    Rant: People who crowd around the doors when getting on the metro! I accidentally pushed some girl when I was trying to get on the metro this morning without getting stuck in the doors. I apologized, and she was really annoyed with me but she was hanging out right in front of the door and there was tons of room in the interior of the metro car! Argh! Move to the center of the car, people.

    Rave: Finally had a meeting with one of my employees that I have been putting off because I thought it would be awkward. But it turned out to be fine!

    • Anonymous

      Did you happen to have McDonalds with you?

      • imonaboat

        Haha, no McDonalds. Sorry, wrong person.

    • How about people who crowd around metro doors while you’re trying to get off (and they’re waiting to get in?) I hate that! People, you would get in sooner if you would LET ME OFF. I

      • Anonymous

        What if Metro just had a graphic everywhere showing people exiting the trains by staying to the right, as people enter the trains by staying to the right?

  • TG

    Just got a great view of the space shuttle from the roof at my office. It was pretty cool.

  • Anon

    Rant: I thought I bought a dresser on craigslist because the seller said it was all mine and even arranged for a moving company to pick up the item when I got an email from the seller saying “sorry, someone else took it tonight, I couldn’t wait”…WTH!

    Rave: The weather
    Rave: Just got to see the shuttle from my office

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Suddenly got a huge flurry of response to job applications. In total this week I have 3 phone interviews. One of them already led to an on-site interview, and then I have an additional second round interview on Thursday. It’s a good problem to have, but I’m wondering how to manage everyone’s timeline.

  • Rant: Spoilers for TV shows that haven’t aired yet.

    Rant: Crappy night’s sleep with weird ass dreams involving squid parts and logging trucks.

    Rave: Looks like it’s going to be a completely laid back day at work. Just enough to do to keep from being bored, but not so much to be stressed.

  • Rave: Great view of the space shuttle from Meridian Hill Park.

    Rant: Taxes

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Crazy lady rushed into the train, almost knocking over an old lady. Then she flops her crap onto the seat next to me with her giant bag halfway on me, and chows down on her McDonalds with some of the crumbs landing on my lap. I didn’t say anything because she looks crazy. Worse, walk into the office and find out that I have to share a cube with my nemesis from another regional office for two weeks!!! :(

  • me

    Rant: Someone in the office was feeling kind of queasy yesterday, and today he is out with a stomach thing. Today, another coworker and I are feeling a bit queasy. I really hope that we didn’t catch what he had.

    Rave: Sore from being very active in the past week, but it’s a good kind of sore.

    • Oh no, I hope you aren’t sick! I came into work today to the sound of someone heaving up breakfast. I hope he had bananas.

  • Rant: miscarriage 9 days ago.
    Rave: at least everything seems to be progressing smoothly in the aftermath.
    Rave: got to see the shuttle on my way back to work after my doctor’s appointment
    Rave: heading to London to visit friends and then Venice and Rome in 10 days – yay for a 2-week vacation
    Rave: finally made it out for a run last night

    more raves than rants is always a good thing :)

    • dressed in stripes

      Hang in there… regarding Rant #1. Things get better. Loving your positive attitude!

    • Anonymous

      I’m so sorry. I had one 4 weeks ago. Wishing you a smooth recovery and hoping you have luck when you’re ready to try again. <3 <3 <3

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s great that you’ll be traveling to beautiful places and making some (hopefully) happy memories. Good luck

    • imonaboat

      I’m so sorry. :(

    • Thanks all!

  • Anonymous

    Anybody got the scoop on what went down at the Bloomingdale Civics Association meeting last night? Sounds like it got nasty!

  • ich

    rave: seeing the shuttle was incredible.

  • Rant: People who don’t clean up after themselves. W. T. F.

    Rave: Warm weather

  • Rave!! My sister got a job after nearly 2 years of unemployment. A good job! I am so happy right now.

  • anonnnnn

    rant: my jobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. can not take. anymore.
    rave: friendly neighbors.
    rave: cuddle time with pup.

  • Rant: Home from work today with a nasty MRSA infection in my right arm. Two visits to the emergency room yesterday, an IV of antibiotics, and an arm that is itching a burning and generally miserable. Thank goodness for benedryl to help me sleep through the misery!

    Rave: Home from work today. Got to see the shuttle from my back deck!

    • Meg

      I had two cases of MRSA in 2007. It sucked, but I’ve been free and clear ever since! Hang in there.

  • Brad

    Rave: Got engaged 10 days ago, in a gorgeous mountain cottage in Spain!

    Rant: Had to come home and go back to work.

    Rave: Still coasting on post-engagement bliss.

    Rant: Jet lag.

    Rave: Shuttles are cool.

    • imonaboat

      Congratulations! That’s awesome.

  • Rant: I missed the shuttle, even though I had a pretty decent viewing spot on the 6th floor. Couldn’t stay up there and wait for it…

    Rave: A good friend who is in the Navy and I haven’t seen for two years now because he’s been in Guam and now Hawaii will be back in the States later this month. I found a plane ticket to San Antonio for $298…

    Rant: …which I cannot really afford right now.

    Rave: We’re getting rid of the Easter lilies at work, so I’m going to take a few home and plant them in my front yard.

  • Herb

    Rave: Seeing the space shuttle!

    Rant: All the space shuttle one-upmanship on my Facebook feed. “Watching it from the White House grounds now!” “Space Shuttle Discovery circled my block and tossed out all the leftover freeze-dried astronaut ice cream.” “It was so close, I saw Will Smith.”

    • Anonymous

      The shuttle flew by my hosue without the jet, landed in my backyard, picked me up and took me to Mars and back, all before I ate lunch!

    • imonaboat

      Haha, SO funny and so true.

    • Ya’ll makin’ me laugh!

  • Anonymous

    Cory Booker gave me his autograph after he landed the shuttle at Dulles.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Our city’s Prosecution team is so so, so so, so lame. I guess you really can get away with murder in DC, especially if you’re a child. From Homidicide Watch DC– “Sixteen-year-old Christian Navarrette-Rivas was sentenced to six years in prison for voluntary manslaughter in the death of 22-year-old Miguel Drullard. Navarrette-Rivas pleaded guilty in January to driving his red Jeep Liberty and intentionally striking Drullard on Oct. 16, 2011. The car drug Drullard as it moved forward and Drullard later died from his injuries.” He killed someone and will be free to walk in his early twenties. Lesson – kill someone, plead guilty to lesser charge, and walk free. Freakin’ Lame! At least make him wear some pink underwear.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Management company sucks. They’re insisting I paint my ENTIRE unit before I move out. This is their responsibility, right? Can anyone help me out???

    • me

      I think the first thing anyone would say to you is to go back and read your lease carefully.

      • +1

        However, if you painted the apartment differently from whatever it was when you moved in then you likely could be responsible for undoing. Many buildings have such a rule, and not just in DC.

        • Anonymous

          I painted one wall and was planning on painting that one back. Their language was fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure they expect me to paint the whole thing because they’re planning on a May 1 move-in for the next tenant when my lease goes up until the 30th.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah – check the lease – but generally you are just expected to leave the walls in the condition that they can be painted in one coat of neutral/boring color.. So if you did a lovely/crazy color – primer should suffice. Or at least maybe make that argument.

  • b4life

    Rave: I saw Discovery and it made my day.

    Rave: Great family and friends and love unconditionally!

    Rant: Still grieving over my friend’s death and still can’t believe he’s gone. Trying to prepare myself for the funeral.

  • Rave: Seeing the shuttle from the roof deck.

    Rant: Having only my crappy phone’s lame camera to get pictures of the shuttle because I still don’t have enough disposable income to get an awesome one.

    Rave: At least having some photos of the shuttle. Saw the Manhattan flyover of Enterprise in 1983 from a client’s office on the 85th floor of 2 World Trade Center.

    Disappointment: The country couldn’t get its act together to have a fleet of next generation shuttle and interplanetary-class spacecraft already flying.

  • Rant: Not enough time in my life!

    Rant: Boyfriend had to take a last minute trip out of town because his grandfather had a stroke (but luckily is doing really well though).

    Rant/Rave: Boyfriend’s best friend + best friend’s wife are visiting this weekend, and we’re hosting them. It’ll be fun to meet them, and I love showing off DC (plus there are some great things going on this weekend – tour of the McMillan reservoir! “Blossom, Bake, and Brew” festival on H St!), but it’s definitely adding a ton of stress to my life since not only do we need to clean the house + plan activities (which I’m trying to take on since my boyfriend won’t be back in town until tomorrow evening and they’re arriving Thursday evening), but I usually spend a large portion of my weekend getting some important things done (homework for my online class, posts for the following week for my blog, etc) and now I won’t have a chance for that.

    Rave: Will probably be able to leave work a little early today and get some things taken care of tonight. And I have all the ingredients for a delicious crab avocado salad waiting for me at home for my dinner.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: The idiot driver who decided to parallel park when an ambulance was trying to get by. Another bystander yelled at the driver to move out of the way – she made another attempt to park. She finally moved….

    I hope it’s not her friend or relative needing medical attention and being delayed by idiot drivers.


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