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  • fixit

    Best spot for a mojito, federal government edition.

  • scott

    I can’t believe we climbed up here to see his wang.

  • Lexx

    Great. Nobody propped the door open while we watch the space shuttle fly by? If we don’t get back in soon I’m using the bathroom off the side of this building.

  • Yikes

    The ‘Trust Fall’ team-building exercise has really gotten out of hand…

  • Nathan

    Yeah, the view is great…but the heating bills have got to be killer.

  • CD

    I know the bat signal is up here somewhere…

  • Jordan

    The last remaining bipartisan hangout in the District.

  • And “that”, my friends is Virginia. You must never go there…

  • Herb

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, live from Washington DC, its the Supremes!”

  • anon

    So this is where the Dupont South Exit is now letting people out

  • RE

    A physical demonstration on how to surpass the debt ceiling.

  • The not so secret service is really on top of things.

  • Leroy

    It was at that moment that Cindy realized she took the gang’s “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” scavenger hunt a little too far.

  • Maureen Kalena

    Uh, oh….I see a revision to the Fed’s risk management policy.

  • The Federal Government gets in on the roof deck craze. But did they get the proper permits?

  • U St Guy

    We should’ve been more clear when we told the interns “Drinks are on the house.”

    • PG

      You beat me by a minute. Great minds…

  • PG

    I can’t believe we all fell for the old “Drinks are on the house!” line again!

  • lemon

    When the shepherd’s away, the sheep wander.

  • matt

    After the Vegas GSA scandal, government conferences just aren’t the same.

  • OfishL

    Since conferences are no longer allowed, Federal employees are conducting inexpensive team-building exercise such as egg-drop competitions – a win for taxpayers but a loss for tourists.

  • Anonymous

    It’s only 4/20 once a year – might as well celebrate in a memorable way!

  • Nick

    The zip-line at the latest GSA conference Was. Amazing.

  • Jon

    Guys, I know the view is great, but this really cannot be the right gathering place for fire alarms…

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t where I parked my car

  • “When you asked me if I wanted to get high with you, this is not what I had in mind.”

  • Don’t worry we’re on top of things.

  • Cruciverbalist

    Has anyone seen Gus? He’s about 12 feet tall, built like a god, and has a strange interest in lying naked with barnyard animals.

  • Anonymous

    POP readers still looking for that damn eagle in the short lived Where Am I Now.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, I forgot to answer that one! Nobody got it. The eagle is at the top of the building at 911 F St, NW (Ultra Bar)

  • AK

    Finally, somewhere for us to play! Who’s got the backgammon board?

  • jennifer

    eek! a mouse!

  • Grab that Space Shuttle! It’s our only way to survive the Mayan Prediction.

  • TR

    Hmm. I’m beginning to believe that there actually isn’t a pool up here.

  • “I know it’s dangerous here, but I had to come see how the Discovery carries that 747 around like a baby! I bet the russian version can’t do that!”

  • Frickorfrack

    “Poseidon Adventure II” !!

    • frickorfrack

      Better yet..

      “Poseidon Adventure II – The Fed Edition”

  • Dagnabit, Dave! That’s the last time you get to throw the frisbee.

  • mtn

    From up here you can see AdMo, and just to the east, CoHi. And look over there – it’s NoMa.

  • maxnel

    From up here you can see AdMo, and just to the east, CoHi. And look over there – it’s NoMa.

  • max

    Scalia will never look up here. Just shut up and drink.

  • Larry Bird: Okay, this is the last shot. Winner takes all.
    MJ: Okay. Now it’s off the tree, off the monument, off the MLK Memorial, off the White House, through the window and nothing but net.

  • maestrobe

    “Highest court in the land, my ass.”

  • Ezra

    We always knew the walking dead would take over one day…oh wait…thats just congress leaving session!


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