• classic_six

    Love both of these paths. In the first photo, love that side-pop.

  • How could you not put yesterday’s photo of the car from 18th & Harvard yesterday in with these? It would have been perfection.

    • ladylike

      haha, good point

  • anonymous

    oh, actually not a side-pop, though I love that term :) it’s a shed for the community garden.

    • What gives?

      Which community garden? It looks very well-run and kept up, as opposed to the one I live near.

      • anon

        The Ledroit Park Park at Ledroit Park, or whatever they ended up calling it. Common Good City Farm set up these grow boxes for a community garden, lots of great looking veg taking shape!

  • Anonymous

    Where is that second path?

    • classic_six

      My best guess is that the 2nd photo is in Meridian Hill Park. I could be wrong, though.

      • Identified

        Nope, not MH/MX Park.

        • classic_six

          Then where? I really would like to know, too.


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