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Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Eckington/NoMa

by Prince Of Petworth April 30, 2012 at 3:00 pm 20 Comments

This rental is located at 37 Florida Ave, NE:

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The listing says:

“This newly renovated 3 Bedroom/1.5 Bath is on 2 levels inside a beautiful building and has many new features including Spanish marble counter tops and new stainless steel appliances. The house also features Canadian maple floors, lofted ceilings, exposed brick, and high end track lighting. There is a large enclosed patio space behind the house where you can grill out and entertain.

The ground floor has an open floor plan with the living room flowing into the newly renovated kitchen. There is also a bathroom and washer and dryer on this level. On the top floor, there are two large bedrooms and a smaller third bedroom, which could also be used as an office or baby room. The master bedroom is flooded with natural light due to its 16 foot ceilings with skylights. All three bedrooms include a closet with shelves and hardwood floors. The upper bathroom is decked out with Carrera white marble floors and shower with European chrome fixtures.

The property is located only 3 blocks to the New York Ave Metro Station (Red Line). Live in style and within walking distance to some of DC’s best amenities including Harris Teeter, CVS, Potbelly and much more. NoMa is the city’s fast growing neighborhood and there are already plans for far more amenities over the next 12-24 months.”

This 3 bed is going for $2650/Mo.

  • js

    12 minute walk to American Ice Co? I don’t think so. Google says it’s over a mile away.

  • Jay

    This would be a good deal for a group of kids right out of college.

  • Yeah, whomever wrote the listing must be a realtor because only realtors can completely make up things like this and do it with a straight face.

    3 blocks to the metro is a much better way of saying it is .6 miles away.

    American Ice Company within a 12 minute walk at 1.2 miles away?

    Back in the day when I rented I would verify the claims in the ads before even calling them because otherwise its an enormous waste of time.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure I get you, Joker. I can’t find “American Ice Company” in the listing – nor do I know what it is…? What is it? Also, the google maps says that the metro is 0.4 miles away, and it really is 3 blocks – not sure what part of that is inaccurate?

      • rockandroar
      • Those details are in the full Craigslist listing (to which PoP linked):


        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the link. Yeah, it definitely looks like it would take more than 12 minutes to walk to American Ice co. Is American Ice co a huge draw? I’d definitely say it would be a mistake to rent this place based solely on the proximity to American Ice co – it’s certainly not that close.

          I’m sort of amazed that that many people consider the American Ice Co to be important – the realtor, obviously, but also commenters here. I sort of wish I owned a building next to the American Ice co now. Probably too late though – I suppose that property values near it have shot up.

          • js

            It’s not that we consider American Ice Co. that important, it’s just that to anyone familiar with DC geography saying that it’s a 12 minute walk from this place jumps out as being ridiculously untrue. It makes you wonder what else the realtor’s not being upfront about.

  • rain on the parade

    Wasn’t there/isn’t there a beer and ice warehouse right on that block of Florida? Maybe that’s what the listing is talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Do people still install those ugly hard-to-clean vessel sinks?

  • Identified

    In the late 90’s/early 00’s, realtors used to refer to shaw (around 13th St & R st) to be “Dupont north”. I went to an open house once, just to ask the realtor… and he told me “it sells, that’s all that matters.”

    • Yeah, back in the early 90’s “North Georgetown” ran up Wisconsin Ave all the way to the National Cathedral.

      I don’t know whats more embarrasing sometimes…the realtors who write this tripe, or the rubes who buy into it.

  • Sully

    We almost bought the house next to it for $140,000 three years ago. Both houses were half renovated at the time. They must of done some major reno since then. There is also some sketchy situations going on at that gas station at night.

    • bloomingdale/eckington

      Yeah, I live nearby and there are plenty of streets I would want to live on around here, but not there. I walk past frequently on my way to the metro and think about what a weird no man’s land that little strip of row houses is. The reno looks pretty nice, and I’m sure someone who doesn’t mind the location will find it to be an ok deal, but I’d think the “discount” for being on such a strange and sometimes sketchy stretch of road would be better. On the plus side, it is actually pretty close to the metro — one of the few proximities the ad didn’t totally fabricate. I’d guess 6-7 minutes, maybe even less if you timed the lights right at the NY/FL triangle.

  • The Irregular Regular

    And what about some of DC’s best amenities like CVS or Potbelly? The author of this ad needs to be dealt with.

  • ALS

    This conversation is hilarious. Who cares what the listing says about proximity to points of interest? If you know DC neighborhoods, then you know exactly where this is and how far this is from stated locations. But considering that many seem to be relying on Googlemaps, it seems that energy should be directed toward learning your city rather than posting silly things about a rental listing.

    • curious

      I’m always curious why asses like ALS feel compelled to post what he just did.


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