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In Defense of (the name) McNasty’s

by Prince Of Petworth April 2, 2012 at 10:03 pm 31 Comments

McNasty’s opened up back in Dec. 2011 at 2450 18th St, NW in Adams Morgan. One of the owners has posted a photo of him and his son out front of the original Filthy McNasty’s in Scotland.

And below is the explanation. Do you find the name less objectionable now? I’ll be honest I didn’t like the name at first and upon reading the explanation I still don’t like it – primarily because of the ridiculous logo. Do you think it was a good idea for the owner to post an explanation out front? Or does that fall under the: “If you have to explain it…”?

  • D

    The logo is ridiculous. If it weren’t there, the name might somehow work and it might somehow become an ironic asset rather than a silly liability. I highly doubt it though it worked for the original pub with its unique circumstances. With the joke of a logo it’s a nonstarter anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I agree – it’s not so much the name as the photo/icon that looks cheap and like a piece of clip art.

  • The name McNasty’s is unnecessarily, and more importantly – boringly -offensive, (but “Old Tyme” is more offensive just for annoying faux cuteness.) The logo – (from earlier post – don’t know if you kept it?) – is truly offensive. (Would you have a logo of a “darkie?)

    Surely you know there is a big difference between Scotland and Ireland – but people tend to associate “Mc- anything” with Irish. But you’re in Adam’s Morgan, so nothing really matters anyway. Your patrons will most likely be oblivious.

    • If you think the logo is “truly offensive” then I would love to know what exactly you think it is. Looks like some kind of evil leprechaun to me – might be lame, but what’s offensive about it?

    • “but people tend to associate “Mc- anything” with Irish” …. that’s because these people are clueless … “Mc-” is Scottish, “O-” is Irish and “Ap-” is Welsh and all mean “son-of”. Google Brythonic and Goidelic if you’re interested.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you could use a drink!

    • Identified

      “But you’re in Adam’s Morgan, so nothing really matters anyway.”
      Hate on lovely person.

      if they are going to say “old tyme saloon”… wouldn’t it be an “Olde tyme public house”? I mean, in the UK – saloons were rooms in a pub, whereas in the US, the saloon equaled a bar (starting out west).

  • Anonymous

    whats in a name….. place sucks so who cares….

  • No explanation necessary. I think the name is cool.

  • So they stole the name from somewhere else, that’s not a good story. I would have given them a pass for the stupid name if there were a good story behind it, even if the story was made up.

    • Bloomingdude


  • Kat

    Between the horrible name and the fact that Thomas King is a Mets fan, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hang out there.

    • Ed

      You had me at Mets fan – I’ve been walking by this place and going to Millie & Al’s for my local dive bar needs but will reconsider – do they put games on the tvs?

  • Filthy McNasty’s in Edinburgh is now The Black Cat. Guess they wanted to be associated with a better DC bar.


  • marybindc

    McNasty’s sounds like a strip club, or Hooters. Maybe someplace in Ocean City with wet t-shirt contests and jello wrestling. So yes, I’d avoid the place on name alone.

    • But we can dream, can’t we? That would be better than what’s there now and not very different from the current crop of AdMo bars.

  • Anonymous

    i’m more offended by the shoddy facade than the name or the logo.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter, the college kids are just happy the bouncer didn’t confiscate their fake IDs…

  • Why am I NOT surprised that my housemate loves this bar?

  • SF

    Sounds like the name is hurting business. I doubt a tacked up explanation, especially one as thin as this, will much help.

  • AK

    I can’t think of any backstory that would make me want to visit a bar called McNasty’s.

  • it makes sense for that building…i think the same diry mop must be a covenant prior to lease/selling that place…don’t fret too much. it will change names/ownership by September.

  • Matt

    If they actually succeed at becoming Adams Morgan’s first and only “quaint little neighborhood bar,” they can call it Hitler Was Right for all I care.

    • The Real Jason

      Too Late. Pharmacy has that title, after it was vacated by Toledo Lounge’s “renovation”.

  • I’ve been to the Filthy McNasty’s in Edinburgh. It definitely was not one of Scotland’s cleanest pubs! Was just odd looking compared to the other pubs in the area and seemed like it catered toward young people wanted to get blitzed. Actually would fit right in in AdMo.

  • The irregular regular

    Isn’t the ironic part supposed to be the ‘filthy’ part of the original bar’s name? Although, the fact that we are writing about the bar, +1 for marketing prowess.

  • Mark

    This place used to be called “The Angry Inch,” so I’d say they’ve cleaned up the name, if anything.

  • Mark

    This place used to be called “The Angry Inch,” so I’d say they’ve cleaned up the name, if anything. If you’re offended by the current name you are probably not going to enjoy this bar…It’s not exactly the Four Seasons cocktail lounge…


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