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  • giacomo

    NOOO! Now where will I get my Sunday church hats!!!!!

  • DCJeff

    SO glad to see this junk store leave our neighborhood!

  • CapWildcat

    Yes! I was just thinking our neighborhood needed more space for overpriced furniture stores and restaurants.

    • Bloomingdude

      Come hang out on North Capitol, CapWildcat.

  • jrudian

    hopefully the new owner will at least spell “Watchs” correctly on the sign out front.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, where will I go for my Neck Ties, Scarf, Team Cap, Sunglasses, Hat, Perfumes, Watchs, Body Oil, Incense, Umbrella, Socks, Gloves???

    I like to wear all of those things at the same time, of course ;)

  • Daddy

    HIW has been one my favorite stores for a long time.


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