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  • 13th st

    Not super familiar with this exact block but price seems reasonable for 2/bed bath plus parking. I say fair deal.

  • AngryParaKeet

    That is one dreary apartment! Looks like the indoor parking is right in the apartment, with that exposed concrete ceiling. If pipes and ductwork are exposed, isn’t it supposed to be somewhat artfully done…How far below grade is this place?

  • poo


  • michael

    For the size and amenities, it seems like a very good deal, compared to what you’re paying typically for places and locations like this. But AngryParaKeet raises a valid point– what’s up with the ceilings?

  • josh

    You can get two-bedroom apartments in converted townhouses in this neighborhood for around $2000 (have a friend in one a block from here) so is it really worth an extra $650 to be in a building?

  • Del

    This building has problems with screaming school children (from the ground floor charter school) outside during the day — it’s frustrating for people who work at home. Probably okay if the windows don’t overlook the playground area or for someone who’s out from 9-5.

  • MSF

    I used to live in that building. The interior is really nice. Definitely support living there. Really convenient, and I never felt unsafe walking home. Do agree with @Del though that the children in the daycare make a lot of noise during the day.


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