• kittyfoster

    I recently got an email about a missing dog from lab-rescue.org (info is on the org’s homepage) The dog went missing in Bethesda so not sure what the chances of her making it down to Bloomingdale are….but you never know.

  • H

    I saw the posting from the lab rescue as well. It’s hard to tell, but looks like this could be her (she has white around her mouth as well). The rescue posted this phone number to call about the missing dog (Kate is the dog’s name): 703-589-5034.

    • d

      if it’s her, wonder what happened to her collar?

  • Maybe she belongs to Cokie Roberts ….


    Seems that she’s been living in Reston and Bethesda. If so who can blame her for running away to the big city; as we all know suburbia is infra dig.

  • Blue

    Unfortunately, it looks like in the video in the Cokie article that her missing lab does not have a white patch on her chest, so this is a different dog. Hope this one finds its owner and that Cokie finds her girl too.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Owner has been found!

    • Dmoney

      Was it Katie, the dog from Lab Rescue?


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