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Dear PoPville – Know of any Good Metro Accessible Garden Centers?

by Prince Of Petworth April 4, 2012 at 2:30 pm 19 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Dear PoPville,

Do you know of any good garden centers in DC that are metro accessible (not requiring too much walking – assuming lots of plants will be carried)? I’m looking for indoor plants to spruce up my dreary no-natural-light cubicle in Dupont.

  • monkeyrotica

    Fragers is a short walk from Potomac Avenue Metro.

    • Eastern Market

      I was going to suggest Frager’s. Or there’s a really nice garden center two or three blocks south of there on 11th (I think it’s called Ginko Gardens).

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think someone in Dupont is going to want to go allllllll the way over to SE for a houseplant. You might as well go to Virginia if you’re going to spend half a day getting there.

    • John B.

      Fragers is a ridiculously good garden center considering it’s primarily a hardware store, and as already pointed out, Ginkgo Gardens (one of my favorites) is just a short walk from there. I’m also a fan of Johnson’s on Van Ness. But seriously, find a friend who will drive you or lend you a car. You do NOT want to be lugging stuff like that on the Metro.

      • Annonny

        Second on the recommendation for Johnsons. I always have good luck with their houseplants, and I’m not somebody with much of a green thumb.

  • There’s one on Georgia near Seminary, just a block or so from the Forest Glen Metro.

  • Old City Green near 7th St/Convention ctr stop, and Home Depot at Rhode Island Metro has a huge selection of plants and gardening tools. I know POP’s readers tend to be a little judgemental about national chain/box stores, but it really is the cheapest and has the biggest selection in the city. There, I said it.

    • Nick

      Maybe HD has the largest volume of inventory, but a very narrow selection when compared to the garden centers in the city.

      • Scoot

        I agree… I’ve been to the smaller garden centers (Ginko, Fragers, Garden District, Old City Green) and Home Depot. The smaller garden centers have a much better selection of rare and unusual plants and the quality seems to be better. Additionally, the plants are selected for urban living. Plants at HD are mostly suited to be planted in a yard. HD does have good prices though.

        Ginko does not have a huge selection of plants that can thrive without direct sunlight. Fragers has some. Whole Foods does not have very many, but it is worth a shot. HD has a lot, including ferns, ZZ plants, etc.

  • Johnson’s is at 4200 Wisconsin. While it’s not super close to a metro, there are a bunch of bus lines that run right by.

    • +1 – huge selection and helpful staff at Johnson’s. Walkable to Tenleytown Metrorail, or steps from a #30 Metrobus.

    • +1 Johnson’s should be any gardeners first stop. Great selection and pretty close to some major bus lines. I have always had poor luck at the small garden centers in town, lots of attitude usually.

      If the OP is just looking for a houseplant, I have always seen a pretty decent (and much more cost effective) selection of plants at grocery and small hardware stores. You should check your local Giant or Safeway for some inexpensive options.

  • JLo

    Its not classy, but Home Depot is right at the Rhode Island Ave. metro stop, which is on the red line.

  • Also try a hardware store; they have a lot of plants these days. Surprisingly, Whole Foods does too. Try the WF/Ace combo on P Street (near your office) and the WF/Strosniders combo in Silver Spring.

  • David R.

    +1 for Old City Green near the Convention Center. They know and love their plants.

    • Old City Green is located at the SW corner of 9th/N. Better get there quick before it’s gone/redeveloped.

  • anon

    Johnsons on Wisconsin & Van Ness is fantastic! I’ve walked there from the Tenleytown metro.

  • Leigh

    There seems to always be a bunch of houseplants at the hardware store that’s right by the Tenleytown metro. Johnson’s always has a good selection and the Ace store by Whole Foods on P that petworthgardener mentioned.

  • Dupont

    If you looking for plants for your office, try Caruso Florists on M St between 17th and CT. They have a lot of plants and are happy of advise. They’re probably not as cheap as Home Depot but are walkable to an office in Dupont. They’ll also deliver for a fee.


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