• It’s brought to you by the man with the spikey elephant and headless jump-roping girl statues. I think it has election year under tones, myself.

  • Tim

    Wasn’t this a design from a garage door in Kalorama? I think that’s where I saw it last on PoP. Looks neat, haven’t a clue what it means

  • do-over

    yep – this was posted and discussed awhile back. would love to know if anyone learned what it actually means…

  • jen

    honestly, regardless of what it means, it’s not as awesome as what used to be there – einstein on his bike and a polaroid of the wall itself, mounted on wood, and then attached back to the wall. (a picture of the wall on the wall). every time i see this, i just miss einstein.

  • Chris

    My girlfriend and I walked by this last weekend. We guessed that it had something to do with DC’s place among the ‘Best of’ and ‘Worst of’ lists.

  • thisguy

    im not sure how i feel about the mural but i would totally do that chick!!!


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