• Anon

    Thumbs up for me

  • wmm

    I walk by it daily. It turned out to be a pretty beautiful build-out, but I feel badly for whoever purchases the English basement condo. That alley directly next to it gets constant traffic including trash trucks and random delivery trucks from the Columbia Rd. retail shops.

    • classic_six

      Wouldn’t this be a problem for the entire building, not just whoever inhabits the lower level unit?

      As for the pop-up, it’s better than the usual standard fare that often shows up in the pop-up threads.

      • Yeah, I was thinking all the units will have the noise problem to some degree — but I think wmm’s point was that it will be ESPECIALLY loud for the English basement occupant.

        I think the reason this pop-up seems less egregious than others is because they extended the front of the house. So not only is the pop-up set back from where the front of the house _used_ to be, it’s even further back from where the front of the house is now… meaning that even less of it is visible.

        • classic_six

          Fair point – and I kind of thought that when I first read wmm’s comment. Noise does travel, though, upwards and outwards, especially with taller trucks.

          I don’t think this building wins any beauty contests by any means, and the coloring of the materials seems to be in-keeping with the neighbors’ buildings but it’s not a laughable eyesore as some of the past ones posted.

  • Anonymous

    love it

  • Not as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t like the dark-tinted windows, but I’m glad they at least painted it a color that goes with the houses nearby.

    I still wish they had left the front facade alone, instead of destroying it in order to extend the house in the front as well as the back. But this is less incongruous than I feared/expected.

  • I like that they put brick facing on at least the part of the house that’s right next to the house next door, even if they didn’t bother with the bay window portion.

    I am also very relieved that they didn’t just slap some siding on the front of the house, which is what they did on the side (beyond the original brick) and in the back.

  • saf

    I hate it. 20 years from now, people will look at it and say, “What were they thinking?”

    • caballero

      Yeah, but you hate everything, so it makes me wonder if this isn’t actually a nice building.

      • saf

        Not everything. Just hideous stuff.

        I love row houses, I love nice commercial buildings, I hate junk.

  • Anonymous

    not too bad price-wise for a condo and location and the fact that it’s brand new.

    • anon

      Meh. $270K to live in a small 1br in a completely bland basement in a completely mediocre area…. I guess “not too bad” sums it up well considering the crap that sells for more in this town.

  • yuck.

  • Looks pretty good. They did a good job blending in with the neighbors, overall I say 7 out of 10.

  • Boring which might be better than hideous, but hideous gives people something to talk about.

  • ET

    I guess I don’t mind it too much. They could have done a crappy pop up that they didn’t bother to match to the old because it was too expensive. Instead they just did a new facade. At least the scale is appropriate. Outside of a misfit mixture of two different parts, the awkward big original part next to smaller addition is what really drive me nuts – most pup-ups end up looking like Alfalfa (from the Little Rascals) hair.

  • RegO


  • Jayme

    Looks great! These guys really know what they’re doing. I’ve been impressed with their other projects as well. Can’t wait to see the inside!


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