Should Liquor Licenses for Restaurants and/or Bars Not Be Issued Near Rehabilitation Centers?

by Prince Of Petworth March 28, 2012 at 10:20 pm 82 Comments

2711 12th St, NE

On Monday we learned that Menomale, Pizza Napoletana and Craft Beer, was facing a liquor license fight in Brookland. Commissioner Vaughn Bennett, ANC 5B04, has released more info about the objection:

As an elected official, (ANC Commissioner), I have a duty to properly represent all of the residents in my Single Member District.

While I personally am not in opposition to a liquor license for Menomale, I must assist those who oppose it because of their anonymity and sobriety in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center, who would be immediately adversely impacted by an alcohol serving establishment at 2711 12th Street NE.

The rehabilitation center is in close proximity to Menomale.

The rehabilitation center is closer to Menomale than anyone’s house or apartment who has posted about this topic on the list-serves.

I believe that the location of the rehabilitation center was selected years ago due to the fact that there are no alcohol serving establishments in very close proximity. Can you imagine the impact that the daily scent of alcohol (Menomale seeks an alcohol serving sidewalk cafe) would have on a recovering alcoholic who is just trying to get home after work?

In addition, the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) regulations require a tavern liquor license applicant to be at least 400 feet away from a school. The 400 foot distance is taken into consideration for restaurant liquor license applicants.

The regulations were put in place to protect the children! I give an exclamation because of the many condescending comments made regarding our children walking past the establishment, yet no one has challenged the ABRA regulations. So do we ignore the regulations and the purpose of their creation for our personal benefit? I can’t.

When ANC 5B was tasked with scoring the medical marijuana cultivation centers (mmcc), the Department of Health (DOH) regulations (that ABRA helped create) stated that the mmcc had to be at least 300 feet from a school or a rehabilitation center.

I will forward additional information as soon as I can, (though I believe I may have already said too much).

Do you think it is reasonable to deny a liquor license due to proximity to a rehabilitation center?


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