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  • kb

    Rant: I was out last evening in Dupont and I saw a pedestrian on crutches get hit by a car in the crosswalk of Connecticut Ave. near Jefferson Pl around 11:00pm. He was in pretty bad shape and was eventually taken to the hospital. I tried to find information about what exactly happened and how the pedestrian is doing this morning, but was unable to find anything. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • Rave: Gave the kitty ten minutes of extra play time this morning with her favorite fuzzy/feather toy. She seemed quite pleased.
    Rave: Had a good time seeing Pat Green and Josh Abbott and 9:30 Club last night!

    Rant: Still.coughing.non.stop.

  • Anonyous-est

    Rave: This website.
    Rave: It’s Friday! (insert Rebecca Black song, here. Yep, I said it).
    Rave: Good date last night. :)
    Rave: Roxy was found!
    Rave: Fun weekend ahead with only one semi-work related obligation.
    Rave: No rants. Have a good weekend, PoPville!

  • Rant: got home last night and the dog had chewed and scratched the doorframe and door to my bedroom. It’s the first time she’s ever done this and it was really upsetting to come home to. I thought her separation anxiety was starting to get better, but this seems to indicate the opposite.

    Rave: I am truly greatful for having her in my life, no matter what issues we may have to keep working on.

    • Depending on the breed of your dog, the doggie back packs filled with the appropriate weight of dry beans will help work the dog out a little more on walks and will help curb the anxiety (I would consult a trainer about the appropriate weight). It helped with our dog at least, good luck!

      • Thanks, that’s a good idea. I’m also looking into the Thundershirts, but I can’t tell if they are for all-day use, or just for small events like thunderstorms/fireworks/etc.

    • OatsDC

      I hear that a good way to get the dog’s separation anxiety under control is to not greet him/her when you first come home…basically ignore the dog for the first ten minutes (as hard as that may be while their tails are wagging). Apparently, if you stop making such a big deal about your return by greeting the dog enthusiastically, he/she will learn that your return isn’t something that he/she needs to be looking forward to as much. Don’t worry, he/she will still be happy to see you, but it will help lessen the anticipation of your return, which is of course what causes the anxiety. Good luck.

    • em

      Check out Love and a Leash (written by a former DC-ite), which has written about ways to work through dog anxieties. Some good examples…

  • Rave: A few minutes ago I bought Radiohead tickets during the presale.
    Rave: Next week, Spamalot!
    Rant: Found a diaper (child-sized, used) in our treebox. Seriously, people?!?

  • Rave: Was complimented by a supervisor yesterday – really, all she said was good work on this but it was so nice to hear.

    Rant: I realized that my office is severely lacking in simple feedback. All it takes is a “Hey- great job on that task” or something like that. It makes the day much better when someone notices the quality of your work day-to-day.

    Rave: Going to try and inject some positivity into my office- we’ve all been down recently. So brownies and genuine work-based compliments here we come!

    • Anonymous

      I worked in a large PR firm, 200 or so employees in the DC office. The president made the rounds on a regular basis to talk to everyone, just to ask what they were working on, how it was going, and to thank them for their work. And to get to know people and their names. It was such a simple thing that made such a big difference. The next place I worked was a 60-person nonprofit where the president stayed holed up in his office 90% of the time and didn’t know anyone’s name. People hated working there. Making a small effort and saying “thank you” is huge.

      • This is why I adore my boss. He’s great, fair, interested, positive.

  • Anonymous

    okay, friends. what’s the radiohead presale password?

    • Anonymous

      PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Rave: was 15 min late to work and no one batted an eyelash.

    Rant: probably another 12 hour day…

    Rave: at least it’s friday, friday. Damn you, Anonyous-est!!!
    Going for a spa for a facial and then visiting a good friend over the weekend in Shepherdstown.

  • PetworthRes

    RAVE: from the MPD-4D listserve (props to the cops!)

    Beginning last fall, the Fourth District Vice Unit conducted an operation targeting the ongoing drug sales that have been occurring from the 500-900 blocks of Shepherd Street Northwest. Members of the community had been forwarding complaints as well as providing the Fourth District with information about ongoing drug sales and problems that had persisted in this area for some time. These community members cared enough and took action and were relentless with helping the Fourth District address these issues. During this operation, illegal narcotics were purchased from the suspected dealers in the area that were selling Crack Cocaine, Heroin and Marijuana. These operations centered mostly in the area of the 500 block of Shepherd Street Northwest. The investigation led to the serving of several search warrants in an effort to gather as much evidence as possible for this ongoing investigation. The investigation was lead by Officer Robert Edelen. This investigation lasted several months and resulted in the arrest of four suspects on a fourteen (14) count indictment from the District of Columbia Superior Court. Over the last week or so all four suspects, who are adult males, were arrested on the indictments and are currently facing multiple felony charges in District of Columbia Superior Court. This area has had a long history of this activity and with Officer Edelen’s hard work and the support from the community we hope that this will make a major impact in the area and improve life for everyone. Thank you to everyone that contributed in this ongoing effort.

    • dat

      I was just coming into RAVE RAVE RAVE about this.

      I can not even described how RAVED UP i am about this :-)


      and RAVE some more.

    • Anonymous

      Wonder if this was also perhaps related to why there was police activity last night on Illinois Ave? Instead of arresting these types of guys, wish they could instead just get them to stop shooting up the city with bullets.

      • PetworthRes

        No – these arrests happened about a week ago. But the drug dealing was responsible for most of the crime in this area.

  • Anonymous

    Rant/Rave: My whole side of the office is MIA today.
    Rave: Cutting out early!
    Rant: Feeling super unsettled. I want some answers for where my life is headed.
    Rave: Feeling unsettled leaves a lot of doors open for us, allowing us to get to a place where we CAN be comfortable. Finally.

    • mc

      I was just about to post the exact same rant/rave as your first two…
      Rave: Leaving at lunch and working the rest of the day from home!

  • Rant: Hearing the self proclaimed “good Christian” talk trash about people at her church all morning.

    Rave: Fantasies of watering plants with salt water.

    Rave: That 1 kid in Russia.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve found that most people who feel the need to preface a conversation with “Well, I’m a Christian…” usually are the exact opposite of what a Christian should be. Kind of like those folks who say “I’m not a racist, but…”

      • Yep. It’s disgusting.

      • saf

        That is REALLY frustrating, because it reflects badly on those who try to get it right. If we speak up, we become like them. If we don’t speak up, they pollute our identity.

    • Additional Rave: WO2011149558A2

      • S

        Ahahahaha I knew exactly what you were talking about. Can’t believe that someone was probably paid tens of thousands of dollars to write that 1500+ page document.

        • I’ve never read it, but I see the title almost daily and it never fails to crack me up.

          • What is this document? Now I’m curious!

            Patent Assignee: Abelow, Daniel H. (101287109)
            Inventor: Abelow, Daniel H.
            PUB-NO: WO 2011149558 A2
            PUB-DATE: December 1, 2011

  • ew

    Rant: I feel kind of crappy about the job interview I had yesterday. Went in with high hopes and had well thought-out answers to the usual interview questions. HR person barely asked me any questions about myself and spent most of the time going over the arduous interview process (3 more steps!) and the benefits package. I’ve never been in an interview like that in my life. Now it’s back to my soul-sucking, thankless job, since this one probably won’t go any further.

    Rave: ACC tournament game tonight. Friends, beer, hopefully an FSU win.

    • anonymous

      Sorry about that job interview. When they spend all the time explaining the process and no time on you, the interviewee, I usually assume they’ve already made up their mind and they’re going through the motions (I think many of us have had that happen to us). Keep your head up. There are other opportunities out there if this one doesn’t pan out, but it may take time. Aggressively work your network and keep on thinking of the many ways you can learn about new jobs.

    • Go Noles! Any other FSU people here? So glad they finally have a basketball team.

      • ew

        Me too! Glad there is at least one other Nole on here!

  • Rant: I have been bored off my a$$ since 9:05 this morning. This is going to be one hell of a looooooooooooooong day. Ugh.

    Rave: I have PoP to keep me occupied!

    Rant: Spring cleaning at our house this weekend. I know, I know, it’s a good thing…..but I’m to the point that I just don’t care what happens to/with our house anymore. Get me out of there! Plus I’ll have to spend multiple hours with my jacka$$ of a housemate. FanTAStic.

    I’m sure I’ll have more later!

  • 1inamillion

    Rave: Finally watched the Koni video that is spreading rapidly through the interwebs. Seeing that the internet, social media, and people can all come together for a good cause is inspiring. I work in PR/Communications for a law firm which is boring and lifeless. I think I now have a new goal: find work in a grassroots movement that I care about. I want to love going to work and I can’t imagine a better way to make that happen.

    • That video got a lot of criticism, for one, Kony hasn’t been in Uganda in the past 6 years. There’s an article on the guardian about it and on the atlantic.

      here’s the Atlantic one: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/03/solving-war-crimes-with-wristbands-the-arrogance-of-kony-2012/254193/

      • 1inamillion

        Does it matter that he has moved to another country? He is still a criminal that should be stopped. That article makes some excellent points, awareness alone can’t do anything and actually doing something will not be easy or something that the US will necessarily want to get involved with but what would you rather happen? Nothing? At least spreading awareness is something.

        • Anonymous

          That guy does suck, and it would be great to get rid of him. The real issue is that flashy video was produced by an organization that has too large of an overhead structure (travel, nice movies, fundraising) to spend money efficiently. They also spend a large bulk of their money on the military of Uganda. This is a real issue, because that money isn’t helping the problems they are depicting in the movie. Killing Kony would “make a change”, but paying the military isn’t doing anything to help those kids out of having to sleep in a room with 300 others every night.

        • Bear425

          Does it matter that he’s not in Uganda? Yes and no. It’s a regional issue–the guy needs to be caught regardless of where he is, I have no argument with that. But right now he’s in DR Congo, and the people who are the victims of his current acts of violence are mainly Congolese, not Ugandan.

          Kony left a terrible swath of destruction in Northern Uganda, but if there is interest in helping youth in Uganda, the attention should be placed where it is most needed. This includes improving access to adequate health care and education. It includes strengthening economic opportunities. And it includes working with local and national government institutions to help them be more responsive to citizens’ most pressing needs.

          Awareness is great, but only if it leads to substantive action that address both the roots and consequences of conflict. I don’t see how this video does either.

  • rant: feeling extra grumpy this morning :(

  • anonymous

    Rant: Having to administer liquid medications to TWO cats. There’s just no easy way around that.
    Rant: Daylight savings time. I like the extra hour in the fall; I hate losing the hour in the spring.
    Rave: The weekend!!

    • kittysitter

      Can you mix it in with their food? I’m in the same situation right. Both have different doses so I’ve been mixing the meds with the food and feeding them in separate rooms (because otherwise they eat eachothers food). It’s a pain because I have to sit around and make sure they eat it all….but it’s better than the scratches I get if I try to force it down their throats!

    • Could you be sneaky and smush it into a tablespoon or two of wet food? I know that’s worked for us in the past – less stress and a lot less mess.

    • anonymous

      Thanks for the tips, CaitB and KittySitter. I may try hiding it in the wet food, but the medication is supposed to be bitter stuff. Tonight is the first dosage and I am thoroughly dreading it. If the food hides the taste, it will make my life so much easier!! :-)

  • Rant: I biked downtown this morning to drop off some flyers for a youth conference, and a young man walked directly into my moving bike. He was jaywalking (I had a green light), not in the crosswalk, and had headphones on. After halfway falling over, I righted myself and realized I should ask if he was okay. He had already gotten to the other side of the street, and thanks to his headphones, he didn’t even hear my question.

    Rave: It’s Friday, it’s not raining, my pansies lived through winter and are blooming beautifully, and I’m meeting up with friends after work.

    • If your description of the incident is accurate, I don’t think you should have asked if he was okay.

      • Oh, it’s accurate. A few people standing nearby shook their kids at the kid as he crossed the street — I’m pretty sure he was a GW student, as he had pajama pants and a backpack on.

        I have to say, my immediate reaction was anger. But I didn’t want to seem callous or unconcerned — even thought it was ENTIRELY his fault, he still walked into a (slowly) moving vehicle. Bikers already get a bad rap, the least I could do is make sure that his unfortunate lack of common sense didn’t result in injury.

        • Trixie

          I nearly offed a GW student once as she flew across 21st street without looking both ways (I was going about 15 mph, had right of way, was nowhere near a crosswalk). It wasn’t the first time. I swear they just simply don’t account for traffic.

    • Tim

      I saw something similar to this happen a few months ago at 15th and P. I was waiting to cross 15th and this guy stepped off from the curb into the bike lane while waiting at the crosswalk. Sure enough, a biker comes up to the intersection and bumps into this guy despite his best efforts to slam on the brakes (it was rainy). And the guy who got hit was all pissy, although he was standing DIRECTLY in the bike lane. IDIOTS

  • Rave: Opening Game for DC United this Weekend!
    Rave: Tailgate
    Rant: None

    • ew

      I’ll be there!

    • I am all fired up for the DCU season. RFK will be rockin’ tomorrow night.

  • Rave: The present I got for my parents arrived yesterday, and it’s super amazing. They are going to love it! I can’t wait to give it to them.

    Rave: Working at home today.

    Rant: Can’t think of any.

  • alex

    rant: people on the bus listening to their shitty ass* top 40 r&b and hiphop without headphones.

    *i don’t want to hear your shit even if you are listening to my favorite manilow record. keep your shit in your headphones while riding public trans.

    rave: great weather

    rave: “pretty good” pho at pho u last night

    • I frequently ask the punks to turn it down. Sometimes I get glared at, but actually most of the time they comply. One time a woman sitting next to me asked if I was from here because I had asked a guy to turn down his music. She seemed more annoyed at me than him and said I might stir some trouble by asking him.

      • alex

        last summer, on my way into work, after 30 minutes of trying to read while some punk in the back listened to lil’ wayne on blast i did go back and ask him if he had headphones to use. i explained that i didn’t want to listen to his music while on the bus. he proceeded to jump up in my face and yell some bullshit. some guy at his side muttered something about it not being worth going to jail for and another girl in the back urged him to beat my ass. moments later the bus driver stopped the bus and asked me accusatorily what was going on. after i explained to her the situation, with the entire packed bus watching as if i was the one disturbing their ride, she proceeded to do absolutely nothing about the situation. when i got off the bus at the navy yard the a$$hole leaned out the window and spit at me. all i could do was stop and laugh. is there any hope for shit heads like that? i don’t know…rant

  • Super-duper Awesome Rave: I have an interview Monday for the job I want!

  • Rave: Spring! I’m always amazed at what a little sunshine and warm air does to my mood.

    Rant/worry: We’re 99% ready to refinance our mortgage, but I’m a little worried about the appraisal process.

    When we bought the house, it appraised exactly at the sale price – way less than the tax assessment and, honestly, it made me wonder if the appraisal process is just some kind of racket if all they do is justify the sale price. Now we need it to appraise at least $48K higher and I’m almost certain it will, but I’d rather not pay $500 to find out.

    Since our realtor sucked, are there nice realtors out in PoPville who run comps for people that aren’t their clients? I’ve run some myself which paint a pretty happy picture of our neighborhood, but a disinterested opinion would set my mind at ease!

    • Lei

      Tax assessments really have little do with reality…….. I would not judge much of anything against the tax assessment.

      If you go to Franklymls and search the sold listings in your area you really can get a decent idea of the value of your house.

    • TG

      You probably don’t even need to go that far. PoP publishes a list monthly (c/o Kevin Wood) and it is accompanied by a nice sortable spreadsheet. I agree on the tax assessment bit. Our assessment has gone down, while I am confident our value has gone up.

    • We bought ours for 255. Got it appraised for 305,000 11 months later when we wanted to refi. Just talk to the appraisor, talk about all the work you have done, how you got a great deal etc etc.

      Thats what we did at least. See ya later PMI!

  • Twombly

    Rant: I hardly ever see my wife. Between the kids, demanding job, and a big side project there is just so little time. Hope she knows I love her and she is still my best friend.

    • ch

      write her a note. because that was really sweet.

    • Be sure to tell her that!

  • Anonymous

    Revel: The awesome girl in the sexy blue dress and cowboy boots. I just love springtime in DC.

  • ehg

    Rant: my partner is far away for the next week. I was so upset when he left, I just felt so overwhelmingly sad! I hate that feeling.
    Rave: Feeling better today! Also, I have an amazing partner and best friend, I feel so lucky to have found him.
    RANDOM Q: anyone know of a good tailor to get a bridesmaids dress altered?

    • KA

      I am using Cheryl Lofton & Associates for the first time and am picking up a bridesmaid dress in the next few days – POP gave me that suggestion, and they have good reviews so I’m hopeful! The woman was really friendly and seemed to know what she was doing. It’s not super cheap, but I’d like this bridesmaid dress to be usable as a non-bridesmaid dress for all the other millions of weddings I’m going to this year, so spending a little bit more on it will hopefully pan out.

      • ehg

        thank you so much, I will definitely try it!

  • Rave: Daylight savings!! I disagree with all the DLS bashers… the pain of losing one hour fades fast, it’s bright again in the mornings quickly, and now we get those long glorious evenings of daylight. Yay!

    Rant: I really dislike living on the east side of my timezone.

  • Anonymous

    After being unemployed a year, having to abandon DC for four months and deciding to come back, I finally got a job. They reached out to me on my drive back, I interviewed two days after coming back and start my first day of work on Monday. The weight of the world is finally off my shoulders.

    • Congrats, that’s great!

    • ew

      Wow, congrats! That gives me a glimmer of hope.

    • Congratulations!

    • What awesome rave, congrats!!

    • Congrats!

      I know that car rides (particularly involving 95) have a mystical place in my gainfully employed life. I received the offer for my first DC job while in the Uhaul on the drive into town and was offered my current job while waiting to pay tolls on the way to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. If I don’t already have a long car trip planned when I next interview, I think I might need to plan one!

      • Stop talking on the phone while driving! But, that’s a pretty awesome coincidence.

  • alex

    last summer, on my way into work, after 30 minutes of trying to read while some punk in the back listened to lil’ wayne on blast i did go back and ask him if he had headphones to use. i explained that i didn’t want to listen to his music while on the bus. he proceeded to jump up in my face and yell some bullshit. some guy at his side muttered something about it not being worth going to jail for and another girl in the back urged him to beat my ass. moments later the bus driver stopped the bus and asked me accusatorily what was going on. after i explained to her the situation, with the entire packed bus watching as if i was the one disturbing their ride, she proceeded to do absolutely nothing about the situation. when i got off the bus at the navy yard the a$$hole leaned out the window and spit at me. all i could do was stop and laugh. is there any hope for shit heads like that? i don’t know…rant

  • chrish

    rave: PoP. seriously, makes this town seem much more neighborly and manageable.

    rant: lots of job interviews, but everyone’s taking forever. i need out of this placeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Rave: beautiful magnolia trees are blossoming in the park across the street from my job.

    Rant: just discovered a hole in my favorite pair of [very expensive] boots! Can anyone recommend a top-notch cobbler in NW DC?

    • blazing sun

      The couple who own the shop on 800 block of Upshur accross from Dom Ku do a great job. Very honest ppl will let you know if it’s even worth fixing anymore. They only take cash, though.

  • ew

    Huge Rant: I have asshole roommates for 3 more months. If it were feasible, I would break my lease and move right now. I get visceral, furious reactions every time I see a communication from them. The worst part is that they expect me to accomodate them in my move-out after they have been nothing but monstrous to me. I pity whoever moves in with them next.

  • Anon202

    Hoorah for permanent absentee voting! I got my ballot for the DC primary the other day, in plenty of time. Voting is a duty and a privelege, and I am far more likely to vote in every election this way, even the ones, like this one, which don’t seem as important but are. And not having to stand in line is OK too.


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