Washington, DC

From the Ledroit Park Listserv:

“During last week’s LeDroit Park Civic Association meeting, a neighbor asked Damon Harvey of DDOT about parking plans to accommodate the soon-to-open Howard Theatre patrons. He stated that a plan was still being worked on.

This topic is on the ANC-2C meeting agenda for tonight, 6:30 pm at the Watha Daniel/Shaw Library, 1630 7th Street NW.”

via Shaw-Howard Listserv:

Among the items on the agenda for Wednesday’s ANC meeting will the plan Gretchen Wharton and I developed after talking to Alex Padro (chair of our ANC) and Myla Moss (chair of the LeDroit Park ANC) about how to deal with parking congestion at present and the increased congestion that the Howard Theatre will cause.

I’ve drafted a proposal about that here including a map of the area where we propose to create “sub-zones.” In a nutshell, only those with a subzone sticker (residents and their guests) could park on one side of each block.

We’re not sure what DDOT might already have in mind, so it’s probably premature to get into the specifics of how this would be implemented (e.g., how they would distribute sub-zone stickers). But we’d welcome any comments or suggestions you might have on the basic idea, and we’ll report back once we hear from DDOT about their thinking. Obviously, with the Howard Theatre set to open April 12 and 54 shows planned between then and early September, the sooner we get this implemented, the better!


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