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More Progress at Progression Place and a Striking Resemblance

by Prince Of Petworth March 21, 2012 at 4:00 pm 10 Comments

DB writes:

“As the new building on 7th and S St, NW starts to take shape, me and my friends have noticed that it’s starting to resemble a certain vehicle from planet far, far away. As a result, we’ve already given it a new nickname: The Sandcrawler.”

  • i live on that block and have been saying that for weeks!

  • Anonymous

    I am all for progress but that durn building is going to block my current view of the Cairo and the Scottish Rite Temple. All I get to see now is the back side of a durn cement wall. There are so many high rises going up now and it seems to be endless year after year until there is one on every corner. I bet the charm of the DC view is going to soon be a thing of the past as the city becomes more livable friendly.

    • Just wait another year and your view will be blocked by the build-out of the Wonderbread Factory. Kind of surprised the plans have not been posted on PoP yet.

      • Anonymous

        naaa I think that one is going to be too low from the plans I saw. Such is life I guess!

  • Tim Knapp
  • These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

  • AC

    Sadly the architects of the building had too much Star War watching and little else in terms of sense of style.

  • rh

    I like the building and look forward to it opening!

  • S

    The back side of the building has about the same amount of windows as the sandcrawler on the side- it’s super ugly and is now my only rear view from the house. It’ll also block my after work afternoon sun for summer bbq’s and gardening. The price of “progress”. It thought there were zoning laws against buildings being higher than the capitol bldg..?

  • Oneal

    “As absurd as the Jawas’ business model; how many wayward droids does one really come across in the desert?”


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