Washington, DC

1328 Florida Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending an update:

“In recent years, there’s been speculation about what would happen to the historic modernist Manhattan Laundry building at 1328 Florida Avenue once Meridian Charter School, the current occupant, announced plans to move to 1301 V Street.

Last week the Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, which opened this fall in temporary Northeast digs, announced it had signed a lease on the Manhattan Laundry space. ITS will knock down existing walls in the building to create more library space and common areas, and has plans to create a roof deck playground. Leaders of the school, which enrolls children from every ward in the City, are happy about the move to a central, metro- and bus-accessible location, which is also close to the nonprofit Center for Inspired Teaching.

No official word yet on what organizations might share space with ITS, which next year will serves children through 4th grade and at capacity go through 8th grade.”

The reader later adds in an email:

“The office space on the top floor of the building will continue to be used by start-ups, etc. also, the Annex space is slated for a Montessori?”


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