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  • Awww, very cute! Make way for ducklings!

    • Thank you, I couldn’t remember the name of that book.

  • Thank you PoP! Those little guys hopping up on the curb were totally adorbs!

  • Anonymous

    This 100% made my day. THANK YOU for sharing it :)

  • omg, when the baby duck tries to hop up on the curb, misses, and falls? TOO CUTE! Totally made my afternoon, thanks PoP!

  • OMG I LOVE you guys! Thank you for doing that.

  • I, along with a group of total strangers, also did this on M St in Georgetown a couple of years ago. Why they were all on the north side of the street, I have no idea, but we got them all safely across and to the canal. So freaking cute. I love baby ducks.

  • Grand Funk

    Nice change of pace instead of reading about a murder. Thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous

    so sweet! they probably escaped from NMAI’s pond… little travelers… so adorable

  • Anonymous

    Has the Pershing Park pond been filled yet? Love the ducklings that are there every year.

    • I used to work near there and loved that little park (and watching the ducks). It’s a hidden gem in downtown D.C.!

  • Anonymous

    I love them. I love them all.

  • aww yeay thanks this made me smile..needed it

  • Pami

    This was one of my favorite things while going to GWU! It made being surrounded by concrete and glass more than tolerable.

  • Anonymous

    This is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  • anon

    and yet, I nearly get killed every morning trying to cross Florida because no cars obey the “YIELD FOR PEDESTRIAN” sign right in the middle of the road.

    • ah

      Yeah, I was about to say that had this been little people instead of little ducks both a cyclist and a taxi would have mowed them down.

    • That’s because—no matter how attractive you may be—you aren’t as irresistibly adorable as baby ducks.

    • anon

      woooop…woooooooop. debbie downer.

  • I saw a similar scene unfold about an hour ago a block away at 19th & Penn. Quite possibly the same group of ducks. Hopefully not the same group of people (get back to work!).

    • Anonymous

      That was definitely us!

  • I did this once, all the way from 18th & Mass to 22nd & P, stopping traffic so the mama and her six ducklings made it safely. Had to scoop them up a couple of times because they little ones couldn’t make the jump onto the curb.

    • Anonymous

      I was always told that if a human touched a baby bird, the mama bird wouldn’t be able to recognize its scent or would only smell human, and so would abandon it. Is that an old wives’ tale?

      • I’ve definitely heard that about baby birds in nests… but I don’t know if it applies to baby birds that are mobile, like these ducklings. (Or to aquatic birds, for that matter.)

      • Nic

        That’s a old wive’s tale. Birds don’t have that keen of a sense of smell. So you don’t need to worry about putting a baby bird back into its nest or whatever.

  • Very hard for the “Afternoon animal fix” to follow this act!

    • ah

      +1. this was my fix.

  • Ben

    Thanks so much for taking care of them! I saw these ducklings hopping out of their planter/nest this morning and feared for their future – thanks for helping them out!

  • Made my day, thanks!

  • SingLikeSassy


  • Anon

    Cute overload!! Thanks for taking care of them and getting it on video! And thanks for sharing, PoP!

  • I want to thank everyone that helps the ducks and their little ones, Thank you!!!

  • The second half of this story was on Rachel Maddow – the Secret Service helped carry the ducklings over a wall and into the White House to follow Mama Duck.
    Made my day!

  • Nikita

    And, of course, some asshat honks their horn, because they have a full day of counting paper clips they need to get to

    • Anonymous

      you shouldn’t assume that the lives of others are similar to yours.

    • anonnnn

      i assumed the honk was a honk to say “hey way to go!”

  • Anonymous

    Just lost my job and this little video made me feel better. Thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    i love this so much.

  • laurabl
  • Anonymous

    SO cute!!!! :)


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