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by Prince Of Petworth March 19, 2012 at 11:45 am 16 Comments

WMATA writes:

“We’re giving you a first look at the New Metro System Map. The map features the Rush Plus enhancements that will take place June 18, 2012.”

See the map larger in PDF below:


More from WMATA:

“Metro today unveiled a new system map to reflect enhanced rush hour service—called Rush Plus—beginning June 18.

Rush Plus is an expansion of rush hour service that will result in additional trains between Mt. Vernon Square and Greenbelt, and between Vienna and Court House, as well as new transfer-free travel opportunities between stations on several lines. Rush Plus is designed to ease crowding, improve the commuting experience for Metrorail riders on the Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow lines, and prepare for the future Silver Line.

Here is an overview of Rush Plus:

• During each rush hour period, 18 new Orange Line trains — three per hour in each direction — will operate between Vienna and Largo Town Center.
• Every third existing Blue Line train (three trains per hour in each direction) will now operate between Franconia-Springfield and Greenbelt via the Yellow Line bridge. These trains will be identified as Yellow Line trains. As a result, customers at Franconia-Springfield, Van Dorn Street and the nine stations north of Mt. Vernon Square will have new transfer-free trip options between certain stations.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m confused by the hash-marked lines. Does that mean that, starting in June, the yellow line will ONLY be rush-hour service from Mt. Vernon Square to Greenbelt?

    • KS

      If you click on the map and zoom, that’s what it says in the top right corner. I’m more confused by the hasmarked orange line from Stadium- Armory to Largo and the hashmarked yellow line on the south end (King Street to Franconia-Springfield). I guess every other orange line train during rush hour will go to Largo instead of New Carrollton and every other yellow will go to Franconia Springfield instead of Hungtington. I wonder why they decided to make this change. (It doesn’t really affect me since I don’t think I’ve ever ridden the orange line past Stadium-Armory and I think I’ve ridden the blue line past King Street maybe twice, I’m just curious why the made the change.)

      • KS

        Excuse all of my typos!

      • JS

        WMATA needs to clear space in the Rosslyn tunnel for silver line trains. It’s doing that by diverting some blue line trains over the 14th Street bridge and up to Greenbelt, hence the change.

  • So… does this mean that the Yellow Line will actually go past Mt. Vernon during rush hour? That would be nice.

    • CoHiGuy


    • imonaboat


      • pru


        If this map means that we can get on the Yellow line at 8am on a weekday at the Georgia Ave / Petworth station, it’s HUGE!!

        I am so sick of standing around on the L’Enfant or the Mt Vernon square platforms every day.

  • Scoot

    I’ve always been puzzled as to why a line denoting the Beltway needs to be included on the Metro map. But now I’ve even more puzzled that the new redesign still includes it but fails to label it as the Beltway.

  • DCster

    I like that they put the line color designations consistently in the same location for each line. The new symbols looks better too.
    Agree with polytasker, if this means rush and non-rush service will go to Ft. Totten (and even to Greenbelt during rush times), that would be a nice improvement!

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean someone can go from Greenbelt to Franconia without transferring during rush hour?

  • Nice to see they fixed the half dozen mispellings that covered this thing last time Metro put it out to the public. That was just plain embarrasing.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if the order of logos of the parking and train connections was consistent.

    Also, why is the silver line between East Falls Church and Ballston?

  • That’s cool that they put the silver line on.

  • I too am confused by the rush hour / non-rush schedule. So basically, the schedule is doing a total 180 from what it used to be??? I thought they could not have the yellow line run past Mt Vernon during rush hour because there wasn’t enough space for a turnaround, or something? Why would they then eliminate the yellow line off-peak service; before that came in, you could wait 20 minutes for a green line train on the weekend or other off-peak times? This is all very confusing.


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