Washington, DC

4000 Brandywine St NW in Tenleytown

Late last week @NeibsWBJ tweeted:

“WAMU moving to 4401 Connecticut Ave., NW…”

After getting some photos, I was writing up a post and it occurred to me that (selfishly) this would make for a great Friday Question of the Day. Since I work alone, I have the radio on all day. Though, my favorite show is actually what I call the Canadian show – As it Happens which goes on at 11pm. Anyway, during the day I find that I listen to WAMU for as long as I can before I burn out then I listen to ESPN radio for as long as I can before I burn out. I pepper in 99 Luftballons a few times and then I start the cycle over again.

With internet radio so easy these days, I realize I’m being ridiculous. So the Friday Question of the Day is an easy one – What’s your favorite radio station? I used to love The Current, 89.3, from Minnesota Public Radio.

What’s your favorite – it can be music, news, talk, sports or anything that I can find either on the radio or online?

4401 Connecticut Ave., NW in Van Ness


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