Ecuadorian Embassy Moves to Georgetown

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2012 at 1:30 pm 10 Comments

Dear PoPville,

I was walking my dog in the park and passed by the front of the building and the flyer hanging on the front door caught my eye. Simply said ‘lo siento’ and that they moved to 1050 30th St NW. Their website lists the same new address for contact purposes. I live a block away, I guess I just completely missed the moving trucks. Property tax records show the Ecuadorian government still owns the building, so with no for sale sign out front I am just straight up bewildered as to what is going on. And does this mean that the naming rights for Ecuador Alley are up for grabs??

The Ecuadorian Embassy was previously located at 2535 15th Street, NW.

  • According to the website of the Ecuadorian Embassy:

    “The change is due to restoration work on the present building, which will take about a year.”


    • Thanks for the leg work!

      • I just provided the keywords – Google did all the work. :D

    • KT

      They have to move out due to earthquake damage.

  • Anonymous

    I wish I had enough free time to look up Ecuadorian property tax records just because.

  • If I’m not mistaken, this embassy DID sustain some visible earthquake damage, and might indeed also need inside renovation/updates. I shudder sometimes when embassy staffs vacate their property. Many times they just abandon the place and there is little recourse to force building code compliance, infestation abatement, general outside maintenance, etc. Does anyone remember the embassy at New Hampshire Ave. and S St. NW and how long it tood to get the place cleaned up? It’s still vacant after probably a decade or more.

    • Another example is the old Chinese embassy on Connecticut Ave. Massive old building that is falling apart.

      As a neighbor of the embassy, I’m glad to know it is just a temporary thing.

      • That used to be a hotel, and fortunately, the 1950s part of the embassy property there is being torn down and replaced with new embassy housing. Knowing how the Chinese operate it will probably be really ugly and cheaply built, but I guess it’s better than that old dump as it is now.

    • Annonny

      Another example…multiple properties on R street between 22nd and Mass Ave. Some beautiful old white elephants are on that block just rotting from the inside out.


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