Washington, DC

Pizza and Craft Beer is coming to Brookland. Menomale is coming soon to 2711 12th St, NE:

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Their Facebook page says:

“We are Americans inspired by our Italian and Irish roots to bring authentic beer and real pizza to the Brookland area of Washington D.C.”

It sounds like the pizza is gonna be the real deal:

Our oven was custom built and imported by us from Naples, Italy. Weighing in at 5,500 lbs, it’s made of a particular salt based stone only found in Positano, Italy. American manufacturers of this oven use a sand based stone, though it retains heat, the salt adds a unique texture and flavor to the crust. Typically US pizza ovens are most often gas fired, 550 degrees, and cook a pizza in about 8-10 minutes. Menomale’s centerpiece is wood-fired, 900 degrees, and will cook a pizza in about 90 seconds.

I emailed the owner who is hesitant to announce an exact opening date but believes they should be open by mid-Feb. They have already received their liquor license so beer will be pouring at that time as well. I’ll update with an exact opening date when it is finalized.


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