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Melody Record Shop Closing in Dupont Circle

by Prince Of Petworth January 3, 2012 at 4:30 pm 25 Comments

Photo via Google Street View

Sad news from Dupont Circle – Melody Record shop is located at 1623 Connecticut Ave, NW next to Comfort One Shoes (formerly Lambda bookstore). Their Web site announces “STORE CLOSING SALE!”:


Melody Record Shop will be closing its doors in the winter of 2012.
While we wish that we could continue indefinitely, technology, the internet and the economy has taken its toll, and we have concluded, unfortunately, that it is not possible to survive in this environment.

We are a family owned business and it has been our privilege getting to know many of you so well over the past 34 years. We nurtured Melody, in much the same way that we raised our children, with tender loving care. We watched our store mature and grow, from vinyl, to 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs, and back to vinyl! We kept pace as VHS evolved to DVD.

For those of you who have shopped with us forever, we are eternally grateful. We worked so hard to help you locate that hard to find album, special order that specific CD or DVD, choose just that right song and be the first to have the new release from that favorite artist. We hope that our efforts have helped to bring wonderful music into your lives. Over the years, many celebrities and politicians have stopped by our store. As exciting as this was, it was just as important to us to serve the one time customer who needed a quick purchase.

To our devoted employees, we cannot thank you enough! You shared our mission, finding each customer, exceptionally important. We know that your efforts helped us survive the impact of the Internet on music for as long as we did.

We are sad to say goodbye as Melody was not just a store; it was a community where customers shared the joy and magic of great music. We are not merely closing an icon of Dupont Circle; we are saying farewell to so many good friends.

With so much gratitude for your commitment all these years,
Suzy and Jack

  • Huge huge loss for the city.

  • I loved this record store. I was turned onto to many new artists and music by wandering in there on the occasional evening out. I did my best to buy music there instead of downloading.

  • caballero

    I have always had major soft spots for record stores and book stores (books and music are my two great passions), but even I was ready to bid farewell to record stores some time ago. Book stores are another matter…I’m not ready to give up on them yet!

  • SF

    Ugh. Now where am I going to get my instant new vinyl fix?

    A hair cut at VSL + a fresh album is a great way to start a weekend. I’m going to miss this place.

    • _

      Probably Crooked Beat or one of the other 3 record stores in the immediate area?

      • SF

        Crooked beat is okay, but doesn’t stock as much new vinyl as Melody did, especially toward the end. The others (Red Onion, Som, Smash) don’t carry the same stuff or specialize in used records. Unless there’s another store I’m not thinking of.

        • Colin

          Som and Smash have great used record sections.

  • RecSpecs

    Screw you, mp3s.

  • Nooooooooooooo! This is tragic. Loved to pop in and check out the newly released DVDs. A very strong and interesting selection, as was the music. RANT: I’m truly upset over the disappearance of book and record stores. These were places you could visit by yourself and never feel lonely. They served the purpose of contented, occupied solitude but also held a potential for meeting the like-minded. Nothing has taken their place and it’s a really depressing loss.

    • caballero

      You’re right. There is no apparent substitute for book or record stores. Where can you go and really browse the way you do in book or record stores? We need to come up with an alternative that is more suitable for the times we live in. I just can’t imagine what it will be. I’m going to think about this.

      • Anonymous

        libraries. but they need to keep up with the times. and smell less like piss in the stairways.

  • I’m also very sad to see this place go, but, of course, I understand. As much I loved it, all I ever did was go inside simply to get movie ideas. I’d then just take notes and rent from Netflix!

  • Anonymous

    So sad, you will be missed!

  • cjb

    Wowsers, this is truly a loss. Melody had flavor and it was delicious!

  • This is just so sad. Even those of us who actively do whatever we can to support our local shops are losing the battle to people who don’t give a crap about anything beyond getting cheap stuff from China at the cheapest price. What next? Bulldoze all the remaining shops along Connecticut and replace it with a “towne centre” featuring Walmart and every chain clothing and dining establishment in creation? Will that make everyone happy?

    I wish people in DC’s neighborhoods would wake up and stand up for the people and businesses that have made our neighborhoods great, unique places to live before we we lose all the charm and turn into McClean or Tysons. Just look at how sterile and bland San Francisco is becoming as the yuppification and hipsterizing destroys every last local business that gave its neighborhoods their distinctive charm and character.

    • Bullwinkle

      Yes, and just look at how sterile and bland Columbia Heights is now – big box retail, chain restaurants and jumbo TV screens.

  • Jeremy

    Damnit! I’m truly upset by this. As an avid classical and jazz music fan, Melody was absolutely unmatched in its offerings. I probably spent close to $300 monthly there, rummaging through its selections happening upon the neatest, unknown recordings. That’s an experience you can’t replicate on line. Melody, you will be sorely missed.

  • G.G. Tasaday

    A total tragedy!! DC is forever changed…gone are Olsonn’s, Lambda Rising and all the art house movie theaters that used to be in Dupont and Georgetown…Melody will truly be missed!!

  • Change doesn’t have to mean the end – it just offers a new model for those willing to stop moaning and start thinking creatively. The time for this type of store is over, but the desire for what it offered – new experience in music (or books or movies) & sense of community can be filled in plenty of other ways. Any bar or coffee shop can offer “pop up” space for record night. Mobile trucks/carts can easily offer books and records like they do in Paris.

    No one is hanging out under the spreading chestnut tree with the village smithy anymore either – so let’s work on how to really build the new village square-salon-forum.

    • Anonymous

      Having lived in places where people still hangout under trees I will say that change does not equal improvement. Often good things loose out to efficiency.

  • JiggyJoe3000

    Damn Shame!!

  • Tobias

    I just swung in to Melody on my lunch break. 20% off the entire store! The gentleman working the register guessed they’d be open at least until the end of the month.

  • EyelessinGaza

    Very sad indeed! Now there is almost no reason at all to hang out in Dupont Circle…

  • Anonymous

    So sad to hear this. It is so refreshing walking into a record store to browse, get inspired and learn about other music genres. Its just not the same turning on your computer and scanning amazon. I feel for the family and hope that things will work out for them.

  • Italia Young

    Hi guys, you will forever remain in my heart. I grew up with melody records, new to the city and first time on my own. I made my home in DuPont Circle and it was the best place to be for a single african-american young lady alone in the city. I found all my favorites here and when I didn’t you ordered it for me! Thanks so much for the service and familial feeling. God bless!


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