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Demo at Lamont and Georgia Ave, Coming Soon The Heights

by Prince Of Petworth January 25, 2012 at 4:00 pm 25 Comments

These are gonna make for some sweet before and after photos.

According to the Neighborhood Development Company:

“The project will consist of a sustainable, mixed-use affordable rental housing development with ground floor retail to be built at the intersection of Georgia Avenue, NW and Lamont Street, NW of Washington, DC.

The project is being jointly developed by NDC and Mi Casa Inc. It will contain 69 units with 10,000 square feet of ground floor retail. At least 50% of the units will be affordable at 60% to 80% AMI. Delivery is scheduled for the 3rd Quarter 2011.”

Not sure when the delivery is scheduled for now, but it’s def. encouraging to see demo start. Here’s a rendering of The Heights on Georgia Avenue (3232 Georgia Avenue, NW):

  • Glad to hear that this is coming along (even if it’s behind the original schedule).

  • Jim Beam

    Good to see it on the move! Hopefully they will fill it with some meaningful ground floor commercial.

    Now that the NDC has this in the works, WHEN IS ‘THE VUE’ GOING TO BREAK GROUND ACROSS THE STREET ON GA?!?

  • Alleycat

    Great to see new life in the hood. Unfortunately they blocked off the alley access in the meantime between Lamont/Kenyon. When will the eyesore and future Horse’s Ass Award, Morgan’s Seafood be demo’d?

    • A-train

      I understand where you are coming from, but look that place up on Yelp and be surprised. It has the best crabcakes I’ve had in a long time. Sanitary? Nope. Delicious? Yep.

      • Grand Funk

        Morgan’s Seafood is solid. It is a neighborhood establishment that has been serving great food and friendliness for years. Could use a face lift but character and good food it has.

      • Anonymous

        I’m pretty open minded when it comes to sanitation and trying new things, but that place was awful when i went in.

        Smelled like everything was rotten and the guy made up a price for a bbq sandwich that was more than what was posted for a whole bbq sandwich platter. Then after taking our order he talked to someone else for twenty minutes. We had to walk out.

        I hope it’s better than that, maybe it was a bad night but he lost some customers.

    • pj

      the alley between Lamont and Kenyon was nothing but an open urinal for the homeless and thugs hangin out at Petworth Liquor or Eddie Leonards. I had to see this every day living in Lamont Lofts. My understanding (hope) is that alley will be vacated and closed permanently.

      • Anonymous

        You lived in the yuppy condos on the north side of Kenyon and you know all about the alley?

        It’s not really any worse or better than any alley along this stretch of Georgia, in my humble opinion.

        I like having my alley, as do all of my neighbors. Please don’t get rid of it on us.

        • Rob

          What does ‘yuppie condos’ have to do with it? Public urination and drug dealing is cool if you live in more modest housing?

          Part of the problem is that people like you accept it as part of the neighborhood versus taking an active voice that might help to remove the element and create a better family environment for all.

          • Anonymous

            The alley certainly has problems. I was just pointing out that most alleys in this area do and that getting rid of the whole thing is not the optimal solution IMHO.

            And if someone did not live in condos and say, had a garage that abutted the alley or took their trash out in the back, they would probably be more likely to agree.

            The #1 thing that makes alleys better (IMHO) is increased population density and use, which is on the way.

            And dude, those condos are full of yuppies.

  • jl

    Nice. Down it goes.

  • Anonymous

    I would be excited if that new building didn’t look like it was going to be UUUUUUUUUUGLY. Looks as bad as that future ghetto piece of sh^t at 14th and Gerard with the Dunkin Donuts.

    • Huh?

      I know! Let’s label everything you don’t like as “ghetto”. You will sound so cool and smart!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure I follow your logic. Was anon trying to sound cool? Or was anon pointing out that ugly buildings don’t fair well overtime and often become prone to crime…

    • Lord Dark Helmet

      Where’s “14th and Gerard” at?

      • Anonymous

        14th and Girard….

  • So psyched! Love to see this going up in the neighborhood.

  • iammrben

    Why does architecture and design in this city have to be so bland? And why do these condo buildings always have to have an ugly ornament haphazardly slapped onto the roof?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah – UGLY, but when you have an Affordable Housing projet going in, it means building a cheap building.

  • John

    Just what exactly does “affordable housing” mean, in this context? For example, what will rent be for those who qualify? Is there a sliding scale? Are these just fancy projects, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for info.

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s something like $1,000 a month for a 1 bed, $1,500 for a two.

      You have to make like <~45,000 a year if you are single. Slides for families.

      So I think it could be a good mix of people who are just starting out in life and people who simply have working class jobs. $1,000 a month is still a lot of rent for a single person.

      I can't remember where I got that from but I once computed the whole like 'affordable to those making 80% of Area Median Income' thing. I think I also looked at what the one tree flats in Petworth charge and assumed a similar pricing scheme.

      • John

        Thanks, those numbers are interesting, and sound about right, too.

        Definitely NOT fancy projects, though it makes me wish they’d raze Columbia Heights projects and convert the area into “affordable” housing.

  • concerned

    I found a rendering of this project on the Washington DC Economic Partnership’s website, and it looks a lot better than the one posted in your article.

    See below:

    It would be unfortunate if the rendering I found is the correct rendering for this project and not even posted on Neighborhood Development Company’s website.

    • Anonymous

      That DOES look good!

      Thanks, that’s from September 2011 so it seems very up to date. Fingers crossed that’s what we get.

  • mike

    Coming soon right across the street, per POP’s wishes, …Chocolate City Beer Pub!!


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