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  • Too early to tell just how ugly it will be, but it doesn’t look good. When someone does this to their house (and consequently, the aesthetic of the entire block), it’s a big middle finger to their neighbors. My guess is, people who put these things up usually ate not the most popular in the neighborhood.

  • It’s the only one on that block that’s been popped up, which makes it seem a bit out of the ordinary. Up on the 2400 block there are a lot more. However, a few houses in the 22-2300 blocks have just sold, so perhaps there are more to come?

  • Andrew (resident of Adams Morgan)

    Interestingly, this house was on the market for around 2-3 months, but was unable to sell. Not sure if the owners decided to stay put and expand or if they decided that they would need to improve the property and try to resell.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they put this back up on the market after the pop up is completed. We’ll be able to see if it actually adds value to the property!

    • It was the house next door that was for sale, not this one.
      Neighbors not happy about this ugly popup but there appear to be no rules about this kind of thing on this block.

  • The two upper windows – currently framed – don’t seem to match the pattern on the first and second floors. I will hold judgement till the end but this doesn’t bode well.

  • ET

    Obviously some neighborhoods have restrictions but in places where there are none, I wonder if eventually there will be so many pop ups that they won’t look as much like warts.

  • Jason

    I live on the block behind this…. with a view that this is being built in the middle of. Sadly assumed there was some regulation around this, especially when every other house on that block is the same height. Not sure how this happens…

  • anon


  • Rock

    Is it so awful that someone would want to add livable space and value to a property that they’re the owners of? I think we should focus our concern not on the fact that owners are allowed to modify property that they own, but rather just have a reasonable review process for expansions.


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