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  • Anon

    So ugly! Looks like 1985 rubix cube.

  • Lanie

    Plus One

  • Jacob

    Ugh. This looks like garbage, but the pictures above don’t do it justice. The new lobby is dreadfully tacky. Seeing the entire lobby lit at night is a horrifying sight.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, look, it’s primary colors. Someone hired Suzane Reatig. Yawn

  • mike

    Sooo much better then what it was before. I’m really glad they’re putting some money into this place.

    • mike

      Also nice to at least reference its namesake.

  • Devoe

    Victory Boogie Woogie ain’t for everyone, but calling this a Rubic’s Cube without a nod to Piet makes you look ignorant.

    The real question is, does the building have some sort of pass from Mondrian’s estate, and if not, how has there not been a lawsuit?

    • Darren

      Maybe someone should alert the estate to this gross copyright violation? Hint hint….

  • Emmaleigh504

    I like it!

  • Divine

    I like it too! Mondrian is awesome.

  • Tiny pet peeve: I get kind of annoyed about the fact that Americans felt the need to shorten Mondriaan to Mondrian. Not like it’s any different to pronounce. You don’t change Van Gogh’s name, either…

    Either way, I love his work.

    • Divine

      From Wikipedia:

      “Between his 1905 painting, The River Amstel, and his 1907 Amaryllis, Mondrian changed the spelling of his signature from Mondriaan to Mondrian.”

      I had no idea he ever spelled differently! Thanks.

  • Sully

    It IS called the Mondrian. Fits perfectly.

  • Anon

    Not overhang. Canopy.

  • The Heights

    I like it. Something different from the usual boring aesthetic on renovated buildings.

  • Ryan

    I LOVE the people who commented at the top who didn’t understand the reference.

  • Kev29

    One of my favorite artists.

  • jm

    reducing an artist into a brand for luxury housing in a pretty ugly building is questionable, but I do kind of enjoy seeing his work when I randomly pass by this place

  • Anton Noosbusch

    I like it in and of itself, but it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the building.

    You’d think it’d be on a great looking modernist building, but instead it’s plastered on to a bland 1970s brick snoozefest.

    • LeftCoastSouthpaw

      I agree. I just assumed it was the beginning of a complete renovation of the building.

  • Pokerface

    Partridge Family bus is the first thing that came to mind when I drove past the front of the building a few weeks ago.

  • Amy

    Living across the street with the garish lighting from it at night isn’t much fun though. Thank god I’m not directly across, but I’ve heard that guy isn’t too pleased about it.

  • zombie1975

    whatever….not everyone knows all about the arts!


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